You don’t have to go very far on social media and the internet to find a motivational quote about conquering your fear so that you can have everything you want.

And from the standpoint of achieving success as it is predicated in the personal growth and development niche, this is absolutely true.

Take it from this personal growth and self-help guru:

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” – Jack Canfield

However, there is something glaringly missing in the personal growth and development industry.

Everything you want in this instant, you already have.

The reason that it probably does not sound true, according to the goal and dreams that you have, is because you take yourself to be the mind.

The mind desires,; its true nature is to desire and to grow.

So if you take yourself to be the mind absolutely, then of course you won’t see that what is right here and right now is the one absolute fulfillment.

That absolute fulfillment?




Your thoughts are what are paving the way for what you think you want.

You see the common denominator here?

Your thoughts are creating what you think you want.

But when you truly are aware of this conscious presence, then you will know that you are right here, without the mind knowing it.

If you take yourself to be the mind, then you will think you think you know what the present moment is.

But not until you have seen from beyond thought, will you know true presence—the presence that is, regardless of what the mind is doing, thinking, believing or pondering about.

Not until you see presence for what it is, which is minus thought and without a second will you truly see that it is the fulfillment/freedom.

Once you know that this conscious aware presence is the one true fulfillment and freedom, you will know then that everything you want is right here and “the other side” is an illusion.

The truth is there is no other side.


The only moment that you have is right now.

The mind chops up the one eternal moment into many moments making it seem like there is a past and a future.

There is a past that you can think about.

There is a future you can think about.

But there is not a past you can be directly in, and there is not a future that you can be directly in.

There is a present moment that you can think about, and that you can be in, but there is not an AWARE PRESENCE that you can think about and that you can be in.

Conscious aware presence is you which does not think and it’s not “in” space; conscious aware presence is.

The best way to consider conscious aware presence is to be space itself.

Who you are is not ‘in” space, you are space because you are all that exists. And when you take away “all,” meaning separateness then existence (you) is.

Space is prior to thoughts and prior to time.

Knowing who you are is all that you want.

Knowing who you are happens spontaneously in this instant.

When the personal growth niche says that everything you want is on the other side of fear they are saying everything your “mind” wants.

They are confusing you with the mind.

So what then truly is fear?

Fear is the projection into the future of something happening or not happening according to the way my thoughts want it to.

Why does fear arise?

Let’s first see what Prince EA had to say…

“If a farmer sees a tree that is unhealthy, he doesn’t look at the branches to diagnose it. He looks at the root, so like that farmer we must look at the root.” – Prince EA

Fear arises firstly and for mostly because we are identified with the very thing that causes fear, the thinking mind.

Fear arises because we take ourselves to be the mind, which creates memories thus it creates past.

Would you have a past if you didn’t have a mind to think about it?

Better yet, would the past matter if you could not think about it and all the practical needs where taken care of?

If you take yourself to be the mind, which creates the past then everyone of your past experiences would have been a little off, a little unfulfilling according to the mind.

Because, whatever past experiences that you have had didn’t fill the hunger of the mind, so therefore the mind must project into the future, must search into the future in the hopes that this void will eventually be filled.

This then traps us in the constant cycle of before and after.

The reason that presence is (what Spirituality seekers know as “looking within”) is considered looking within is not because it is some direction that your mind is looking in, it’s looking from the place of who you are.

It’s not looking at any specific “thing” with the mind, it’s looking neutrally from this presence.

Looking within is another way of saying to be aware of the emptiness inside that is looking, which is no-thing.

So when the personal growth, development, self-help and motivational niches tell you that everything you want is somewhere else, then the mind gets into this average thought process of believing somewhere in the future exists my fulfillment.

But what happens when you get to what seems like a future point, you are still stuck in that same average thought process that somewhere outside of this very moment is my fulfillment.

This creates a gap between where you are (which is here, free already) and where you think you want to be, which is painful.

I’d like to reiterated this point significantly.

The gap between where you are and where the mind thinks you want to be is painful.

Any kind of waiting, projecting, or anticipating how life could be eventually is painful.

Back to fear.

Fear happens as a result of looking outside.

Outside of what?

Outside of this instant.

When people say the grass is not greener on the other side, this is also mistaking the fact that there is no other side.

It’s also mistaking that the grass can be any different from what it is now.

The point?

Contradictory to popular belief, you don’t need to conquer your fear to have everything you want right now.

You don’t need for there to be another side.

In fact, fear keeps the past alive.

All your fears are memories from what happened or didn’t happen in “my past” according to the way that it should have.

Trying to conquer your fear also keeps you trapped into believing that who you are absolutely is fear.

What you are absolutely is neutral conscious awareness which is already perfect and already complete as it is, without needing a material, experience, relationship and everything in between.




The mind is hardwired from the beginning of the history of the human race to stay alive.

Personal growth and development have made millions, probably even billions, from thriving on this genetic makeup.

And what does personal growth and development need in order to create a stronger version of who you think are?

The future.

The more the mind strives, the more it feels it can guarantee its survival.

If I have a future ahead of me, then it makes “me” feel safer because the threat of there not being “me” makes “me” terrified to death.

Why do we believe in the masses so easily?

Because by following those we perceive who are staying alive, we can guarantee our survival.

It’s why social proof is such a strong commodity now-a-days in terms of marketing/branding and social influence.

The human mind is hardwired to seek the opinions and beliefs of those who can guarantee its survival.

However, it just so happens that our greatest friend, in terms of staying alive, is also our greatest enemy, in terms of LIFE.

Life does not equate to surviving.

Life is all that is and you are one with life.



All the synonyms for life.

Life is not something you can live, it’s something that you are.

Just as who you are is and is not something that does anything, but you know you are here without the mind thinking about it.

So in essence, the reason that we identify with the human mind is that we picked up that concept through collective conditioning to help guarantee our survival.

The mind didn’t go after this, it just blended in with the rest of the collective without a second thought.

What we really picked up through the collective conditioning, through mind identification, is the world’s fears, the world’s lack of contentment’s and the world’s lack of seeing presence for what it is.

So you don’t need to get rid of the past, because you don’t have a past.

You don’t need to get rid of the future, because you don’t have a future.

You don’t even need to get rid of the mind, because you don’t have a mind.

This means you also don’t need to get rid of fear or conquer fear, because you don’t also have fear.

Who you are is fearless.

This doesn’t mean who you are is brave, either, because you don’t have a single attribute or a label of the mind.

You are absolutely and eternally neutral, just as space is.

Just simply see (in this instant without a thought, without a second)  that because who you are is forever neutral, then who you are is perfect, complete, fulfilled and free.