I had an old friend of the family stop by my house the other day and both of us have been into personal growth and development for years now.

It had been several years since I had seen this friend of the family, and in that time frame I had transitioned mainly from personality growth and into spirituality growth.

She had brought up the fact that she wasn’t aware of what her purpose was in her life. I could tell that as she was discussing this, she seemed really uneasy inside because of the lack of fulfillment.

Pain arises when you don’t know, but you need to know. You think that by knowing that it will give you the freedom you’re looking for.

I mentioned to her that “The present moment is our main…” And she instantly cut me off by saying…

“Your purpose is whatever makes you fulfilled, what you love to do while making positive impact on the world.”

Now, this is your typical personal growth answer as to what our ultimate purpose is in life.

And although I think it’s a beautiful consideration, it is not what your main purpose is in this life.

Now a lot of people interpret your purpose in this life differently, in fact being that there are 7.5 billion on this earth, there are probably about 7.5 billion different perspectives on what your purpose is.

There will be some overlapping beliefs, but there has to be one concrete, unbiased, insight into your purpose.

A lot of people would say that no one person can determine the ultimate purpose for humanity, however I at least understand what I have say on this before you judge it…

“The highest definition of ignorance is rejecting something you know nothing about.” – Wayne Dyer

In order for there to be one grand purpose and for that to be concrete it has to have a few aspects.

This means that it is the ONE truest of all truth, source of all life and object form as perceived in this universe.

Your ultimate purpose is a spiritual awakening to the present moment.

#1. What Is Spiritual about the Present Moment?

Spirituality is simple it means to look within. Awakening spiritually means that you have been looking specifically outside for your answers, meaning that you have been unconscious to the spiritual dimension from within.

A lot of people confuse what precisely it means to look within however.

Firstly, what does it even mean to look outside for your answers?

It means that you look to your situational experiences, what you can grasp, perceive and interpret in order to fulfill you.

What you use to grasp, perceive, interpret and experience is your thinking-mind.

Every one of the experiences that you have situationally in this world are being grasped by your thoughts.

The reason why the present moment is a spiritual awakening is because the present moment is not a thought.

This present moment cannot be grasped, interpreted or comprehend by thought.

The reason that it is an awakening is that most people are asleep inside of their thoughts.

This is not bad, but until you awaken to the dream of thought will you have found your purpose which is the fulfillment itself.

Emptiness is the key term because when you are emptying yourself of thought in order to be aware of the present moment, but not you as in your mind, your self-image, your self-concept, you as in your absolute self which is emptiness awareness AKA present moment awareness.

The present moment requires emptiness of thought and emotion, the mind is emptied, the body hollow, then emptiness is looking within at itself.

“Looking within is not a direction, it is a dimension.” – Sadhguru

That dimension is the formless dimension or the reality that exists right here that you can’t understand intellectually but you know it is here.

Consciousness has thus become aware of itself.

 #2. Outer Purpose 

A lot of human minds seem to think that their purpose lies in what their career is, what they achieve as entrepreneurs, what their calling is in life.

However, they think this because the only thing that occurs to them is the mind, so only knowing the mind can they look outward for their answers.

Only being able to look outwards will bring you to a dead end every time in terms of being internally free and fulfilled.

 Your outer purpose is to awaken to your inner purpose. Your inner purpose is to awaken to the inner dimension or the formless dimension that is you. 

Knowing who you are absolutely is your purpose being aware of itself.

Your outer purpose is to empty yourself of the thoughts that keep you looking outward for your purpose, for what to do and for what to think about.

 #3. Emptiness Guides Your Outer Purpose

“Stillness is where creativity and solutions to problems are found.” – Eckhart Tolle

A lot of people would also call this emptiness intuition. Intuition is the answer you get for your outward reality, when you are empty and silent.

Who you are in the absolute sense is thoughtless awareness so you are not trying to think your way into silence.

Who you are does not think, thoughts happen to you.

So just as thoughts happen to you, the thoughtless awareness is a spontaneous effortless realization.

It is why Adyashanti calls it a…

“Spontaneous Awakening”

From this point of no-doing, no-thing will arise from your most effortless action and whatever that action is will be your purpose.

It will happen with the mind making it happen, it will be just as it is perfectly without trying to make it happen.

#4. Don’t look to gain or acquire anything

It’s clear that what you want to know is your purpose. When you allow yourself to be thoughtlessly aware of here, don’t search for anything, not even your purpose.

The moment you begin to search for anything your mind enters into the picture and your conscious presence has vanished.

The quickest way back to being aware of here is your breath awareness.

When you are aware of your breathing you are aware of existence, and at this moment is existence itself.

Existence is your primary purpose and whatever action flows out of that is your secondary purpose.

#5. Acceptance

The only way that presence can be revealed is by accepting with your entire being whatever moment that you find yourself in.

Acceptance goes especially for those negative situations that you find yourself in.

Those ‘negative’ situations have been created from the thinking, if you do not accept everything that comes from within this moment then suffering will occur.

“I am a lover of what is, not because I’m a spiritual person, but because it hurts when I argue with reality.” ― Byron Katie

The present moment is another way of saying absolute reality as it pertains to this form relative to the formless.

Everything in this physical reality is made up by the way you’re thinking about it. Almost like you are living in a dream land, and that dream is created by what you think.

If ‘what is’ already is, and cannot be undone, then why would you want to go against it?

What does it mean to go against what is?

It means that internally you do not like the present moment situation as it is. And because you do not like the present moment as it is, then instant emotional pain and suffering arise.

And it’s not the present moment that you dislike it’s the situations and circumstance that you find yourself in in this moment which are ultimately created from the mind and NOT based out of reality.

And this acceptance also goes for the current state that your mind is in as well. The only way to accept the current state that your mind is in, you must also be aware of it.

An insecure thought does not equal an insecure life. Life is.

The issues of the mind are not the challenge when it comes to reaching peace, it is the lack of awareness that

A.) You are not your thoughts.

B.) That you are unaware that thoughts are happening to the mind that you are not thinking.

C.) It is OK whatever thoughts are happening in this moment, even if the thoughts are negative. The thoughts that happen in the moment already are, going against the thoughts will only deepen the pain.

When you are in a pissed off state of anger, be aware of that anger and accept that it is there for the time being. If you go against the ‘what is’ of your thoughts/emotions, then that will cause a deeper level of emotional pain.

“Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it. Always work with it, not against it.” – Eckhart Tolle

Accepting whatever state your mind is in will be a direct portal into the formless thoughtless conscious presence.

#6. Your Present Moment Situation Is Your Purpose

Think of all the boring things that you have to do in your life, the things that are absolutely positively boring, and consider that in those situations that presence should still be the focal point.

Also consider this for the things on your to do list that are irritating and you just want to get them out of the way already.

Even in the boring and irritable things it’s easy to lose present moment awareness.

Even when you are board or in a painful situation accept that this is where you are in this moment.

And either you can go against what is and suffer or you can accept that this moment is the moment you are in and that is OK even if you are unhappy.

There will be a space around your unhappiness a deep level of peace in the back ground.

#7. Effort and Effortlessness

If you are not aware that the present moment is your purpose and why it is your purpose, then it will require a lot of effort to understand this on a deep level.

Don’t get this confused however, with the present moment. The present moment can only be revealed in effortlessness.

It requires no effort to be and, in fact, you can only be with no effort. All effort is based out of thinking-mind, and in presence there is no thinking-mind.

Where thought comes into play is only to guide you through your life situations. Use thought also to understand the importance that the present moment is existence itself, existence itself is your purpose and everything else is secondary.

#8. Presence

Let’s take a look and see if being aware of the present moment is the concrete universal purpose.