The importance of having gratitude for being happy has been said so often that it can quickly become a cliché.

In the positivity industry it’s said often, and something that is said often can become numb to the mind.

This doesn’t mean that, just because it’s a cliché or has become numb to our mind that it’s any less important than ever.

In fact, it is impossible to be happy and peaceful without gratitude being content.

You can even go as far as to say that happiness is gratitude and that gratitude is happiness. They are the same thing, but not truly a thing…

Gratitude is contentment and it usually refers to with what you own, who’s in your life and for almost anything and everything.

It’s the seemingly insignificant things in your life that are of most significant, like this breath.

However, it is now time to take gratitude to the next phase to realize what it truly is and that it’s more than just being grateful for this or that.

It is now taking gratitude from the 5 physical senses or what we can perceive, and taking it to what we cannot grasp. It is when gratitude becomes more than just a thought and a way of being.

When the positive industry says be grateful, ninety-nine times out of one hundred they are referring to have grateful thoughts, to think in a grateful way. That is a limited way of being grateful because thoughts are coming and passing, quickly.

The way that you experience the world is through thoughts and perception, but time is flowing like a river, a flow that does not stop. Your experiences, and thus thoughts, are also flowing like a river, and so is change.

So by thinking grateful, those thoughts are subject to time and to change. Change is not an opinion, perspective or outlook it is a law of the universe.

The mind itself will refuse to be content for more than a moment and that’s why it creates time, because it can only survive with futuristic thoughts. The mind needs to think to keep itself and the body it occupies here on earth.

“The ego wants to want, more than it wants to have.” – Eckhart Tolle

The mind needs past and future for its survival, it’s very desire is to want, to have, to need and to keeps its survival going for as long as it is humanly possible.

And that is why gratitude must go beyond the mind that wants.

It must go into your being, into your veins, into your bloodstream, into every cell and particle within your body.

Gautama Buddha discussed that his main priority with himself and with the rest of humanity was to end all suffering.

What is the opposite of suffering?

It is peace, in fact in nirvana, as a result of ending suffering, is the ultimate peace. Nirvana is vibrantly alive peace.

And when you take a look at exactly how The Buddha found that ultimate state of peace, you will see that that he meditated for 7 days straight.

And what is purpose of meditation?

Meditation is a conscious willingness to practice being in this moment without needing anything from the moment.

In presence there is nothing to do, there is nothing to be, no goals, no ambitions, no striving, no waiting, wanting or needing.

In presence you realize your true self as pure nothingness, no-mind, no emotions, the self-image has disappeared.

The self-image, the idea of “me” has evaporated from the nothingness that it came.

And if you are ungrateful it is because you are in the mind. If you are unsatisfied it is because you are thinking.

Ungratefulness and not being content always happen as a result of being trapped inside of the mind.

If the mind does not come to a rest completely then you will never know what truly feels like to be peaceful.

It is only through gratitude that being can happen, because ultimately presence is your being so gratitude allows you be content with who you are, the neutral aware conscious presence.

“Being awareness loving. You are aware of being present. And you love to be. Full stop.” – Sailor Bob

This is not about being grateful for your self-image, this about being grateful for what you really are which is beyond a mind made me.

For what you really are is this moment, you are the inner awareness of being here without the mind knowing it.

And the only way to be here and be now is to be grateful for the gaps between thoughts, or grateful for the non-movement of mind.

So instead of trying to force feed your mind with more information of why it’s important to be grateful, allow your mind to know that this moment is the one fulfillment without wanting, needing or desiring.

The only way to dissolve into this gratitude is identifying who you are with the mind and you won’t identify with those cravings that the mind obsessives over.

The last thing you want to do is act as if your the mind does not have any wants, needs, desires and ambitions.

If you try to go against the “what is” of the natural state of the way your mind functions, then you will suppress what the mind really wants, which will in return cause more damage.

Being peaceful does not mean that the mind no longer wants, it means periodically realizing that which does not need anything, which is the now. Instead of being trapped forever in what the mind wants, you take a break from the mind.

This is not about analyzing and examining the mind because then your mind will be running you before you know it and then gratitude has turned into a desire.

Gratitude cannot be a desire, it is an authentic part of your being, not something that you strive for or that you can acquire sometime in the future.

This means that when the mind wants something spontaneously (like delicious food, a person, material success, money) one should allow the mind/body to go after it without feeling like the mind should not be wanting or desiring said thing.

The mind wants, needs, desires PERIOD ,and that is OK!

However, peace happens when you take a break and give the mind a rest. Gratitude as being is the only genuine contentment that there is.

So when your mind desires, just be aware of it, because the moment that you are aware of your thinking, that awareness is the break itself, it is the rest itself. That awareness is you.