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Why sustainability is NOT the world’s greatest challenge
right today

You don’t have to go very far online today to see something
regarding the bent out of shape the earth is in.

In fact, Greta Thunberg who I highly admire for her work has
been going viral on a massive scale consistently everyday now for a few weeks.

She has made it clear that we are in trouble as a human race
if we do not educate ourselves on the true declining state that the earth is

I have gone back and forth with this, but it is now clear to
me more than ever…A sustainable planet is NOT our biggest challenge as a human

This is in no way to undermine Greta Thunberg for her
wonderful soul to try and sustainability and in no way does not mean we should not
educate our self on the challenges that mother Gaia currently faces and to take
action immediately with what we learn.

What I do want to show, is a light that people including
Greta maybe missing regarding her efforts for a more sustainable healthy earth.

And what I will show you by the end of this article is that this challenge I’m about to show works directly hand in hand WITH a more sustainable earth.

This doesn’t just go for a more sustainable earth though…

The world’s greatest challenge is not…

is NOT

is NOT





Is Not

And last but not least…is NOT

And all those infinitely complex challenges that we as human
beings face on a day to day basis.


The greatest challenge that the human race faces TODAY is….

DRUM ROLL! ……………

Human Consciousness

is now faced with a stark choice: Evolve or die.” – Eckhart Tolle

The False Identification with the thinking-mind





But it is important to not
jump to a conclusion on what this means.

“It is the mark of an

educated mind, to be able to entertain an idea without accepting it.” –

And I say it is the mark of
an educated mind to be able to entertain an idea without accepting OR rejecting it.

It is important to find out
whether someone else’s state rings true for you or not but you can only do this
through the effort of trying to understand.

I have/had previously
listened numerous hundreds of hours of Eckhart Tolle speak about the importance
of knowing that you are not your mind.

And he DIRECTLY correlates
this knowing the human race either evolving or going extinct as the quote up
above suggests.

After years of meditating on
knowing what is beyond the thinking-mind is now clear DIRECTLY in my experience
why it is the case that the human race must wake up to who we are in the
absolute sense, IF the human race wants to remain alive.

It is important to know that
this is knowledge in the proverbial sense that you can memorize it and use to
get an A+ on a test, and meanwhile the world continues to suffer.

And speaking of suffering….

As the world begins to awaken
beyond who they think they are with our thoughts, then it will begin the
cleansing of the earth of human suffering.

It is said in Buddhism that attachment and dependency are the root of all

What I am here to say is that thinking-mind
identification IS the root cause of all human suffering.

And in fact it is because of falsely identifying with thought in which all attachment and dependency arise out of…


The reason why falsely identifying with your
mind is the root cause of suffering is because without it, your mind won’t be
able to stop and because it won’t be able to stop, you won’t be able to come to
know presence.

And without knowing presence, you will not have
been able to access the dimension in which there is nothing coming and going.

Anything that comes and goes cannot fulfill

Anything that comes and goes cannot set you free.

Anything that comes and goes cannot make you
aware of the peace that you already are.

And because the nature of ALL thoughts, every
last thought that you have ever had has never stayed right here, that means
that the mind itself cannot set you free!

Let’s a little about these words fulfillment,
freedom & peace which are really words that all mean the same thing.

A lot of people would say that fulfillment just
like happiness is a subjective term. Meaning that it’s defined by the
individual, and thus nobody can claim what fulfillment is factually.

When I use the word fulfillment I am regarding
instant. And this absolute contentment can be felt in your blood stream, in
your veins, in your protons, neurons, particles and every cell of your body.

Now the human mind cannot grasp, comprehend or interpret this very instant because the noticing of it is just prior to a thought.

So if there is mind-identification then this to
find contentment just for this instant will not be seen as relevant at all.

To the human being who has not accessed this
dimension of pure contentment right now, it will only be the future or some
future moment/experience that can set you free.

Here is why that is an unconscious assumption as
a result of mind identification…

The mind or thoughts can only THINK in terms of

Memory which are thoughts about the past…

Anticipation or projection which are thoughts
about future….

But when is the last time, you have THOUGHT….

I am in this present moment?

Has it ever ACTUALLY occurred to you that you
are right here and immediately right here and sat here and dwelled in this very

If are you are identified with thoughts, then
that also means simultaneously you are identified with the past thoughts &
with the future thoughts, to the point that the present moment is almost barely

Now let’s take your past for instant….

If you can think of all the most PLEASURABLE
experiences that you have ever had, I’m sure quite a few can come to mind. Now
think about how quickly those pleasurable experiences came and passed.

Now imagine if for one moment, you took those
pleasurable experiences to STAY here, and give you pleasure for good.

You intuitively already know that everything is
passing, but somewhere deep in the human consciousness do we still expect that
this world is going to FREE us for Good, as in permanently.

And then what happens is, as those pleasurable
experiences pass, and we had unconsciously assumed that they wouldn’t have,
then we try to race to the future in the hopes that SOME experience will not
just fulfill us but stay.

You don’t have to question whether ALL
experiences come and go, you know this and you cannot deny it. Everything that
is born, will die.

Meanwhile in between these pleasurable
experiences is a whole lot of pain, and endless & restless searching. This
searching is brings with it tension in the brain, in the nervous system, to the
point that it will become hard to come to terms with what is.

This is why we resist the present moment, and
when the present moment is resisted then INSTANT pain arises. The greater the
resistance the greater the pain.

When challenges arise in the present moment, it
gives us this feeling that it automatically has to prolong our contentment, our
peace, our freedom.

This tension in the brain, is painful it creates
a whole lot of pain inside because as a result of unconsciously taking our self
to be the mind, we take our self to be the endless, restless search for
fulfillment, which never truly seems to come, BECAUSE the FUTURE never comes.

As said up above the mind thinks in terms of
past (memory) and future (anticipation) but when the mind finally comes to an
end in this moment, you realize then that ALL there is….is this moment.

When you finally know that all there is, is this moment, then you will realize it wasn’t the experiences that was ever going to give you want you truly wanted, BUT this moment.

This moment does not come and go. This moment
was never born, and thus will never die. This moment is not fleeting just as
your thoughts, your experiences and your emotions are.

This moment cannot be characterized by being
stable, but rather stability itself. You don’t say that space is FULL of space,
you just say ALL there is, is space.

You cannot believe this though. You have to
find this true contentment, this true peace that is looking directly through
those eyes, just prior to a single thought.

And you don’t really find it, you realize it,
you see from it, pure clarity & pure grace.

Now take a moment, and dwell here, abide in this pure aware space. Don’t look for anything, don’t need anything from it.

Have absolutely no ideas about it, have absolutely no thoughts about it, just sit and neutrally observe this silence that is right here.


So how does knowing this pure aware space relate to sustainability. Well if you are identified with thoughts, feelings, emotions, experience and anything that comes and goes, you are forever this pure aware space but as a human being you will not come to know it.

The pure aware space, and the knowing of it will not have merged into one, and without that, you will know yourself as freedom.

Which means….

You will look to things to fill the insecurity…

Power over political systems  

You will need to make endless amounts of money and “accidentally” start a forest fire to burn down land to build real estate.

Littering will be easier so that you can hurry
up and get to the next moment….

Not bothering with things that take “time” like

It’s time to face the fact that because we have
suffered as a human race, WE have destroyed the planet as a result.

For our extravagances, indulgences & luxuries
without a thought about if it’s harming the planet or not.

I am not claiming that nothing is trying to be
done to help the planet, it absolutely is. I know it’s more so coming from a
survival instinct amongst the human population, rather than THE challenge we
must face as a result of human unconsciousness.

We are not born onto the earth. We are born out
of the earth.

We are a part of the earth, so as we heal our
trauma as a result of knowing who we are, then the earth will heal in direct proportion.

As we release our suffering which has been
built up through psychological time, then we will heal our need to sacrifice
the earth to overcome our trauma.

People want to quickly blame the government,
but the government are human beings just like you and I, and are ALSO a part of
the same ONE human consciousness.

So rather than pointing the blame at the government
for what they are doing or not doing, your only responsibility is to know who
you are, which will automatically have an effect on the rest of the human

By being THE PEACE you wish to see, then so
will the world. What will be BORN out of that peace of knowing who you are will
be a natural unconditional love for the earth, and the most 1000% genuine and
sincere care for the shape that the planet is in.


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