The world is not as bad as you might think, after occurrences like all the mass shootings, the wars going on in politics and between nations, and here is why.

Consider when everything is going just fine in your life; you are obviously aware that you have a head; this is nothing new, but you don’t consciously pay attention to your head until something goes wrong or off kilter like a headache or sinus infection.

That’s similar to exactly how we look at news in this world.

When everything seems to be going fine, it’s easy for it to pass us by without a second thought, but the moment something goes terrible, it causes a lot of pain and suffering in the world, and rightfully so.

With that being said, nobody truly knows what the grand purpose is in this world.

We can have a million and one ideas, but none more concrete and absolute than the other.
With that being said, I’ll give it my best shot from the most practical standpoint.

As humans we have been given emotions and feelings, and the best thing we can do as did the Buddha, is to eliminate human suffering or trend in the direction in which we can reduce it.

This is about reducing the things like the Florida High school shootings, the Manchester bombing, the Orlando shootings, the 9-11 attacks, the world wars and everything in between. This is not bias to any country as we are taking about the human race.

So what is a spiritual awakening?

Let’s start with what it is not.
A Spiritual Awakening is NOT

A spiritual awakening will certainly have a major impact on your thinking, beliefs and lifestyle, but it is far from limited to those tiny aspects.

Most people go through life by seeing, tasting, touching, smelling and hearing.
We use our physical senses to develop our perceptions which dictates our perspectives on life.

We also use our thoughts and emotions guided by the five physical senses to make decisions and choose our lifestyle.

This is where 99% of the world is currently at, but we as a human race have plateaued.

Why I say that you use the physical senses, the thoughts and emotions is because a spiritual awakening means waking up to a different dimension from within you.

The five physical senses, sight, taste, touch, smell and hearing are all senses that you can perceive, thus they are physical. You can understand these because they are a concrete phenomenon, which is very real to the understanding of your mind.

The same goes with your thoughts, the only way that you can take action in your life is because you have thoughts and can manifest or produce those thoughts directly into this physical reality.

Because you can comprehend physical senses, thoughts and emotions, they are also known as form. Form is anything that takes a shape, can be molded or structured.

A spiritual awakening is awakening to the formless dimension within you.

Now if a form takes shape, or it can be molded or structured then this must mean that the formless dimension within you has to be the opposite of these.


This why the higher state of consciousness is not about new thoughts, beliefs and how you live.

The truth about this formless dimension is that it exists as everything and everyone. It’s just that, until you have awakened, you will not be aware it.

Well, that is where the world has come to its plateau.

The first and most important aspect of awareness to awaken to this formless dimension is…

You Are Not Your Mind

If there is something deeper inside you than thought and emotion, then who you are must not be those things.

If we look at this from the grand scheme, then the human race is NOT the collective mind which is the 7.5 billion minds combined.

Here is why

The Present Moment Is Not a Part of Time.

When you think of clock time you think of the present moment as this second, and as each second passes and a new second begins, the next present moment happens.

The present moment situation that you are in right now is a part of time, but it is NOT the present moment.

The situation you are in right now is understandable on the level of the mind, and it’s how you distinguish where you are relative to the past and the future.

The present moment is not distinguishable between the past and the future, however, because in the formless reality all that exists is presence.

The reason that the present moment exists in the formless reality is because you cannot comprehend it, using the mind.

The formless presence is not a part of time. Time as you may know it only consists of past and future, which is why ABSOLUTE REALITY only consists of the present moment.

Time is not based on absolute reality, because the only moment that you have ever had direct evidence of is this moment and only this moment.

There as has never been a “TIME” in your life in which you were not in the present moment.

Thus, there has never been time.

You have memories of the past but, even then, you were in the present moment.

You may have memories in the future of now, but, even now, you are reading this article in the present moment, so your memories remember the present moment situation.

You can only think of past, you can only think of future, and both are shapes, constructs and forms in your mind.

The human mind is the only thing that creates time; it only creates past and future, and we very well need them for practical reasons to survive and experience this physical world.

This moment is not something to believe in.

You don’t have to believe that past and future exist for the present moment to be all that there is. In fact, you don’t have to believe in anything to be right where you are.

Right now is not an opinion; it is reality, it is existence.

The present moment, in terms of form, can be the situation you’re in, but because that situation is born and dies it is also subject to past and future, therefore it is not absolute reality.

Your present moment situation is form, not reality; the present moment is the timeless absolute reality.

In the present you are reading this article, but you started (birth) and you will stop (death).

The one thing that never left, not even when you started and not even when you stopped, was this moment.

You can’t grasp or understand the TRUE essence of now with the human mind, and the great thing is you don’t need to try, and, in fact, you cannot try.

The human mind is a collection of past and future; it splits reality into two components, but it does NOT know the absolute reality that does not leave, right now.

This is why you are not your mind, because if you were the mind, then the present moment would not exist to you. The inner body sensation that I am here would not exist.

Life would not exist, and neither would you. Existence itself would not be.

It is in the gaps of no thought, of complete neutral inner awareness, that you exist.

Now you bring the formless aspect of awareness down to the practical world of form.

If you are not aware of the formless presence, then you are a slave to time because you know nothing but time.

Either you are stuck dwelling on the past, or you are trying to race to the future.

The mind is blocking your awareness of presence, until you have awakened. Now for centuries upon centuries the world existed by being a slave to time which is why the world doesn’t know better, until it does.

It seems “normal” to be used by time, to be a slave to time.

Now because everyone doesn’t realize where existence is, which is the ungraspable Now, then they will inevitably have pain.

Emotional anxiety, stress, worry, fear, and depression are directly related to time that has blocked your awareness.

I’m sure you have heard the saying “Hurt people, hurt people”.

When you are stuck in time and that emotional pain and stress come up, the natural thing is that you project it outward in some way, shape or form.

Everything that you are reflecting to the world is a mirror image of what is going on inside, which is when presence is aware of itself.

What does looking within mean?

It doesn’t mean you think. It doesn’t mean you try to understand your emotions, and it doesn’t mean you try to understand your mind.

It means that, in order to be in this moment, the mind (form) must shut down completely.

It means that, in order to be aware of this moment, emptiness and silence must arise inside of the body.

What happens when you try to allow this, the mind may go wild on you, it may cause a lot of harm, but you want to keep bringing neutral awareness to this, because it is your conditioning of being asleep coming to the surface.

Being present will free you, but it doesn’t mean it’s always fun to burn through your deep conditioning.

After you get through this burning, however, and you stay aware of right here, then the state of grace happens.

And just as emotional pain, stress, and anxiety project outward so do joy, peace and bliss.

So, the point of awakening to the formless dimension is to be free from time, which is going to cause both the necessary harm of the conditioning and the joy of being.

Now awakening to the formless dimension is not to create a division between the form and the formless.

That would be no different than the division that the mind splits the present moment up into past and future. The form and the formless in absolute reality are one.

The reason why?

Because it is only the mind that divides and thinks.

When you are aware of this present moment, ANY THOUGHT of form, formless, past, present, future, mind, emotion all goes away.

Even the thought of being present goes away; even the thought of awakening goes away; the thought of enlightenment disappears. Thingness goes away.

Which brings us to Oneness.

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  1. Insightful…

    Who is the I Am? Is the mind the originator of the I? Who’s the one that asked the questions? The inquirer? Who’s the one that answered the questions that are asked?