If you take a look at the world as a whole today, you will see the thought of separation in every single corner.

Just look at politics today and the vocabulary that spills out of the mouths of the media.

If that’s not enough, take a look at religion.

The list goes on and on with all these labels of pure separation.

The world is still far away from realizing that all life is one.

When we can feel the connected with all that is genuinely and sincerely through the body, the world will start to trend upwards in a more peaceful world at a rate like never before.

Instead of a survival of the fittest attitude, people will start rising together. Instead of wars of countries against countries and people against people, we will start seeing everyone as just different waves of the same ocean.

Take, for example, religious beliefs.

Hundreds of millions of people have been killed over not believing, believing in something different, choosing not to believe anything; it doesn’t matter, the false illusion of separation is what has caused the death of many lives.

Let’s take a look at some of the greatest religious leaders of all time and ask ourselves this question.

Do you think Gautama Buddha, Jesus of Nazareth, Mohammed of Mecca, Krishna and Confucius (these icons that so many looked up to) would suggest killing each other over such beliefs?

Do you think they would say things like “My God is better than your God?”

Now let’s look at what is the closest significance to what reality actually is.


Love is the timeless, defineless all that is.

The Love inside that can be seen as awareness is the felt oneness with all that is.

The timeless awareness of love, of oneness inside, is the one thing keeping humanity from going extinct.

If you feel connected with all that is, you do not want to harm or kill anything or anyone.

You may care for your family or your friends more than you would a random person on the other side of the world, but for believing that love is an act and that you can love other people more than others, you thus are seeing the illusion of separation.

Love is not an act. Love is not something you do. Love is not something that comes and goes, based on your emotional level.

Love is infinite, love is forever, love was born, and love will never die; it is all that is and all that will ever be.

The conditioning has you believing that you can choose to love and that this choosing is conditional.

Being that love already is, higher consciousness is when you are aware of yourself as this love, as this all that is. 

The conditioning, which is the illusions that the world has believed in and taught its beliefs, including religious, political, but not limited to morals and ethics, is what is blinding you from absolute reality.

Regardless of your age, race, ethnicity, country, none of this matters in terms of the grand absolute scheme of oneness.

This is why you should never believe in love, never believe in oneness. Belief leaves room for disbelief and will never bring the world towards peace.

Oneness will only prosper the day that we know love with unshakeable penetration within our being.

Knowing this oneness, requires the absence of mind, the absence of the thought. Only then will you know who you are, and when you know who you are, you know nothing and you know everything.

When you know who you are, which is existence itself, which is reality itself, then you no longer need to believe anything.

Belief is of the human mind, beliefs are what we use to grasp the physical reality in front of us, but love is spiritual; it is a force nobody has ever seen with the human mind and will never be able to see it, and yet we are it.

And yet, even calling something physical, metaphysical, or spiritual can cause the thought of separation.

The great thing is that when you no longer need to try and grasp, comprehend or interpret reality, or existence, then you no longer need words, definitions or labels.

Reality is the way that it is, regardless of your perspective, outlook, opinion, and the way that your brain processes information.

What you are reading in this article is information, which is why this article cannot give you the truth, it  cannot give you love or oneness.

If all this information does is give you concepts to think about or anything to think about in general, it has failed.

If, however, it has pointed you inward, if it has pointed you beyond the mind, and directly into the gap between your thoughts, then it has succeeded.

If you only know the present moment as a concept (belief, thought), if you only know love as a concept, oneness as a concept, then you do not know the absolute essence of them.

If you know them inside, on a neutral, effortless awareness, on an insight level then you know the absolute essence of them, and they are all the same.

They are synonyms or words that mean the same thing.

It does not matter what word you use, God, feeling aware presence, love, oneness, reality, existence, consciousness, or awareness, it’s all the same no-thingness.

Words are simply communication tools that humans use, nothing more nothing less, but words will never be able to pinpoint absolute reality.

The great news is that it does not matter what you or I believe or don’t believe, and here is why.

Any religious belief, doctrine or commandment, even remotely not based on absolute reality, will be wiped away by time.

So what to do?


To bring awareness in there is nothing you can do.

Awareness, penetration, consciousness happens in non doing.

In the non-movement of mind.

In the non-movement of mind, love realizes itself.

Presence realizes itself.

The truth is that your mind is not present.

The single idea of who you are is not present. The thought of who you are is not present.

Presence is.

Love is.