“I want to know God’s thoughts; the rest are details” – Albert Einstein 

The thoughts of God are unknown. The unknown itself are the thoughts of God.

It’s currently Sunday at 8:04 P.M, and I’m sitting here feeling how free I am not knowing where I’m going to be living next week.

It’s exhilarating to know that I’m not sure what kind of roof is going to be over my head at night, what kind of bed I’m going to be sleeping on, and what the lifestyle is going to be like.

And yet, I wouldn’t have it any other way at this particular moment.

So, what is it that allows me to be fully free without needing to know what’s going to happen?

It’s intuition.

The closest source of energy that you have to the one infinite creator is your intuition. 

Intuition is the answer or answers that you get directly from the state of no thought, silence, and emptiness.


We all need to plan for the future; it’s a basic necessity in our lives for survival.

However, planning is the greatest barrier between you and the direct source of your God being.

It’s an understatement to say that the human mind gets obsessed with planning for the future.

Planning out specific details for the future is because the mind is afraid of the death of going into the unknown. 

So, in essence, aside from the practical use, planning is an escape mechanism from facing the present moment in the entirety of your being.

The basic dysfunction of the human mind is that we are racing to the next moment, with the unconscious illusion that the future holds our freedom.

This has been deeply conditioned into the human mind over centuries upon centuries.

Because the mind projects the future, ALL anticipation of the next moment cannot be directly experienced. 

So, anticipation is one of the key components of keeping the mind alive.

However, the mind is a bundle of thoughts, feelings, and emotions that are borrowed from the world that is glued to survival instincts.

Your thoughts, emotions, and feelings generally are not yours, they are borrowed from the world. 

If you take who you are to be the thoughts, feelings, and emotions, then any kind of intuitive feeling will feel nerve-wracking. 

The problem then becomes that you will never be free because you will be stuck in a continuous unconscious cycle from which the mind cannot free you.

Because the mind is packed full of the world’s beliefs, opinions, and perspectives, it blocks you from the purest source of your being, which means that your being cannot feel itself in its most naked purest sense.

Its most pure naked sense is consciousness. 

You are consciousness, which is the feeling of awareness that I exist in this moment, as this moment. And that this deepest sense of existing right here and right now, is all there is. 

So, how do we fully activate intuition, and what does it mean in terms of our purpose?

As said previously, intuition is the answers you get from no-mind, no emotions, and no feelings.

It is the instantaneous answers that you get from being aware that you are present. The awareness that is aware of awareness.

What happens in this stateless state, as you begin to look around you, you will see objects that we have labeled with the mind.

That is a tree, that is a building, that is a chair that is a house, and so on and so forth.

But in feeling aware presence, you will begin to look from that which observes neutrally as opposed to labeling.

You realize yourself as the observer of the thoughts that label and call objects names. 

In the feeling aware presence, you begin to go from labeling to witnessing in neutral observation. 

The mind then dissolves into presence, and the things that the mind sees become no-things in awareness. 

The objective world becomes no-thing.

It is only the mind that calls a tree a tree, but in neutral observation, it becomes nothing. 

It is in this state in which intuition is activated. 

The mind plans, prepares, analyzes, and thinks of the future in many specific ways and blocks you from the feeling aware presence —the mirror of intuition.

If you were to specifically act out of intuition, how that would look is spontaneity and instantaneous action.

Spontaneity cannot be born out of planning.

“Do you have the patience to wait till your mud settles and the water is clear? Can you remain unmoving till the right action arises by itself?” – Tao Te Ching

By remaining still, anchored in this moment, the right action will appear all by itself. The right action will move through you; the universe will act through you, which is the actions of God or the one infinite eternal creator.

Being requires no doing.

Your mind may get bored with this because it is used to entertainment, excitement, interesting things, and stimulus. 

But again, because the mind cannot fulfill you, know that the fulfillment lies in your pure aware presence, which then no longer needs to be entertaining, exciting, and interesting. 

Only the conditioning believes this. 

If you continue to believe that who you are is your mind, then your being cannot be penetrated by the moment and will never activate your intuition.

Your personality, your self-image, your self-concept cannot exist in the moment nor in intuition.

All concepts, images, and identifications must vanish for you to be guided by now, by the source.

If you look at the scope of the collective mind, your intuition may go directly opposite of what the collective mind believes. 

The collective mind will say this is the way you should be living; this is the action you should take, come, this is the way.

What happens then is that people project their beliefs, opinions, and perspectives that “make sense” to your mind, and then you internalize them with the mind and accept that as your truth. 

Even with 1000% knowledge that no belief, opinion, or perspective satisfies your mind, but it blocks your intuition off, and you live a life of consistent dissatisfaction.

And then people continue to wonder why they are not happy but don’t know the way out. 

To wrap this up in a nutshell, know that your mind, the world, beliefs (no matter how seemingly knowledgeable) will never fulfill and set you free.

And that, only the state of grace, the stateless state of no-mind can, which will always lead to the right action, the action from the source of God.

Since I know myself as complete fulfillment, I have NO PROBLEM not knowing where I’m going to live next week because I know that I have to live somewhere, and worrying will not give me a roof over my head.

Not only is intuition liberating and freeing, going against it is painful.

When you go against what intuition truly wants, which is first to know itself and second the action that arises out of that being, then at the beginning, it may be actions that make the mind afraid. 

As you continue to follow your intuition and the action that arises out of silence, it will become easier and easier.

So, what does this mean for you and your life?

What this means is that, if you truly want to live an amazing life, full of bliss and joy, then begin at this moment to start following the intuitive source of your being.

Make being aware of the present moment the ABSOLUTE foundation of your life, and intuition will act accordingly, without the mind needing to do anything.

Intuition means that there is zero effort and zero trying. Desire must happen first so that you want to live a fulfilled life, but then it must drop so that it comes on its own accord.

When the leaf on a tree becomes old, it falls from the tree. The tree does not drop the leaf; the leaf drops on its own.

Don’t drop the leaf; let the leaf drop.

Don’t try to follow your intuition for the sake of it. Focus on being aware of the totality of breath and let that breath move through your body into action. Focus on non-action and non-movement of mind, and it will come.

This will be the most important decision in your life, make the moment your home and stay here until awareness is ready to make a decision through you.

This is making the unknown your companion. This is making the thoughts of God your companion. 

“Courage is a love affair with the unknown.” – Osho

This decision is the key to abundance and freedom.