An illusion is not some kind of a mirage that you think is there and it is not. It is not some dream like state that we think we see, but it is not really there.

An illusion is much more basic than that. 

An illusion is a set of thoughts, beliefs, ideas and identities that are not based on absolute reality, but which we take to be the truth.

Sometimes it happens more subtly without us realizing it. Sometimes we know how we think, we just believe that thought, belief or idea is the truth.

Being caught inside of an illusion may not seem like a big deal sometimes, and they are bypasses as whatever.

And yet, not seeing or being willing to see through these illusions that you have may (and probably will cause) great deals of suffering and internal pain.

Not seeing or being willing to see through your illusions may cause you to never find that one true inner fulfillment, that inner freedom, and may keep you on the brink of unease in every one of your experiences until your physical death.

Having illusions is not bad. The illusions that cause you pain are not bad, but it is in your own best interest to be willing to see through them.

What are some examples of illusions?


True Change

How far are you willing to go as a human being in order to end individual suffering?

Are you willing to take step into a portal that goes far beyond what is considered normal, or socially accepted?

Everybody claims that they want real change, but I don’t see many people’s actions, or non-actions, reflect those claims.

In order for real change to take place within the human race we have to be completely willing to take a step out of the human mind.

Everyone wants true change, but they only want it on the level of their own thinking.

If you want true change on the level of your thinking process, then it is instantly biased to your perspectives, viewpoints and perception.

And anything that is biased, in any remote way, will not bring TRUE change.

So if you truly want to see true change, you have to take a step beyond that which is biased, the human mind.

The reason that the mind is biased is because you can only think about the past.

This means the mind is biased from the way that it perceived what has happened and everything that shaped your mind from the past.

In other words, what you deem as improvement in one area, someone will see that same area as perfect.

Neither of you may right. The point is a lot of what needs and doesn’t need to improve is subjective.

If you think something needs improvement, your only reference point is the way that you are perceiving things.

According to the level of your mind, your culture, your heritage, your education, your upbringing and every thing in between is dictating to a large degree what you think needs improvement.

A lot of people think they are free thinkers, which may be so, but you are still thinking with the foundation of the collective mind. Not a SINGLE thought is yours.

You—like 7.5 billion people on this earth—are using the collective mind in 7.5 billion unique ways, but the very way you use the mind is built with the hardwiring that stems throughout human history.

Humanity is currently on a hamster wheel, going around and around trying to find ourselves.

There is one thing that you can look to that is concrete; regardless of the way your mind perceives reality. There is one thing that can always be expanded, no matter who you are.

That is peace.

Peace for me is internal freedom. Internal freedom means that you have a rock hard solid level of awareness when it comes to life—not awareness on the level of the mind, but on the level of consciousness.

Expanding this awareness will directly affect your emotional intelligence (intellect) and will enrich the mind.

Expanding your peace on an individual scale will create vibrations that affect the collective scale.

There are a few principles, however, that will allow you to expand your consciousness.

Reading them won’t instantly expand your consciousness although reading them will give you information and something to think about.

But until these words go from intellect and are felt on a cellular level, it will not matter, and awareness will not be expanded.

Illusion #1. I Am My Mind

If I were to die today, and I had one last message to give to the humanity that I wanted to them to take deeply and passionately into their heart it would be simply…


Don’t take it from me though. Take it from spiritual master Eckhart Tolle

“What a liberation to realize that the “voice in my head” is not who I am. Who am I then? The one who sees that.”

Here is another way to realize that who you are is not your mind.

The mind as a single entity has never taken a single breath. You breathe though, you can feel the in and out breath.

If the mind has not taken a single breath, and you are breathing then who are you?

The answer cannot come from the mind.

Illusion #2: My Entire Self Is Created from Past

Everything you have been taught, every way, shape, form or fashion that you have used in your life in your mind has been taught, but is not who you are.

The next phase of illusions is all jumbled up and created from the very root of this collective mind thinking that who you are is your mind.

Illusion #3: Time Exists Absolutely

Time exists on a physical plain, and in this physical world, but does not exist absolutely.

The mind has a very close relationship to time; in fact, time is the direct reflection of the mind. They are essentially the same thing.

Normally what you think of the mind is that it’s a bundle of thoughts, which is true, but those are thoughts that you have are generated by memory and by anticipation—memory being past, and anticipation being future.

There is only one absolute existence however; only one direct experience with life and that is with the present moment.

When I originally started reaching out for answers in my life, I never even knew what the present moment was.

You know why?

Because of how really simplistic it is. The present moment that you can know inside the body is so simple, that the mind cannot actually digest it.

The reason that past and future don’t exist absolutely is because you can never directly experience them.

The past is a memorized version of this present moment and the future is an anticipation of this present moment.

You cannot directly experience memory or anticipation, they both happen in the mind in this present moment.

Illusion #4. What I Am Is a Self-Image

You know the very basis for the way that we communicate is by starting most sentences off with ,“I” and somewhere along the way a “me” and a “myself” come in the picture.

Those words are the problem, it is thinking that who they are is YOU. And that is because we use the mind to communicate, if we believe that we are the mind, then the mind created, “I” “me”, and “myself” emerges, identities with all of our beliefs, all of the mind made stories and everything in between.

This means by identifying with the mind, with the “me” you falsely believe yourself to also be the stories your mind makes up.

If what you are is not the mind, and the mind creates the self, creates the “I,’ the “me” and the “myself’ then what are you?

Stop reading for a few minutes and listen to your breathing, smell the air, hear the silence from within.

These are practices which get you away from the slavery of time back to what you are, which is your awareness of this moment, in this instant, as this presence.

This mind created self has boxed you up, put all kinds of limitations on you. In the natural spontaneity of this moment you have connected directly with your true source which is eternal.

Illusion #5. My Greater Self Will Be Created from The Future

In self-development, what we are looking for is to develop the self-image—the way that we perceive the self-image and the way that others perceive the self-image.

In absolute reality, because there is no time, be aware of what you really are, you don’t need time or to develop.

Awareness does not need time. It just means that from now on, in the world of form we start allowing consciousness, presence to work through us and to consciously be aware of the one who is observing our mind.

The very first step to rising to new levels of consciousness is to stop identifying with your mind, which creates all other processes of identification.

Before you know it, the mind says “I am the body,” and “I am the emotion,” and “I am my career,” and the physical objects that false identification go into can go on forever.

You begin searching for success, the new career, the new mansion, the new country to find freedom.

But in absolute reality, you cannot  (nor ever will) find freedom in the future, but, because the future only exists in the mind, you can only look to the mind—to the mind created illusion for freedom.

Once you get to said destination, the mind will see the imperfect reality and go back to its habitual search and always be unsatisfied.

Unless you can find that which is perfect in this moment (complete in this moment) will you be able to find it in the future, because they are the same moment.

The first and the last freedom is right here and right now.

There is a certain way to be

This comes down to playing roles. The mind asks, “How does my self-image fit within the constraints of society’s. Ultimately the answer is that it creates a role to play.

But when awareness has fully penetrated your being and you have awakened to what you truly are (which the neutral awareness of now), then there is no way to be.

Being now is spontaneity, now is reality, which requires absolutely NO EFFORT.

From now going forward there is no going out of your way to be a certain way, no self-image to live up to or to develop, no collective mind conceptualized way of living.

Life is one continuous flow of now, it is a river and there is no part of the river, it’s ONE constant flow.