In a world built from thought, we often look at the definition of words and then begin seeing words based on our relation to the definition of that word.

The communication of the world through language is still very limited because we use only the mind to communicate and a small percentage of the heart.

Based on conditioning, the term “destruction” has a negative vibe to it, whereas “creation” has a positive one.

In a grander scheme, they are the yin and yang of each other. Neither are positive or negative, but they are both necessary for a constant evolution of the world.

Destruction breeds creation, creation breeds destruction. Without destruction, creation cannot happen, and likewise.

As you read, allow your heart to entertain how the process of destruction applies directly to your life and how you can utilize it to create expansion to a higher conscious lifestyle.

Lifestyle & Presence

Today is Saturday:

I have to be at the gym at 6. A.M

Then, directly after, I go home to take a shower for my 8 A.M dentist appointment

Then at 11:30 A.M. I have lunch with my mother.

At 1:30 P.M I have go get a haircut on my way to pick the kids up from school at 3:00 P.M.

At 5:30 P.M I’m going to start making dinner.

Then at 7 P.M I am going to spend time with the kids for a few hours before putting them to bed at 9:00 P.M

Meanwhile you’re still right here, and entire day tomorrow is essentially on autopilot in the mind.

What is the mind/thought usually saying when it’s planning out the day?


My mind now thinks in terms of numbers. And those numbers correlate what I have to do and when I have to do it.

The mind does not realize that living happens right now and has turned into a clock and to do list.

When you’re so fixated on what you have to do and when you have to do it, time handcuffs you into slavery, or mind cuffs is a better term.

Your body is always here, no matter what but when you are trapped in time, existence is forgotten.

Your existence has slipped into the death portal of time.

Your thinking mind is built directly from the world and most of the collective race is stuck, primarily, in time.

How can you be absolutely creative if you allow a world that’s stuck in time dictate your life?

When you realize that you’re right here through the body, your thinking-mind shuts down and your body becomes alive.

When you realize your presence, you shed away anything that is not you in the most absolute sense.

Underneath your conditioning from the world, you can realize the true essence of who you really are, which is right now and which happens only right now, then the peak of your creativity can shine on the world.

The most creative force on this planet is you.

Creativity can only happen through you, right now. Just by being aware of your own presence, you will instantly be in the least tainted state by structures of society and in the purest creation state.

What this pure creation state will allow for is less planning with time and more spontaneity.

Spontaneity is creativity in action.

Destruction: Psychological Time

Creation Process: You


Besides living a lifestyle based on schedule, people also like structure in their lives.

We like to plan so far ahead so that we can know exactly what to expect in the future, because the unknown is far too uncomfortable, not because the unknown actually is uncomfortable in reality, but because the mind needs to know what’s going to happen.

When it needs to know what’s going to happen, it’s creates pain and agony throughout the body.

So by using this present moment as a stepping-stone for excessive planning we think we can eliminate some of the fear of the unknown and some of the pain inside.

We start creating our lives in the future (in thought) rather than letting our life situation unfold and happen through us, by being here while situations happen.

The bottom line, though, is that you have to use the future in order to stay alive. Don’t think of using the future as a bad thing, because it is absolutely necessary so long as you are on this planet earth.

Think of it as never letting the future use and control you every waking moment of the day.

Structure means….

— You need to know how things are going to work out.

— Panning your entire week, months and the year.

— Needing to know what time it is, all the time.

— Planning has become more important than spontaneity and creativity.

— I have to worry about the bills being paid all the time. (future).

— That my desires must be fulfilled before I can relax.

You know the opposite of structure?

It’s courage.



The conditioning has become so strong in you that letting go of structure does take significant courage.

Structure is wanting to stay in the known. And….

“Courage is a love affair with the unknown.” – Osho

Once you have courage, then spontaneity can start to have a part in your life.

Destruction: Structure

Creation: Spontaneous natural you.


Albert Einstein said.

“Logic will get you from A-B, Imagination will take you everywhere.”

Well, Einstein was onto something, however, what he said was still somewhat logical.

Everyone is already in their imagination, stuck in it for that matter.

Imagination is necessary for planning and creating things in this world, but it is not necessary for absolute peace and joy.

What you really want is not to go “everywhere” but to be right where you are.

Logic is how the average mind sees the world. Creativity is how conscious observes the present moment neutrally.

So I say

Logic will get you from A-B, but presence will allow you to be aware of A, with no need to get to B as fast as possible, because A is already enough, and B will eventually come on its own without the need for obsessive effort.

Logic is about….

— How much information can be stored in your mind?

— How high is your IQ?

— How much can you remember?

— You will be applauded if you can remember information for the test, you will be looked down on if you did poorly.

— The strength of memory (past) equals intelligence.

— How much you prepare and plan hard for your future.

— With a strong imagination, you can create great things, and these things will set you free.

Just as with structure, we need logic for survival.

Without logic, you jump into a burning down building, jump off a tall bridge, walk naked in public, break the law everywhere you go, rob a bank; whatever the case, maybe logic is what keeps you alive and out of trouble.

However, if your life is determined ONLY by logic, then you will be miserable inside, and life will no longer be fun.

Utilize the present moment to start living less fearful of what could or could not happen, and a spontaneous life will be a lot more exhilarating.

Destruction Process: Living life only by logic.

Creation: A more exhilarating lifestyle.


You’ve got a such a high IQ, you are so intelligent. Intellectual intelligence, however, is what we are trained to believe is real intelligence, when, in reality, consciousness intelligence is ultimate intelligence.

Thought and emotion are microcosmic particles relative to the absolute reality. Absolute reality—is not bound by time, not bound by anything that is not constant—is unchanging and eternal.

Intellect cannot feel, individual emotions are limited feelings. Consciousness is not just to “know” oneself but to “feel” oneself as a microcosm within the macrocosm.

Destruction Process: “Thinking” that “thinking and emotions” are based on absolute reality.

Creation: Consciousness Intelligence


There are two kinds of fear.

#1. The fear based out of structure and logic, the fear the keeps you alive.

It is not you who is a survival creature, it is your mind that is a survival entity, and there IS a difference.

Who you are is not your mind; when this is felt inwardly, in this moment, this is enlightenment.

However, for the time being, you (conscious aware presence) have a mind and the mind is here to experience the world in many different ways until the death of mind/body.

The energy of this fear is dangerous if we feel that the REAL, which is eternal “I” dies, and in reality, our fear of death is of going into the eternal unknown.

#2. Fear that keeps the consciousness from utilizing the mind to recreate the way people see the world today.

As said previously, the reason that we don’t challenge the logical way of doing things is that logic is based on structure, comfortability of knowing what to expect and NOT on challenging the average thinking mind.

This leaves humanity believing that we should be fearful to break the rules or to challenge the way things look in this world.

Rules are made to be broken, broken rules are made to be.

Fear is actually what makes us come alive in the process of doing something we are not used to.

Fear can either trap us inside the mind or we can utilize it to push us into the present moment, push into life.

The line that divides the fear of death and the fear of life is rather blurry, but that line will never be clear because it is an illusion.

Here is why, if you are alive in the moment, could you die?

Absolutely, this is logical, of course you could.

But if you are alive right now, then you have had enough to eat, enough water and enough shelter.

Then why is it that people are so afraid that these won’t be taken care of?

It is not our fear that we will have the lack of materials but the fear of the unknown, the fear that there is a possibility of death.

What keeps us from living is the false illusion of who we are in the absolute sense.

Because once you know who you are in the absolute sense, then you know who life is, because you are life.

The same reason you afraid of death is the same reason you are afraid of life, because you have built a false identity out of this fear which seems necessary for survival.

So you are afraid of losing it to live, because it would be (according to your mind,) the same thing as death.

Life is death, according to the mind. In reality, life is the death of the mind.

Destruction Process: The Fear of Life

Creation: Who You Are Is One with Life.


Courage is the willingness

Destruction Process: Fear of Destruction.

Creation: Creation