“Hysterical laughs” is usually the response I receive when I tell people that the ONLY thing that absolutely matters on this earth at this moment is that I’m speaking to them.

To put this in the context of this article, the ONLY thing that absolutely matters for me is to write this article and to pay attention to each word that I’m writing.

The only thing that absolutely matters on your end is what you are doing “‘now,” which is reading this article.

If you stop reading this article and decide to do something else, then THAT is the only thing that matters in your life at this time.

And yet, it only relatively matters at the same time.

“Relativity,” as defined by Google, is the absence of standards of absolute and universal application.

Relative Importance 

Life situations or circumstances can be anything along the lines of where you live, what car you drive, the person you are dating or married to, the job/career that you have, something that is happening to you or someone else, and so on.

Life situations happen in the present moment because nothing can nor has ever happened outside of the present moment.

However, everything in this world is subject to change and is subject to birth and to death.
The life situation/circumstance is relative because the one constant never ending change IS change itself.

Meaning that no matter what situation or circumstance you’re in there is a birth to it and a death to it.

In fact, from the moment you are born, you are instantly subject to death.

Now let’s say, for example, that reading this article is a situation in your life, since it’s what you are “doing” now.

The reason that this is relative is that after you’re done reading it, “the reading article situation” has died and become the past.

Anything that is subject to birth and death is relatively important.

Again what is relatively important, your house, your career, your relationship, your situation, and your belief system will ultimately come to its end.

A belief system is built through sensory perception which is also filtered through the ERA we live in, the culture we grow up in, the parenting, the media, etc., and all of this will be wiped away by time.

Now remember when I said as you read this it is absolutely important?

That is where the paradox comes in.

Absolute Importance

If the situation or circumstance that you find yourself in is subject to birth and death and nothing ever happens outside of the present moment, then how could anything be absolute?

This is how!

The present moment is more than just the situation you find yourself in.

It is your conscious aware presence that is of the most absolute importance.

The present moment is here regardless of the situation you’re in, but it is your conscious awareness of the present moment from within that is of absolute importance.

Conscious presence is not subject to birth and death; thus it is eternal.

Therefore, the real “you” beyond your identity, your self-image, your mind made up “self,” the idea you have about who you are, is subject to death, so it cannot be the real you.

The real you is eternal, it has never been born (which is of the past) and it will never die (which is of the future).

Now a lot of people think eternity is going into the future forever, but because the future relies on the past, that would mean eternity would go into the past forever, which can only mean that eternity is timelessness.

Now what happens when you take away past forever and you take away the future forever?
You are left with now and only now forever.

The present moment is not the truth.

These words are not the truth. The feeling presence, the body energy presence is the state (consciousness) that never leaves you.

The awareness that you get beyond words of this body energy presence is the truth.

So, you see, no matter what situation you’re in that is the “what is” situation where you access the inner timeless state “what is” so you’re both aware of what is going on around you and what is presently happening within you without grasping it, which is why both the

Form (the thoughts, feelings, emotions, comprehension, grasping, interpretation, physical, time)

And the Formless (the conscious presence or inner body energy that can feel it’s here without mind comprehension) are happening together, because they are one.

This means that without mind comprehension everything that has ever happened and will ever happen is happening now.

Then comes in the human mind. The human mind has been conditioned by other human minds, which why most of the planet has never accessed the formless dimension of “now” from within.

Everywhere I go, I pay attention to that inner space, to that space between my thoughts (the conscious presence) and it makes me feel better than I’ve ever imagined possible, and when I talk to people about it, they are either stunned, don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t want to hear about it or just plain ignore me and go on about their day.

Being aware of my conscious presence doesn’t make me special, because it is not personal, it is the source of all that is.

But because the human mind is conditioned to do everything in its power to stay alive, it’s challenging for a lot of human minds to want to access that dimension which very few people even know exists.

Everyone truly wants to feel the inner state of presence, but the mind is very resistant because it has to go away since it cannot comprehend this conscious presence.

People want to experience the bliss of life but it would hurt their identity (past/memory/thought); so it’s easier in that moment to just stay true to the known.

But to those of you who want to experience the greatest peace, joy and bliss— knowing that you can’t hold onto this idea of who you are is constant flux—hold on tight.

With that being said, no matter what situation is happening in your life, no matter the house, career (all of that is fleeting) the one constant is the inner feeling presence as you that will never leave.

“Within you, there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself.” – Herman Hesse

To be yourself?

Here he is saying that the self is not the mind created self-image, the idea in your mind of who you are, but is who you truly are the still conscious presence.

The gap between your thoughts (the I am one, this conscious presence) is where you meet you.

Knowing this there is never a reason to go out of your way to be something or someone.

Come home to you which is now the absolute reality.