Before, right now and after is the general way that time is perceived. The present moment is also perceived to be what my life situation is what is happening right now.

Time is also used as a reference point for what you’re doing now relative to what you have done before in the past or what you are going to do in the future.

And yet, there is an immeasurable significance to what the TRUE present moment is. A significance that is far greater than anything that you could ever think or imagine.

The present moment that I’m referring to is not about some other dimension of thought, alternate universe, beyond your wildest imaginative dreams or a grand experience.

No, the present moment I’m referring to is actually a lot simpler than any of those things, in fact it is so simple that it is bypassed by most humans completely.

The present moment is so simple, that simple is not a characteristic or a way of defining it in any way, because it is simplicity itself.

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler. – Albert Einstein

When conversations spark about things such as the nature of reality and existence, it’s usually discussed by either a philosopher or in a “deep” conversation that a few friends have while they are faded on (but not limited to) weed, shrooms, acid, ayahuasca, or whatever drug the cool kids think is “lit AF” today.

The great thing about the present moment is that when you are aware of it, then you are aware of existence and reality.

Existence and reality could be discussed, but the discussion itself will not be the actual reality.


The truth cannot be spoken; the spoken truth cannot be.

Yes, that includes these words you read which are based upon the vowels that are largely influenced by voice.

When you really begin to be aware of the present moment, you will realize that the freedom that you are is the only drug that you will ever need.

That drug only comes in one dose because that’s all there ever is. This drug is available to you whenever you want it, and this drug is called life.

The side effect of this drug is the feeling of being alive.

When I said up above that the present moment is not some dimension of thought, I meant that, but what I never said was that it wasn’t another dimension.

Don’t get confused though. The term “dimension” is not to sound deep or philosophical, neither of those matter when it comes to realizing reality.

What does matter, though, is that you have access to a dimension inside of you that is rarely accessed because it is far too simple for the mind to understand, grasp, or comprehend.

The dimension that most of the world has been operating in is the dimension of form, of objects, and of what the mind can understand.

The dimension that most operate in is the one in which I have a past, I have present moment, and I have a future.

The dimension that is far too simple for the mind to comprehend because it is simplicity itself is the formless dimension.

Again, this is not some crazy grand experience or far away journey that you must march on towards to achieve or conquer.

The formless dimension is that which you have access to right here and right now, even though the mind cannot comprehend it.

You will know it is here, when you are aware it.

You don’t even need to remember the language used to describe it, because in reality, nothing can describe reality.

Not even the word “reality” can describe it.

With this being said, until you awakened to this ungraspable dimension that exists right here, you won’t know what it means to be truly fulfilled even if that fulfillment lasts for a brief moment.

The present moment that you think about is not the true present moment. What you have been taught is that time exists linearly, from the past, to present moment to the future.

This is the way that the human mind can grasp time in order for us to go from point A (which is birth) and to live as long as possible which would be to point B (or death).

In other words, time is used as the measurement between birth and death.

Humans are stuck in this cycle and almost every single one of their actions are endowed with a spell.

That spell is that the human mind is stuck inside of the mind/thought and in time, which are synonymous.

The reason why is that we equate what happens in our life situations, and what we are doing between birth and death to be the true reality and existence.

We equate our life situation to be life itself.


This is not a channel for breaking news, nor is it being channeled for those new age spiritualists out there, it’s not a higher self or some image of who or what God is.

The breaking news is that present moment is not a part of time, in the linear way that we perceive it.

Most people don’t even realize that we think that the present moment is a part of time, because of the mass confusion from the conditioning of today and past centuries.

Take for example if you were to ever join the army, navy or federal reserve.

They told you how it was going to be and what you were going to do.

Would you ever question them?

Maybe, but not for long and probably not at all because we have been taught (conditioned) that when you join the army, whatever they say is what goes, period, end of discussion.

Most of us are so STUCK inside of time, that we don’t even bother to ask…

“What truly is the present moment?”

The present moment is simplicity itself and it cannot be grasped by thought.

There is a paradox happening in this moment, which is why words will limit what is trying to be portrayed.

There are two seeming realities going on that are not two, but they are different. They are one reality seemingly split up by thought.

The first reality is that nothing ever happens outside of the present moment.

The present moment is eternal. You have never done, thought, said, felt anything outside of this moment.

The situations that have happened in your life are memories that exists as thought. Those thoughts happen from here.

The situations that you perceive to happen in the future are projections that exist as thoughts. Those thoughts happen from here.

From here your mind memorizes and it anticipates. From here your mind reads these words, interprets them and digests them.

Philosophy about this would mean that you can agree or disagree, with this you don’t need to agree or disagree because the present moment is already here without a single thought about whether this is true or not.

The second reality which is at the same time is that although nothing ever happens outside of the now, people are still stuck in time.

The reason why is that your mind is only and ever stuck in time…..right now.

That is until you realize that the mind itself only knows time…which will happen again…right now.

The reality is that the Now is always existence regardless if the never ending stream of thought continues.

Just because the present moment cannot be grasped by thought, does not mean that presence is not here.

It reminds me of a one of my favorite songs from the 1980’s by The Smiths – How soon is now?

So really…. how soon is now?

Just as the present moment is so simple, that simple is not a characteristic because it is simplicity itself, the present moment is not soon, because soon suggests that it is not here yet.

Soon is a measurement of time.

You need time to do things…

You need time to take a shower…

You need time to do homework…

You need time to play sports…

You need time to play video games…

What you don’t NEED time for though is to be where you are which is here and to be aware that where you are is here….

In fact, if you try to have time, you will be stuck inside what doesn’t even exist.

The past is a thought that you think to be real; the future is a thought that you think to be real…

Past and future are pattern recognition’s from a mind that is an artificial intelligence.

Supreme intelligence is not what I think I am or what I think I know, but that I am aware that I am. 

I am aware that I am reality and existence and that both are formless, ungraspable.

There can be nothing more evidently direct, more concrete, than what is available right here and only right now.

Now imagine that if you built a house on top of a poor foundation, how that house would look and feel inside…

The foundation of a home is the most important aspect of every single one of its other pieces.

A weak foundation will end up affecting the framing, the roof, the siding and everything else.

When it rains there can be leaks, things won’t look right, and if you are the home owner, things will always seem to be a little off.

I’m not an expert on building homes, but I know that the most basic thing that must be right is the foundation.

This is no different than you and your mind.

This is no different than the rest of the human race.

The foundation, that a good portion of the humans have been built from, is similar to that of an assembly line built from history in which they didn’t have much say so, being that they have been hardwired since they were a babies and their minds couldn’t make choices on their own.

The foundation that has been hard wired into you is that….

You are a separate someone, with a name, who will grow up, and characteristics will be added and taken away from who you are…

You will learn, you will fail, you will succeed, along with the other perceived individuals.

The foundation of your perceived life has been built on an illusion. This is the very root core foundation creating all of the rest of your illusions; and until they are recognized as illusions, they will affect what you do, what you say, and how you feel just as that home owner with a bad foundation things always seem just a little bit off.

The one foundational illusion of being a separate someone creates…

The illusion that time exists absolutely…

The illusion that the present moment is a part of time…(Time = Past and Future Thoughts)

That who you are is the mind…

Thinking that who you are is the mind is what creates the illusion that who you are is the “me” or self-image…

That this me has been created from the past and that it will added to in the future…

Being that the mind cannot grasp the present moment, if you believe yourself to be your mind and the “me” that it creates, then it won’t let you truly be what you are, which is outside of thought.

The reason that you cannot be aware of the formless presence, the thoughtless timeless space, AKA reality and existence, is because you are stuck inside of the very thing that interprets time itself, being that you identify with it.

It means that if you are your mind, than the only thing that will occur to you is time.

This also goes for the way that your mind is interpreting the present moment situation.

If you don’t see the present moment for what it is truly is, which is the neutral inner body awareness of being right here without the mind comprehending it.

Then you can only see it within the limitations of a reference point. You have only been seeing the present moment situation through the lens of your past.

How do I know I’m driving a car right now?

The mind learned it. You know you are driving a car because you learned from the past what it means to be driving a car.

How do I know right now I am eating?

The mind learned it.

How do I know right now I am dancing?

The mind learned it.

The reference point that you are using to see the present moment situation is from what you learned. And learned is past tense.

So what you are really seeing in your situational present moment is the past.

It is also said…