Love Yourself & Accept Yourself!

The world will tell you this over and over again, and yet why are there still massive amounts of hate in the world?

Why are there still war, and greed and poverty?

The world is a product of you after all, I want to make something extremely clear however.

The “self” that you want to love, the “self” that you want to accept, if it is a false idea of who you are, then it will not matter. And, unless you REALLY understand who you truly are, it will be impossible for you to truly accept and love all of life as a whole.

The first thing I want to make perfectly clear is that….

The biggest challenge that humanity faces is not…

NOT: Protesting

NOT: Wars

NOT: The President

NOT: Starvation

NOT: Poverty

NOT: Terrorism

NOT: Politicians

NOT: Greed

NOT: Obesity

NOT: The Educational Systems

NOT: Guns or Gun Laws

NOT: Global Warming Although this is caused from it.

The biggest challenge in the world is that we the people have been falsely believing in this idea of who we think we are, with our thoughts.

Well who are you then?

From the start when I was very young, I was never told that who I am is my mind; it was just firmly accepted and never questioned because of the way that my culture and most of the world has been conditioned.

“An important thing to realize is that Universal mind and personal mind are not two separate minds thinking differently but two ways of using the same mind differently.” – Sydney Banks

That’s right. The reason that you believe that you have a separate mind from the whole is that you believe that YOU are separate from the whole.

“You and I are all as much continuous with the physical universe as a wave is continuous with the ocean.” – Alan Watts

So you see that your mind and mine are a part of the same mind, we just use it differently at different times.

For those you who have difficulty understanding ONENESS, look at like this, in the physical manifestation of the world, you and I are individuals, but in the grand scheme of things, I am a wave, and you are a wave, but together we are a part of same ocean.

In the logical sense two waves are separate and yet they are still a part of the same ocean; do you need believe that the two waves are separate from the ocean?

No, you just know that they are.

With this being said, however, the product of the world may seem like it is a product of the collective or universal mind, but there is a much deeper connection to it all, one that your mind cannot perceive.

We are, as a whole, a collective cosmic consciousness.

With this being said, if “who” you are is your mind, who you would be is the collective mind. But if you were this mind, then the world, society, the conditioning would run your life for you.

This is why there is no such thing as a conscious mind. Yes, there is psychology; there is a such thing as a subconscious and a conscious mind, but having a conscious mind means that you would be completely alien from all the other minds.

And the fact is, if you live in this world you are in many ways going to be affected by laws, rules and regulations.

The mind itself is the conditioning and it is specifically and ONLY specifically used to make our way around in terms of surviving and thriving in the world flooded with other waves.

In order to communicate with other waves, it has to develop this part of collective mind so that you can survive in this world of other parts of the collective mind. (Other people)

This is, however, an extremely limited part of your conscious being.

This is precisely why who you are in the absolute sense is not the mind, not the collective mind, or collective amount of thoughts, which are based on ideals, ideas, conditions, beliefs, morals, ethics and rules.

You are infinitely grander than these mind made concepts, you are unlimited, not bound by the way the mind thinks—which is largely determined by the collective mind.

You may think that you are a free spirit, but you are not because you are the one absolute eternal consciousness that is neither bound nor free because these are just concepts to the mind. The real you already is and, because it is, it’s perfect.

What you are is the aware consciousness.  You are the conscious instant of awareness. You are instantaneous and spontaneous itself.

The collective mind, however, is so caught up with thinking, and doing, and achieving that it has not yet realized that all existence is being witnessed silently through your eyes.

The point of this is that our lives have been on autopilot, because we believe that what we are is the mind, meaning what the world has primarily thought for us, we have been moving through life like robots, like machines.

We have been living life through the mind, which means that we have been living it through the lens of society.

We have been living our lives up to the standards of the average way of thinking of 7.5 billion individual waves. Generally speaking, we live by a much less dominant population size, depending on what culture our minds have grown up by.

The interesting thing about the ocean is that, although we are one, no one wave in the ocean is the same, just as you and no other person in this life is the same, ever was the same or ever will be an exact clone or replica.

What I mean by this is that at the root core of everyone is that we are love; we are this moment, but, in the physical life of form, we are unique, and we should embrace that uniqueness by understanding what we are.

Note: It does not matter which individual of the 7.5 billion people on this planet read this, because we are all the same essence, you are same conscious presence as the all.

And when you realize this, it will allow you to be more spontaneous in your nature as a reflection into this physical world.

You only connect with the cosmic consciousness of the world through your conscious presence.

Conscious presence is the awareness through the body that knows you’re here without the mind comprehending it or knowing it.

Who is the one who sees the mind think?

If who you are is not the mind in the absolute sense, then what else is there?

It is the pure silent observing conscious presence.

When you believe that you are your mind, your life is on autopilot, meaning that you may have very short burst of this conscious presence but your life has not become the focal point of you, which is conscious presence.

There have been times where I have driven somewhere and, because I was thinking the entire time, I had very little understanding that I was driving and my life had become an automatic mechanism.

Sounds very robotic-like huh?

Everything happens through the present moment; it is impossible to be outside of this present moment, but you are not always aware of that which does not leave you.

The only way to be aware of this conscious presence is when thought has vanished but you know you are here.

This conscious presence is not about the location you are in, because that changes; it’s about the true you who is looking which does not change.

Conscious presence is when who you are is the present moment and that this present moment realizes itself, right now.

This is why when people say love yourself and, as most of the world does not know who they are really are, what they are loving is a self-image or a mind created idea of who I am.

A self-image is essentially a definition based on your likes, dislikes, past, ambitions, beliefs, and other perspectives pertaining to the present moment, but it is NOT the true conscious presence.

Love your self-image means that you love your past, and it’s keeping us in the illusion that the past exists absolutely.

How could the past exist if you could never directly experience it?

The past can only exist in your mind through memory, but you have never directly experienced the past, it’s a mental concept.

The thing about the mind is that it’s the very creator of time, so the past and the future blend right into each other.

So because the mind creates past and future, there is absolutely no space between past and future in the mind.

The gap between your thoughts, or non-movement of mind, is known as awareness.

Consider it like this, the space between your thoughts, or no-thought, becomes aware of itself.

So what you are is spontaneous; you are not boxed in by the constraints of linear time because according to time you have to act a certain way.

You are not the past and you are not the future, you are the spontaneous this.

So what you are loving?

You are loving the joy of being. You are loving love itself. What you are loving is your awareness of this conscious breath.

What you are accepting is this moment, even the form of which you perceive it in.

No longer are you defined by past; no longer are you defined by what you will be in the future; you are the conscious now, and spontaneousness will be born effortlessly through the realization of who you are.

The mind has a difficult time believing that what you are cannot be boxed up into a definition, into something you can grasp, nor does it want to. What you are cannot be grasped, or locked onto by the mind and that is precisely why you are unlimited.

So going forward, all that you have to do to accept yourself is to accept who you are which is the conscious now.

And all that you have to do is love who you are, which can only happen right now, because now is all there is, and all there is, is you.