Above is a picture of “Me

Society has drawn a bunch of different conclusions from the picture of me above.

I mean, after all, this picture shows me with white skin, green eyes, no shirt, a beard, and I’m smiling.

Not exactly the greatest knowledge in the world correct?

And yet, the real essence of who I am has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with what any of the above details would suggest.

If you’re concentrated on what you “know” to be true, then you will be trapped inside of an illusion that currently keeps humanity from transcending to the next level of ascension.

This is precisely why you must not believe in anything these words say, but ask instead whether this feels true for you.

I am NOT white.
But I’m NOT Black Either.

I am NOT Strong
But I’m NOT Weak Either.

I am NOT a Male
But I’m NOT a Female Either.

I’m Not Transgender
But I’m NOT A Gender Either.

I’m NOT Straight.
But I’m NOT Gay Either.

But I’m NOT Non-Spiritual Either.

I’m NOT Improving.
But I’m NOT declining Either.

I’m NOT Dumb
But I’M NOT Smart Either.

I’m NOT the Past.
But I’m NOT the Future Either.

I’m NOT what you “say’ I Am.
But I’M NOT what I “say” I Am either.

I am NOT my personality.
But I am NOT my Self Image either.

I am NOT this or that.
But I AM.

[I Am] is the awareness that is aware of awareness.

[I Am] is existence that is aware of existence.

[I Am] is the feeling aware of presence that is aware of its own feeling aware presence.

The world of mind, of thought, of emotion, of feeling has labeled its own reality and CONCLUDED that its labels are absolute reality.

But “facts are facts” the mind says; your mind says that we have collectively agreed that it is a fact that your skin color is white and that you are factually based a male.

These are facts in the world of mind, yes.

According to the mind, of thought that has accepted other collective thoughts to be pure reality, yes, these are facts according to that universal mind.

And yet, in the absolute reality of pure one consciousness, these facts are just by products that believe in themselves.

Case in point. Everyone interprets information differently. Our brains are wired with trillions of different neurons, protons and cells.

Not one single individual has ever thought, or will ever think, exactly the same.

Nobody looks at a tree in exact same way. Yes, we all collectively agree on labels, and yet those labels themselves are interpreted differently from one human to the next.


Which EXACT perception of that tree is the absolute one?

“Mine!” says mind.

Well how about the one who is writing this?

How about the “me” who is writing this article?

My perspective, my opinion, my perception on the world of things is far from the pure absolute reality and never will be able to pin point reality because it is beyond perspective.

The best that it can do is continue to experience the world of change in many significantly different ways.

It can experience the world of duality in the highs, the low’s, the pleasures, the pains, the likes, the dislikes, the fun, the boredom, the past experiences, the future aspirations, the solitude, the communities, this that and the other.

The mind is here to keep this body here in this form to experience the fluctuations of endless physical existence.

And yet, because the pure nature of mind is that it too changes, and anything that changes is not and cannot give us the pure absolute reality, which is changeless.

The passing of time means that the collective mind will be a never ending constant flow of change, of perception alteration, so if we “thought” we knew, then we would be biased to our ERA of time within an eternity of all ERA’s.

Every time I hear that we are living in great times, I cringe from the biasness that our ERA is any greater than or less than ANY other ERA within the dimension of time.

That the human mind cannot comprehend nor should it be able to.

If we were able to comprehend eternity, then it would practically be like being dead. Physical death, after all, is what gives time here on earth it’s value, it’s significance.

So then this begs the question….

What am I and what is the pure absolute truth? 

Well according to my pure tapping into the pure conscious awareness, the best I can give is my level of conscious perception.

Which is that what am I is the feeling and awareness of this moment.

Take one DEEP conscious breath; be fully aware of your breath as you take it; feel the sensation through your body as you do this; stay here; and it is here where you will feel your answer to that question.

It is here where you will not only find the truth but realize that the truth you find IS YOU. The truth is that you are the truth.

When I say

But I am NOT Black Either.
I am NOT Male,
BUT I NOT Female Either.”

It’s not to sound philosophical, it’s not to sound like I know the truth because the truth can only be felt through you as you.

This is why the truth cannot be spoken and the spoken truth cannot be.

You will be blocked off from feeling the truth, however, by believing that your mind can give you the truth, can fulfill and free you.

This is why, if you ever want to be free and fulfilled, you must learn to disidentify who you are with your mind, your thoughts, your emotions that are ALL coming and going and not stable because of the constant passing of time.

One of the worst causes of pain is LOVING yourself.

A common perception amongst the inspirational and new age movement is to provide as much love as you can to the self.

Two things are essentially going on here. Eckhart Tolle explains these perfectly…

#1. You are causing division between self and one

“Your whole world seems like waves or ripples on the surface of a vast and deep ocean. You are that ocean and, of course you are also a ripple but a ripple that has realized its true identity as the ocean and compare to that vastness and depth, the world, waves and ripples is not all that important.” – Eckhart Tolle

When you identify yourself as the ripple then that separate self will always cause pain underneath no matter what you are doing.

#2. Splitting the One Absolute Self into Two

“Do you need to have a relationship with yourself at all?

Why can’t you just be yourself?

When you have a relationship with yourself, you have split yourself into two: “I” and “Myself”, subject and object.

That mind-created duality is the root cause of all unnecessary complexity, of all problems and conflict in your life. In the state of enlightenment, you are yourself- “You” and “Yourself” merge into one.

You do not judge yourself; you do not feel sorry for yourself; you are not proud of yourself; you do not love yourself; you do not hate yourself, and so on.

The split caused by self-reflective consciousness is healed, it’s curse removed. There is no self that you need to protect, defend, or feed anymore. When you are enlightened, there is one relationship that you no longer have: the relationship with yourself. Once you have given that up, all your other relationships will be love relationships.” – Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now.

In essence what Eckhart is saying is that you will NEVER be truly fulfilled or free if you continue to have a relationship with yourself.

If you keep this idea that who you are is the mind, and the mind created ideas of who you are.

The most loving thing you can offer the world is your own oneself realization, your pure absolute eternal self.

“There is nothing I have to be. I don’t even have to be myself. I am.” – Mooji

There are several words that can describe this: love, neutral observer of things, feeling aware presence, awareness, consciousness, god…etc.

But the truth remains that your highest fulfillment in life is, and will always be, returning to the source that is found through this moment, through your awareness of this breath.

This breath itself is love, so you no longer need to love anything or anyone but to bring your awareness of gratitude and merge with this conscious breath.

It is here that love can flourish in infinite dimensions and you can make the largest impact on the world without doing or saying anything.

Your state of being, your state of feeling aware presence is love and this love is the fulfillment, is the nirvana, the pure state of bliss, the absolute knowing.