1. No Posts Outside of This Group.

It means people can click the post and exit the group. Shared content outside of this group, will not be approved.

2. Don’t post anything that you have NOT DIRECTLY Experienced.

This group is not about adding more ideas to the mind, but going beyond the mind, transcending thought entirely.

3. No New Age.

No new belief systems. The present moment is neither new nor is it old. The present moment…….is.

4. Respect & Compassion

Even if you disagree with someone’s perspective, respect & compassion only. You will be removed from this group if you are showing signs of hatred.


If you come across any abusive or intentionally demeaning behavior – please use the report function so this behavior can be dealt with.Intentionally abusive behavior will not be tolerated in this forum.

5. Put All Hands & Feet inside of the vehicle at all times. Fasten your seat belts, and get ready to blast off out of the MIND!