It’s not secret anymore, folks. Meditation, or what it “seems” to be amongst the masses, is being adopted by lots and lots of people by the day.

Mindfulness meditation to be exact, has been known to help cure stress, anxiety, and depression significantly amongst the human race, dating back centuries ago.

However, what I’d like to do is to reintroduce you to meditation that can drive you deeper into peace unimaginably, regardless if you have “never” meditated, do it sparingly, or are a seasoned vet.

And the inspiration came from a Facebook group, that I’m a part of, in which someone asked

“What is Nirvana?”

I brought up meditation in the discussion because it is in those times when Nirvana has come up the most sparingly, however and what I’m about to discuss is the nature of meditation, as well as the nature of Nirvana, which are both simultaneous.

Firstly, when most think of meditation they think of sitting in a posture, closing the eyes and silencing the mind. (Although some do repeat mantras)

I’ve never resonated with a meditation in regards to repeating Mantras, but for those who feel it is necessary, do as you please.

Sitting with my eyes shut is precisely how I personally started meditation but as I continued this process, my understanding of meditation from a broader view has grown significantly.

Here is what meditation is in a nutshell, when you get rid of all the philosophies, all the techniques, traditions and perspectives meditation is to be ‘aware’ of the present moment.

That’s it!?

It’s that simple?

Yes, absolutely.

And yet it is precisely because it is that simple that it is challenging for a lot of people, in the most natural sense of the word simple, to just be….

Being is another term of being “aware” of the present moment, and knowing yourself as that awareness.

The mind is so preoccupied with having fun, seeking pleasure, planning, and surviving, all of which require

A LOT of effort, striving, ambition and the most significant of all…. complexity.

The human mind and the way it digests information is so complex that simplicity itself is barely noticeable, and even if noticed for a glimpse, not a very deep or significant one.

The irony is that meditation is about knowing simplicity directly, which seems like something we might have to go out of our way for, because it barely seems to be here.

So then meditation gets turned into this thing that needs to be “done.” Put it on the to do list.

The errands.

Meditation then turns into an action, a doing, and then it has yet again, turned into a striving.
One might think, If I meditate then I can “achieve” peace, or If I meditate then I can “acquire” my peace.

You see that?

If meditation becomes something that you “do,” then there is striving all over again.

Then you put yourself into a state of “waiting” for something, some feeling, or some emotion, and start waiting for peace to come.

I’ve looked into several meditation applications and the one thing that I feel has yet to take the world of “meditators” to a deeper sensation of peace unimaginable is the disidentification with thought.

In fact, you could essentially sum up Universoul Awakening in a nutshell…

“You are NOT your mind.” – Mooji

This is the very core understanding that MUST be felt at a cellular level.

This is not about creating a new thought identity. It’s about seeing through the illusion of all thought identities period, and ALL identities, for that matter.

Rewinding back to the how meditation is being “aware” of the present moment.

What it means to be aware of the present moment is to be aware that you are here, WITHOUT thinking about it.

Well, how could I be aware of this present moment without thinking about it?

You can feel through the body where you are right now without understanding it. You can bring your attention from the mind, from thought and into the body. Feel the cells inside of your body, feel your hands, the aliveness inside.

Take a moment, be aware of your breathing.

Breathe naturally, effortlessly and just be aware of it, not thinking about the breath and what it means, just aware of the in and the out.

Now bring this same attention into and throughout the body. Feel the sense of aliveness.
Let yourself REALLY dwell in these sensations, sink into them.

Whenever you’re ready, continue…

Being aware of the present moment is when the thoughts dissolve and the sensation of presence can feel itself.

The reason that this sense of presence barely seems to be here, is that you take yourself to be the mind, without realizing it.

From the time you were born, you were called by your name, this name was registered inside of the mind.

Which is why you unconsciously thought that which perceives your name to be you.

Unconsciousness simply means that there is an illusion that you cannot see.

It is like when you are inside of a dream, the dream character inside of that dream you take to be you during the dream which takes the dream to be ABSOLUTELY real.

Did you know inside of the dream that the dream was an illusion?

Of course not until you woke up!

You cannot see an illusion; you can only see through it.

It is precisely what is perceiving the illusion that you identify with: the mind.

Here is why the human mind sees only illusion.

Because it thinks linearly. The mind does not feel; it is processor of information. It is a processor of time. It is like a computer, and a computer does not feel.

The human mind is an analyzer of the illusion.

Time as we think of it linearly is from past, to the present, to the future.

The present moment, though, as in regards to time, is based on our current situation, how the mind is interpreting what is going on right now relative to the past, for a means to some future destination.

In other words, the mind ‘cannot’ be aware of the present moment. It is can interpret the present moment situation, which exists inside of presence and only has an appearance because of presence.

In truth they are one but, because we live in this physical world, there is a dimension which cannot be perceived but can be known; it seems like separate phenomena from the seeming reality that we know through thought.

The one reality that we know without thought is presence, the witness of all that is happening, watching it come and go.

But because the nature of words/thoughts is that they divide reality into two seeming parts, it would see that this unperceivable dimension of presence is not available to us right now.

This dimension of presence, no matter how seemingly “out there” it may seem, is actually “reality.”

It’s ‘existence’.


Truth cannot be spoken of, it can only be known both as the object and the subject. The knower and the known are one.

So although presence is unperceivable, you know it directly and that it is you. It  is key, though, not to build another “thought” identity out of this.

Because when you KNOW-YOU, then you realize that the term, the word, the thought “you” no longer matters. It’s a pointer to guide you away from what you are not.

If thoughtless awareness becomes a thought, a piece of knowledge, some grandiose understanding then it is not awareness, it is just another thought. Awareness is simplicity itself.

Now it may have seemed like we got off the topic at hand which is meditation, but it is absolutely necessary to know who you are in the absolute sense in regards to meditation.

Know that meditation is being aware of the present moment, and that being aware of the present moment is seeing through the illusion of thoughts….

Let’s ask the question…

Are you ACTUALLY “DOING” any-thing?

Doing, action, and striving all require physical movement. Physical movement requires some movement of thought.

But because we know that being aware of the present is the end of the movement of thought, there is NO action happening.

The mind is so complex that it has even turned “doing nothing” into a VERB.

A verb is what you do because there is no doing anything; being aware of the present moment, being aware of the breath and meditation is all non-doing.

So even to say things like “practicing” meditation is already a little off because practicing requires doing, effort and striving.

So knowing that presence, thoughtless awareness, is not something that you do, there is no beginning and ending to it.

There is always a beginning and ending to doing. There is always a before and after action.

But presence does not come therefore it does not go. 

What comes must go, but because it never came to begin with it, cannot go. What does not have a beginning also cannot have an ending.

So rather than looking at meditation as something that you are going to “sit” and “do,” look at as something that “‘is.”

The meditation is presence, thoughtless awareness and it does NOT matter what you’re doing, you can always bring your attention from thought and into body, into the breath.

Meditation cannot be taught, you must know it, and know it right now. There is such a thing as guided meditation, but you can never learn presence, you can only know it.

The truth is meditation is not something you do, it is the no-thing that you are.

Now on a paradoxical scale what happens when you are aware of this thoughtless awareness, it automatically deepens meaning that it can prolong into the future and will certainly arise more often in the future.

This is happening, of course, when there is no mind to anticipate or to be aware of any future at all.

Because there is no-mind at all, I have sat and tried to know my way into presence more times than I can count, all being left inside of the mind.

Remember time is linear and that’s how the mind interprets it.

So the mind which figures if I can just gain enough knowledge of presence, then I can achieve it whenever, will not realize the fact that presence or thoughtless awareness is the end of knowledge and it CANNOT be achieved.

It’s like having a crown on your head right now, and searching for that crown, trying to acquire that crown, hoping that if the mind just keeps learning enough, that it will get the crown it’s looking for.

You cannot strive for that which you already are. You cannot acquire that which you already are.

So meditation is thoughtlessly realizing that there is doer-ship. Nothing to be done. This also means ending meditation with an end in mind, ESPECIALLY the search for peace.

Again who you are is already overflowing with not just peace, but bliss and Nirvana right now!

Seeing through thoughts does not automatically mean that you will get to realize this peace, this bliss, this nirvana, it means that you become to COMPLETE ACCEPTANCE of whatever arises, be that emotional pain, anxiety, stress, nervousness and tension, you name it.

Acceptance of whatever arises ALSO includes the thoughts that come in. It includes the TRYING to reach and acquire presence.

Just because you cannot reach and acquire presence, does not mean that you should reject the effort, because the effort to obtain anything ITSELF is included. ALL is included, because presence does not leave you.

But right here and right now, you can break down the walls of the mind, let whatever be arise inside of thoughtlessness and eventually, at some point right now, presence will come to know itself so effortlessly, so significantly, so deeply that it overrides your nervous system into Nirvana, the complete annihilation of stress, worry, anticipation and, most significantly of all, the end of death.

THE KEY is to not picture how this looks. The KEY is to not get any image; it is the END of imagination, the end of knowledge, the end of anticipation, the end of memory.  

And it all happens on its own, when you know who you are on a cellular presence level.

Now although meditation is and you never meditate or leave meditation, there is relative importance in ending doing.

Which is why doing nothing but to simply to be aware of presence (meditation) is important, because doing does require some level of thought, no matter how small of effort there is.

I have found through experience that when I have stopped all doing presence can then know itself more significantly and then REAL bliss can penetrate.

This is not to say that it cannot happen right now because it is here; I’m just regarding my personal experience in that the deeper presence comes when I sit down and do nothing.

Sitting down to do nothing is already the seeker mindset, yes, but this is precisely why the thought meditation must burn away also.

The thought of wanting anything from meditation must come to a complete end, and even if it doesn’t sometimes, presence has still never left you.

Any wanting is future; any needing is future.

Now that I have come to know my true nature, I no longer need to sit down in order for presence to know itself, in between sets of reps of weightlifting at the gym.

The rigid walls of the mind have slowly but surely been broken down, a lot of unlearning has been done and the mind is not so strong anymore.

And it is now that the mind is not so strong that presence comes in, without needing it to or needing to sit down and do nothing.

There have been times where I have sat down with some “goal” in mind (usually Nirvana), only to achieve a heavier mind then before the meditation.

And that was precisely because I wanted something from the meditation because at that particular time there was lack inside. That lack inside, that wanting something WAS complete in and of itself.

For me meditation now is the ending of doing so that presence can know itself to the PEAK of effortlessness.

The PEAK EFFORTLESSNESS DOES ALLOW ALL EFFORT, because it happens on its OWN, no you doing anything.

“If you want to get rid of something, then you must first allow it to expand.” – Lao Tzu

No postures needed, no eyes closed, just finding a level of body comfort that will not distract you from seeing through the mind and allowing everything to be as it is.

The takeaway…

Meditate right now, by being aware of present moment right now, by knowing yourself as thoughtlessness right now.

But also, take a break from doing, too meditate, to be. It is only the mind that wants to do something, because it thinks that in the act of doing, it will become fulfilled.

Take a break from doing to meditate, and then burn even the thought of meditation. Let these words point you away from the words.

The mind thinks that more thoughts, more experience, more knowledge, more understanding will make it happy and this is a hamster wheel, because all that never ends until the mind does.

Meditation is an allowing of whatever is to arise. It is a complete acceptance of everything, which INCLUDES any resistance, KNOWING quite well you are not that resistance so it too shall pass.

You are not someone who meditates, you are not someone who is ‘in’ the present moment.

You are meditation, you are presence and you ARE NIRVANA