Imagine going out to recess on a psychedelic trip with zero thoughts of the past or the future. 

Swinging on the swing sets so high, you jump off at the peak and fly into the galaxy. 

With a Rave in the background, zero worries in the world, zero ambition because of life so utterly complete on a cellular level right now. 

No alcohol or weed needed to feel faded multiplied by infinity. 

During Kickball, you kick a home run, and instead of running around the bases you dance round the world where every step you take is a birth and a death simultaneously with no in-between. 

If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball. You can dodge a thought, dodge the past, dodge the future by watching a thought directly as it comes and watch it pass, knowing that it cannot hit you and never could. 

We get high off of drugs, alcohol, and psychedelics, not realizing that we are greatest high that there is. 

That we are far beyond any psychedelic that there is, and we just have to have the faith to see. 

Chef Curry with the pot boy yelling Kobeeeeeeee (RIP) as you drain a game-winning three imagining that you’re an NBA star who just put the finals away on a game 7 of the NBA finals. 

And then poof, you see that eternity that the eternity that is here now is far greater than anything you could imagine in the external. 

Bottom of the 9th, two on base, no outs, up by 2…SNAG you dive for fast liner down 3rd base, tag 3rd, throw to second, second to first TRIPLE PLAY GAME OVER!

Who’s on third? Is who’sonthird 

That’s the name don’t wear it out. 


You find out that you don’t have a name. You are nameless, and THAT is why you are eternal beyond all words. 

You see the joke of homework, all tests, all the information you take in, and poof that information, that homework and those IMPORTANT tests all disintegrate from the conditioning from which they came. 

And what is revealed? 


Fun without mental concepts. 

The fun of knowing who you are. 

The joy, the ecstasy of knowing who you are beyond all thought. 

Oh, when someone sets the perfect volleyball so parallel with the volleyball net, there is nothing like two people’s hands colliding directly on the volleyball at the same time and feeling the joy of a good spike. 

The joy, the sheer ecstasy of being in the moment with whatever is. 

You may have grown up. Hopefully, you didn’t. 

You can find your inner child again and keep what relative responsibilities you have. 

Come back home. 

Take a step out of psychological time, out of thinking, out of before and after.

Step into your inner child without mental concepts. 

MAKE this thoughtless awareness the foundation of your life. 

You will see, that scoring a touchdown on the first play of the Superbowl to the degree of Devin Hester will be available to you in this single holy instant….forever. 

Drift off out of mind, SMOKE the present moment with all of your breath. 

Take a hit, take a long drag of your inhale and you’re exhale. 

Be. Here. Now. 

Are these three? 

1. Be 

2. Here 

3. Now 

In words, they are, beyond words, they are one. 

You are one eternity, not many. 

Slide down the never-ending slide of being you, which is not being anything, but no-thing, and thus knowing that things don’t exist apart from a single thought. 

How can you be everything? A ‘thing’ is an idea that is made up in your mind & imagined. 

ALL is one, when you see beyond your thoughts that there are no things. 

And when you see this, you will know that recess never started, and thus it will never end.