Peace is formless and shapeless.

Peace is not a mind created idea.

Nor is it man made.

It’s not created, and there is nothing can you “do” to have it.

Uncreated, un-manifest and unborn.

Just like formlessness, peace has no characteristics, no attributes, qualities, aspects or can be quantified.

However as consciousness having a human experience what we can say about it is that…

Peace realization is the coolant for disturbance, agitation, irritation, restlessness and worry.

This is why every time countries “make peace” in war they are really saying for now we will not kill each other. But just wait…

Like a Volcano thats laying dormant but will erupt one day. The Volcano appears peaceful, but inside it’s rumbling wildly and waiting to ignite. The longer it lays dormant, the more ferocious it explodes.

To be the full embodiment of peace it does not matter what you ‘believe’, what your history is, what happened, how much money you have or how much power you have.

The world at large is caught in the dream that resources equal peace, thus we go to war over money, power, land & resources.

But explain then how some completely homeless people are at total peace? They found the miraculous aka inner wealth.

Especially the millions of sages who gave up their entire material life and realized some of the deepest peace unimaginable.

“But NO!!” the ego will conclude without a second thought and its entire survival depends on looking outward for salvation, for heaven and for glory.

Unfortunately war has to continue…

…millions of innocent lives have to be killed. (Including Children)

…The earth has to be damaged…

…Suffering has to resume…

Until further recognition of the peace that bypasses all understanding. The peace that DOES NOT take shape or form, especially and more specifically in ones own mind.

Only when there is No-Mind can there be arising presence and thus arising peace.

And what must be true for you, must also be true for the collective. Formlessness is not subjective because it’s beyond the idea of the subject/object relationship and thus beyond division.

Only when the collective can rest from the mind, rest AS formless awareness can the inner wars stop and thus the outer wars.