There are absolutely 0 words that could ever explain the true essence of what Nirvana feels like.

After all, there are no words or thoughts during a time when your entire body and the cells inside get overtaken by an electricity of energy that illuminates your entire being.


This means ecstasy, serenity, tranquility, bliss and joy are all words that cannot pinpoint the true feeling of what it means to be in the state of pure absolute inner freedom.

This is the greatest human experience in the world.

The question is, how far are you willing to go deep within yourself in order to get a glimpse of this stateless state?

Nirvana is NOT the truth, because the truth is timeless, and Nirvana is a state that will come and pass, as it’s impossible to be in a state of pure ecstasy since we live in this world of form which consists of the ups and downs of energy.

With that being said, however, experiencing Nirvana and feeling the pure freedom for even a short moment will have a significant impact on your world forever.

You will realize that it is the greatest human experience that you could ever have.

The reason why?

Because nothing in this world could give it to you.

The world cannot give something to you that you already are.

Yes, you are the direct source from which Nirvana happens. It happens when you realize the deep essence of the real you and get overtaken by this realization of you.

It can only happen from within by looking within, and because of this, it is also the most natural feeling that exists.

You heard that right, your most natural feeling is the greatest feeling in the world.

So how do you actually allow Nirvana to come in?

Well, the first thing to know is that I am the present moment. Deep inquiry within can only happen when you disidentify who you are with anything, any image and any thought in this world.

Not a SINGLE image will allow you to feel the true bliss, to let go of all images and stay in this place of neutral observation.

“There is that dimension, where there is neither earth, nor water, nor fire, nor wind; neither dimension of the infinitude of space, nor dimension of the infinitude of consciousness, nor dimension of nothingness, nor dimension of neither perception nor non-perception; neither this world, nor the next world, nor sun, nor moon. And there, I say, there is neither coming, nor going, nor staying; neither passing away nor arising: unestablished, unevolving, without support [mental object]. This, just this, is the end of stress.” – Maha Parinibbana Sutta (teachings of Buddha)

The interesting thing about this quote above is that Nirvana is the ultimate goal in Buddhism.

The essence of Buddhism is about meditation or returning from the mind and thought back here to the present moment.

And the present moment is about feeling neutral observation through your body. It’s about feeling your own existence.

It’s about letting go of the past and letting go of the future and letting the moment realize itself completely.

There is a major difference between being aware of the present moment, which is a small glimpse, and getting overtaken by the presence, which is when the glimpse turns into infinity.

You surrender your mind—thought, past, future, image, and concepts—so fully, and so deeply that existence begins to dance inside of you.

The cells of your body begin to awaken, your body will go through some serious intense energy.

In order to experience this stateless state you cannot try.

Trying means using the mind and thought to get into this experience, which cannot happen.

The moment mind comes is the moment that you will not be able to experience this freedom.

The key is to give your effortless alert attention on the silence from within.

Also don’t expect a single thing to happen inside of you or this will instantly bring the future in which will continue to block you off.

All expectations are future oriented.

Find a place to relax to the full capacity, observe the present moment neutrally and stay there without wanting ANYTHING from it.

Presence, when you originally go into it, won’t seem to give you much, but the longer you stay in presence, the deeper you allow it to be there without wanting anything from it, is when it will happen on its own accord.

The present moment is not for the sake of gaining anything but for allowing the neutral present moment to be as it is, and thus to be.

Never try to control the mind from stopping thought.

You don’t try to force yourself to breathe, you don’t force yourself to circulate your blood; they just happen, just as thoughts just happen, without you’re doing anything.

You can never control the happening; the greatest part about this, though, is that you don’t need to.

Nirvana can only hit when the absolute presence hits, and they are the same.

And because the mind cannot comprehend what it means to be aware of presence, then there is no mind to be controlled.

If thoughts do happen, don’t take them seriously, don’t follow them, use them to come back.

The main focus is observing neutral presence.

Always come back to the neutral observation, which is the gap or the space between the thoughts, and stay here.

When you have surrendered so completely and so effortlessly into the silence presence without wanting anything, you will realize Nirvana in the Now.

The question is how deep into the silent inner body are you willing to go?

Are you willing to sacrifice your entire identity for a deep neutral awareness?

Are you willing to sacrifice everything you think you know, or think about?

The point inside of a deep silence is to know no-thing.

What you know right now is nothing; nothing is what you know.

This is the paradox because it’s only the mind that labels things.

But when you observe without judgment and you stare at an object, it no longer becomes what your mind calls it, but it becomes no-thing.

The mind, thought or emotion cannot give you Nirvana.

Nirvana can only feel itself through its own intense feeling aware presence.

Also, if you sit down to meditate, which is the conscious effort to go deep into the conscious presence, sit down with the end in mind.

Not as in the end of your meditation, but the end as if you were to reach a complete death.

The thought of what am I going to do after comes to an end.The thought of what are my errands today or tonight ends.

People think that there is an after the moment, which is why presence doesn’t hit like a tsunami.

“Nothing happens next; this is it.” – Zen Saying

So bring it to your mind….

This is it, complete stop, the end.

So why not surrender to the peak knowing that we only have one lifetime.

In order to experience the peak state, it requires your peak state of surrender, the peak state of letting go, your peak state of non-resistance— all this has to happen.

How do we let it happen?

Observation, observation is what is, and what is allows the suchness of this moment.

When it allows it so fully, then thoughts will stop happening on their own.

Why not experience the greatest human experience possible?

Don’t ask the mind this question, ask your being; your being wants to know its timeless self through this physical world.

Let it happen spontaneously wherever you are without planning for it.

Don’t try to make it happen.

Let it happen.