Do you get a bad feeling in your stomach when consider your own death?

Have you ever questioned why you get this bad feeling?

You probably have these bad feelings in your stomach and you will completely understand when you generally know how society works.

You go to a funeral and a dead body is lying there and is caked in makeup to the point where they look like an entirely different person, everyone is weeping, some are suffering to the point of no control.

Have you ever learned about the topic of death going to school?

The fact is this is rhetorical question. 

The obvious answer is no. Nobody wants to talk about death because it makes them really uncomfortable to think about their death.

Society wants to hide death, as if it’s a bad thing and should not be discussed.

Well this uncomfortable feeling goes back centuries from the beginning of time so it’s not abnormal to think this way, or to feel uncomfortable, as it’s been hardwired in the brain.

However, just because you feel uncomfortable at the thought of death does not mean that death awareness should not enter into your consciousness.

Instead of looking at death as a negative phenomenon, we should begin to look at it in a new light, in a refreshing outlook.

Our purpose on this planet begins when we stop relying on opinions, perspectives and outlooks.

The most concrete thing on this planet, which isn’t really a thing, is this very breath.

Not simply just breathing, which is already happening, but being aware of it.

What being aware of the breath means is that it slows down the mind, it stops the thinking, and wham, you’re aware of the present moment.

Being aware of the present moment is a direct reflection of human consciousness.

Expanding human consciousness or awakening to the inward reality, is the most concrete purpose because NO MATTER what you think about, no matter your perspective, outlook, or opinion it all happens from right here and it can only happen as a result of your breath.

By expanding your consciousness, you will then maximize your situational and circumstantial experience.

Your life experience will magnify as a result of being more alive through expanded aware of consciousness.

You will get the peak, the capacity, the maximum out of each and every breath.

And as Prince EA says…

“Make each breath count.”

Well, unless death awareness hits your consciousness in a new light, you will be held back from expanding consciousness, from the highest experiences possible.

The Different Forms of Death

When you think of death, you think of physically dying off of this planet, dissolving from this world we call earth.

Well that’s certainly one version, but actually you can experience death in many ways not just from a physical standpoint.

There are two different specific ways of dying: the most obvious one is physically dying where your body no longer exists, and then there is the psychological death.

Psychological Death

Psychological in many scientific terms refers to the mind and to thinking. The mind creates the way that we see the world; everything we perceive and interpret is happening through the way that our mind functions.

As we begin to expand our consciousness, we will begin to expand our perception and our interpretation, and thus experience the world to a greater more peaceful, more joyful degree.

There are a few very basic principles that the mind has created that one must see through in order to experience the peak of life.

And seeing through means to come to the death of each from a psychological standpoint.

#1. People

As do most humans, we have family and friends that we love and cherish dearly. You need to understand that just as you are inevitably going to die so too are the ones that you care for.

This is not negative, it’s a fact, we think that it’s negative from the conditioning.

What’s the point of considering the death awareness of the people that you love?

It’s to increase the intensity with which you care, with which you are compassionate with those very same relationships.

Knowing that at any moment in time either you or a relationship you have is going to pass is a great way to put the relationships you have in perspective.

Death does not care about grudges; when it’s ready for someone, they are going to go regardless, so keep this in mind with the grudges that you currently have.

Rather, try to let go of grudges, try to see through the mind that created them to begin with.

What if your last words to that person were hateful and they passed and you never got to see them again?

How do you currently treat the people that are in your life on a regular basis?

Do you treat them with love, compassion, grace and tenderness?

Death awareness of the people that you care for the most will intensify the heart that you share with that person on an everyday basis.

Just remember that, no matter what people do or say, that eventually we are all going to rot under the ground and turn to dust.

2. Objects

Consider all of the materials that you have in your life:. your phone, your TV, your car, your boat—anything else that you value.

Regarding the materials you have in your life, you may think or say…

“I worked hard, put in a lot sweat equity to obtain said material, and that’s why I’m proud of it.”

The value that we put on materials, the shiny objects that we so cherish, comes down to wants and being able to show them to our friends, family and people we don’t even know, because the root of it is wanting to be accepted.

And being proud of ourselves is also wanting to accept ourselves as a result of what we have done.

We equate acceptance with love, which is one of the biggest illusions that we have created for ourselves.

People will never truly love you for what you own, they will care for you because of who you are, in the perceivable sense of course.

From a psychological standpoint, the materials we have means that we have found a nice comfortable spot within society.

It means that our life has meaning, but deeply buried within is the need for acceptance, which equals pain and sometimes suffering.

When people go out to buy materials for acceptance, or are terrified at the thought of losing materials that they currently own for acceptance, that material now owns them.

In fact, if you are attached to any material in your life, you cannot really appreciate that material because you will always be afraid to death of losing it.

This is not about having any materials or nice ones at that, it’s about having fun with them, but not needing them to complete you, to give you a higher status or value and acceptance.

It’s about having them for the pure fun of it with non-attachment.

This death is to that idea that materials have any concrete value, in the absolute sense, you are love, freedom and fulfillment.

3. Beliefs

“For we can only know that we know nothing, and a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.” –Zhaungzi

Beliefs are thoughts that we believe to be based on absolute reality. This means we go throughout our life believing something to be absolutely true with never a second thought about whether it’s simply an outlook, perspective or an opinion.

If you believe something to be a fact, then why would you ever question it again?

It’s our very beliefs that cause us the most pain, and they turn to suffering when we believe them to be absolute reality.

Truth is the only thing that can liberate, not our beliefs about what is true or not.

The best way out the current belief system that you have is to question your thoughts.

This questioning is the death and expiration date of some beliefs that have been hurting you.

Do I know for sure that what I think is based on absolute reality?

Some illusions that your mind has created will be stronger than others, and sometimes you will find out that a lot of your thinking is not factual based and this will allow you to reach new levels of awareness and enjoy more enriching life experience.

The death is the continuous dying of old belief systems to get to closer and closer to absolute reality.

4. Self-Image

A self-image is similar to a personality, or the way that you see yourself relative to society.

Society has made it difficult for us because everyone expects us to act, behave and think a certain way depending on the certain environment that we are in.

This is why you develop a self-image based on the culture that you live in, because without it you would not be socially accepted.

The self-image comes back to being socially accepted, so you develop this personality that people will like, in order to feel better about yourself.

“Personality comes from the Greek word persona, which means mask, not real.” – Prince EA

What you are trying to develop is a mask and it’s not a real version of who you are.

Until you keep peeling off the layers of this mask, you will continue to be in pain and suffering and not realize why.

The death is that you are dying to the self-image, concept, personality, and illusory idea of who you are.

This death happens in this instant, as the movement of mind comes to a complete stop, and the real you is realized as a pure neutral watching.

5. Time

Unless you truly understand that time does not exist, you cannot lose your false identification with it.

Many equate their history, their mind made up story with who they truly are.

And if most people don’t feel like they are enough in this moment, because of what happened in the past, then they look to a future moment to complete them.

Rewinding back to beliefs, there are four core beliefs that are causing you pain: that time exists absolutely, that who I am is the mind, which creates the belief that the past is who I am, and that the future will make my self-image into more.

The mind creates time as a measurement towards death and is also afraid of death, it creates what it is afraid of so that it can stay alive by thinking about it.

And the mind can only make itself feel more significant when it identifies with past and future.

It is only in your neutral awareness of being here in which the mind has come to its death.

If you are thinking whether the mind comes back after its death in this moment, your mind is already in the future, let the mind comes to its complete death just for this moment.

Rather than creating another mind made identity by believing who you are is the present moment, simply let the mind die and then you will know.

The reason that you will know is because the entire mind made concept of “who” is also going away. Then “who” does not matter because all knowing will appear.

Cease to label what/who you are in any way, shape or form. Way, shape and form are literal because what you are is formless, (shapeless) which is ultimately free from labels.

When the mind has come to its death, then there isn’t anything, because things are labels.

6. The Belief That Life and Death Are Opposites

Many people believe that life and death are opposites, commonly, you have life and then eventually you come to its opposite which is death.

However, if you take a closer look you will see that the moment you are born physically you are subject to physical death, but being born physically is not life.

Many people confuse their life situations, their mind made stories from the past to be their life.

This, of course, stems from the root that they belies their self to be mind, which creates the mind made past as an identity.

However, your life situation (your past and your future) is not life itself. Life itself is the eternal life that all the situations or circumstances happen from within.

Life, though, is not affected in any way by what happens as the way that your mind is perceiving it.

You are born and then you die, but life will remain. It was here prior to your mind/body, and it will be here after your mind/body.

This sounds like a belief, but life itself is beyond beliefs, which is why it cannot be.

The present moment, that you are find yourself aware of, is life. You don’t need to believe anything to be here, or to be aware of here.

If here exists no matter what you’re doing, then it does not rely on the past/future as your mind interprets them. And if it is here regardless of time, it is timeless.

The death is that you’re dying to the belief that I have a life, I own a life and that who I am IS LIFE. And that life is not separate from who I AM.

7. Revealing You (Presence)

As death acceptance fully penetrates, then conscious presence will continue to be revealed to you.

Once you have fully felt that you are not the mind, which means you will be dying to your previous identification then presence (You) will become aware of itself.

Consciousness is another way of saying conscious awareness; it means that awareness has become conscious of itself. You have realized who you are and that this you

is aware that you are.

And the only way that consciousness can become aware of itself is when all forms (thoughts, body, emotions, materials) have died in this very instant.

8. In The Face of Death

Let’s face it, in the face of death awareness, when you have fully accepted that physical death is a part of physical life, you start to look at the world in a different manner, which makes physical life rich.

“The most important thing is to find out what is the most important thing.” – Shunryu Susuki

Knowing that we are going to die from this planet is the best way to find out what IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING. 

This allows you to cycle and sort through everything that is false or unnecessary.

You will always come back to that NOW is the most important thing, but this can certainly apply to the life and world of form as well.

Just because you are conscious aware presence does not mean that things lose their importance in this world, they just lose ABSOLUTE importance as you no longer think that they are you.

It is only from right here and right now that you will spontaneously live your life, effortlessly and in full communion with life.

Death awareness reveals the totality of you, here.