I was speaking with someone in the gym the other day, and he was discussing something that he had learned in college, and how he values life. 

He had mentioned 3 things, 

#1. Self-Mastery 
#2. Having your loved ones. 

But I cannot remember the 3rd one because the number 2 really stuck with me. I’ve been into “spirituality,” if that’s what you would like to call it, for about 3 years now. 

I have read several new age books, and countless  other spiritual books, read thousands and thousands of quotes in the new age section. 

And a word that I  kept coming across over and over again was the word “love,” 

This is word, regardless of what you’re interested in, is a universal word used by many. 

Now, a lot of spiritual sages, that I have read, would say things like 

Love is infinity…

Love is eternity…

Love is undefinable….

Love is immeasurable…

Love exists in an infinite amount of dimensions…

So then… 

Rewinding back to what he said regarding #2 which was “Having loved ones.” 

Hold one single hot minute? 

Let’s look at both the logical aspects and the less logical aspects of love and how it is used amongst today… 

Generally speaking, love is used today as a verb (something you do) as a result of having a deep care and or affection for another person or animal, or lifeform.  

Kind of ironic how we could use the word love for a thing/object we care about…

Examples of this would look like…

“I love my new stereo!” 

“I love my clothes!” 

“I love my new presents.” 

Then on the other hand, when you have fallen for someone to the point where your emotional energy charge has a huge undeniable spark in it whenever thoughts appear regarding that person. 

How this looks…

“I have fallen in love with him or her.” 

In fact, I am currently writing this article with just that in mind, someone I have feelings for, BUT I refuse to call those feelings love anymore, but before we dive into why that it is, let’s dive into the less illogical love.

What spiritual sages would call “Immeasurable love” 

Immeasurable love is infinite, eternal and undefinable. 

So then….!

If I say “I love that person.” 

If love is indefinable…

Then how can love not exist as absolutely everything? 

If love is indefinable…

How can I pick and choose whom I choose to love or not love? 

This is where the human mind in nature cannot understand the TRUE depth of what real love is… 


So what I told that guy at the gym was this, not verbatim but along these lines…

“Your love for your loved ones now needs to expand into the infinite.”

What I meant by that was the intimacy he has with all things. 

See, it’s easy to be intimate with your flesh and blood. 

It’s easy to be intimate with your friends. 

It’s easy to be intimate with your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife. 

But this is conditional intimacy. 

What is intimacy? 

It means that you have given your entire being to this very present moment, no matter how that looks situationally or circumstantially, no matter who comes in and out of this present moment.

This doesn’t mean you need to like everyone and everything, it means that no longer do you take your likes and dislikes so seriously, so that love can blossom. 

“I speak to everyone in the same way, whether he is the garbage man or the president of the university.” – Albert Einstein 

The context of this quote, according to intimacy with the whole, was that Albert Einstein was no more or no less special than the garbage man or the president of the university. 

This also includes anyone who you may look up to, be that a pop star, movie star, musician, dance artist, sports player, no matter which human being it maybe. 

The common thread is no matter what religion, race, back ground, ethnicity, heritage you come from, the human, the whole is common denominator.

So back to why I choose to say that I don’t love anyone, I haven’t fallen “In love” with anyone, nor will I ever. 

Because having deep feelings for someone is measurable, it is finite. 

Caring deeply for someone is measureable, finite. 

Really liking an object/experience/place or thing is measurable. 

It does not mean that your deep feelings for someone will not FEEL infinite, will not FEEL immeasurable. But it still is, because it’s limited to a part amongst the whole. 

And on top of all that, those are definitions, WORDS can be defined. 

But LOVE, love is so infinitely infinite, so eternally eternal, that all those things including liking someone, caring unfathomably deeply, all exists WITHIN love which is… 

Is what? Nothing, just….is. 

Love is also not something you can do. 


Because with doing, there is also its counterpart not doing. 

So if you can love, then you also not choose to love. 

And because love is immeasurable and infinite, it is not boxed in so tightly with our labels, our mind judgments to think that we could ever choose whether we can love or not love. 

So what does this have to do with intimacy? 

Intimacy happens when you realize that whatever love is infinitely and eternally mysterious….

“I am that” – Nisargadatta Maharaj

Whatever…I am, which I don’t know, I cannot know by thinking about it, it is precisely that not knowing through thoughtless observation…. that I am. 

A lot of people say the mind is unlimited. The mind is unlimited in its ability to be used, it’s limited however in that it cannot comprehend the infinite. 

It is only by knowing the infinite, that the finite mind can be used infinitely. 

You cannot actually know what love is by thinking about it. 

It is the NOT KNOWING in which you come to know that you can know nothing ‘about’ love. 

The ego wants to box in love so that it can take sole, singular possession.

But love doesn’t just exist beyond as the whole, it exists so beyond our perception, comprehension, that it in order to know what Love is ABSOLUTELY, we would have had to be born into this world without a mind. 

This is the paradox though, where I say 6+7 equals 13, and you say “no, that’s wrong, 10 + 3 does.”

And I say we are both right and both wrong, we are both right logically because both equal 13, and we are both wrong because addition is a made up, it doesn’t actually have a physical existence that we can box in. 

The paradox is this. 

What is it that knows the not knowing? 

There must being something deep in the body to know when the mind, when thought does not know. 

Whatever that is, which words cannot know, that is love, and by knowing that, the most absolute, the purest, deepest intimacy is born into the physical. 

When does that happen? 

When can that only happen? 

That knowing of love, that knowing of not knowing can only happen right now. In order for love to be realized it must not be confined within the limits of clock or linear time. 

For that love to be eternal, it must be timeless, not a mind idea, not a mind concept, and especially not something to contemplate, concentrate or focus on. 

It’s a realization, it’s a penetration out of psychological time. 

Born out of this purely natural born love is intimacy with the whole. Knowing that this love is infinite and eternally it cannot be affected in the least bit. 

Nothing can threaten whatever it is, because first it would have to be defined. 

Definitions are only for the mind. 

Being that this love that you are, again…whatever it is… 

You can finally have confessions….

My mind, my body, I still judge, I still label, I still put others down, I still hate on some occasions, well how could I be preaching this if I still do the unconditional opposite? 

Because love is still unaffected, and the human mind judges in nature, so when I say “I” do these things, not who I am in the absolute sense, which is unaffected. 

What happens is the mind will continue to judge, but because love is known in the unknown beyond the mind, it won’t have nearly as much of a grip on you as in the past. 

And what do we know about love? 

It is timeless, so just for that reason it won’t have gripped you as long, because it will lessen and lessen in the now. 

You don’t have to worry about being perfect, because you already are in the absolute sense. However, with the human mind, it is existing in its imperfection so that love can have fun, through you. 

Imagine if the world was perfect according to the way the mind sees it? 

How would we be able to experience joy without first experiencing pain, and then where would any meaning in this world come from? 

If the mind were perfect, then it would be like practically being nonexistent. If the world of form were perfect in every sense, then the world would be like practically being non-existent, especially because the term perfect is made up. 

The word love is made up. So, how can we even begin to think that we know what something is, based on a word that is made up? 

All words for that matter are made up, from people who are dead. 

So then? 

What is the absolute most basic form of love in this physical reality? 

Intimacy, but not with just people who you care about but with the whole, the universe, with infinity and with eternity.  

Intimacy with the whole can bloom through you, when the mind stops, when psychological time stops, right now.