Albert Einstein one of the greatest minds ever known to man, was famous for his scientific research, most notable The Theory of Relativity. And yet, Einstein was much deeper than just his scientific ideas.

Let’s take a look at what Prince EA had to say…

“A calm and modest life brings more happiness combined with constant restlessness.” – Albert Einstein

“A calm and modest life brings more happiness than the constant pursuit of success combined with constant restlessness.” – Albert Einstein


“A peaceful mind and a peaceful life is the key to happiness.”

And Prince continued to breakdown why Albert Einstein’s message was absolutely correct.

“This goes against many of our ideas about happiness in our society. They constantly tell us you have to get this and get that and strive if you want to be happy.” – Prince EA

“Say I wanted these new shoes, these new Jordan’s. I crave these shoes I needed them. I started comparing my old Nikes to these new J’s. I started seeing everyone wearing them. I was miserable. And then one day I finally got em. And I was so happy!

 Now the question is Did the J’s make me happy or was it the release or was it the release from the craving of the J’s that made me happy?

It was the RELEASE, there’s nothing in Jordan’s that can make you happy.” – Prince EA

“We often think that it’s shoes, that awards, that accolades can make us happy.”

But actor Jim Carrey said that

“I wish everybody could be rich and famous so that they can see for themselves. That, that’s not the answer.”

 “So let’s take note of the wisdom from the great Albert Einstein. Let’s stop and smell the roses and try to live a calm and modest life. That is…. if you want to be happy.” – Prince EA

Now let’s pause the breaks really quick.

Prince had mentioned an interesting word when discussing happiness. He said, “This goes against many of our ideas about happiness.”

This is a very interesting word here, idea about what happiness is.

Ideas in and of themselves are left open for interpretation though.

And idea can be my perspective, outlook, notion and impression about such phenomena.

Let’s take a look Merriam-Webster’s version…

Let’s start with B.

“A pleasurable or satisfying experience.”

Now most look at being happy as a pleasurable experience, which to my feeling is very well true.

And although being happy does exist, happiness does not.

Happiness implies that being in a happy state is sustainable.

If we came to this conclusion, however, that would be like saying you could be in a pleasurable experience 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

This is just not the case, however; we live in the world of opposites. In fact, if it were not for our down moments, our lower energies, then we would not be able to experience the opposite, which is the pleasurable experiences.

The passing of time is a constant, which means NO MATTER what experience you’re going through it will pass.

When you’re happy, you will eventually become sad, mad, angry and irritated. And likewise, when you’re sad, mad, or angry, this too will pass and eventually become happy.

There does exist a certain dimension, a certain foundation of emotional wellness in one person to the next.

Some go through more pain than others and some are happy more often than others.

In fact, there are a lot of happy people in this life, but in comes the next phase of emotional intelligence and that is a direct reflection of the state of consciousness.

What happens as you expand consciousness is you go from simply being happy to being free.

What Albert Einstein and Prince EA were suggesting was a much deeper, more stable, balanced and composed feeling of emotional wellness that of internal peace.

You may not get the rush of energy from peace as you do with an extreme level of feeling happy, but you will also not get the extreme rush of energy from hitting the equal opposite low of happiness which is suffering as often.

This is where I fully feel in aligned with 2 A: of this statement.

The state of well being and contentment.

The challenge here though is that our ideas about contentment and well being are what keep us from actually feeling this state fully.

Just as with being happy from our experiences, we pick and choose the times in our life to be grateful, and all experiences are illusory because of the fact that this will pass.

It is not a philosophy that time stops in this physical world, it is a cold hard fact.

When we have a pleasurable experience and correlate that directly with happiness, then what we are saying is that we can only be happy or contented in a pleasurable experience.

Well this, my friends, is why we are stuck in time.

Being that happy experiences will pass, then so will our state of happy go with it.

Then, when we are in the state of emotional pain, stress, anxiety and concern, we want to do everything we can to escape that experience and feel the pleasure again.

But because the present moment is the only thing that you ever have, and will ever have, regardless of what the time clock says, you can only look to the future.

And being that the future is, and ONLY is, a mind projected thought, you can only look to the mind for your freedom.

But because a single thought, no matter how seemingly freeing, cannot fulfill you, then you are stuck in an illusion that…

Some future experience is going to set you free of your pain by thinking about it, that the thought itself will get you there faster.

It is true that gratitude and contentment may not make you feel amazing all the time but they will free you.

The challenge is, it’s not about gratitude for any particular thing that you’re perceiving with the mind outside of you but for everything as it pertains to observing presence.

It is only your inner awareness of…

The awareness of the inner body energy that feels its own aliveness in this moment

We think that the present moment is a part of time; this itself is the unconsciousness.

When this inner body energy that feels it’s presence, this breath that allows you to exist in presence as presence, then you know it does not rely on what the time clock says.

The time clock is ONLY a measurement of before and after but will never know the immeasurable feeling of presence.

What Prince EA is saying is when he says it wasn’t the shoes that made us happy; it was the release of the craving for the shoes that made us happy.

This solidifies what The Buddha meant about

“All suffering is caused by desire.”

This is because all desire is a projection of future oriented achievements and acquirements. This projection of course is unconscious because the internal awareness does not yet know that that the present moment is the only pathless path to liberation, freedom and serenity.

Now just for clarity…

“The Buddha never intended to make desire itself the problem. When he said craving causes suffering, he was referring not to our natural inclination as living beings to have wants and needs, but to our habit of clinging to experience that must, by nature pass away.” – Tara Brach

Of course as humans we must desire food and water for our survival, so for those very reasons we must “use” the mind to project to the future somewhat.

There is an extremely fine line between using the future and used so intensely by the future that you become puppetized and dazed by it.

So in reference to Prince’s version of Jordan’s it was never the J’s that made you happy, it was when you finally got them into your hands you were no longer projecting and finally somewhat in the present moment.

It was the constant craving and projecting that was always causing you the suffering and pain of not the having the object of your desire in your hands.

But because the J’s in and of themselves could not fulfill you then the habitual projecting came right back into play and thus began suffering.

So back to why happiness does not exist.

When you find the present moment awareness in you that doesn’t leave, then what you will find is a pure contentment, a pure gratitude as your core nature.

The more the mind surrenders to the fact that pleasurable experiences, materials and thought cannot fulfill you then it will begin to start letting down the walls of resistance and letting presence hit you, and what will happen is not always the state of being happy but a very solid foundation of peace.

Because we cannot be in the constant state of being happy, happiness does not exist.
Happiness doesn’t exist but Joy does!

“Joy is vibrantly alive peace.” – Eckhart Tolle

Peace is content regardless of what situation you are in or are going through; it is much more stable.

What happens when you do experience a pleasurable experience is that peace and being happy meet, creating joy.

The reason that joy happens is that we know the amazing experience will not last so we are not attached to it; we don’t try to hold onto, grip and keep the experience with us creating true genuine and sincere joy.

Our fulfillment no longer relies on being in the state of pleasure so we can experience these moments to a much greater extent.

Now the more consistent you surrender to the fact that presence is the key to liberation, the more intense your peace will be.

There are intensity levels of inner freedom.

Now how does it look when you have mastered this awareness?

Imagine you have food, water and shelter taken care of you and your loved ones for the rest of your life lives no questions asked.

And a Genie comes along and grants you 3 wishes.

You can choose all the power, fame and fortune in the world. But you decline all 3 wishes without a second thought because you don’t want or desire anything.

Well why would you not want or desire any of these world treasures?

Because life is perfect right where you are.

And this is true whether you are struggling financially or with a breakup in a relationship or when you are in the state of suffering; you want nothing else but to be here and feel it fully because it is in this particular present moment.

“If you could be the architect of your ideal life, it would not compare to the life that is unfolding as perceived in a pure heart.” – Mooji

When your inner awareness melts through all of the unnecessary suffering you come to knowing yourself AS GRATITUDE and AS JOY simply by knowing yourself AS THE FEELING OF THIS PRESENT MOMENT. 

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