Do you have trouble forgiving certain situations, circumstances and actions that have happened in the past?

No matter how short or long ago the past seems, it could have been 2 minutes ago and it seems almost impossible to let it go.

No matter who you are, everyone has suffered from something that has happened or not happened in their life.

And the reason why it’s hard to let go of your past is not for the reason that you think.

You think it’s because of what happened to “me” was so detrimental that “I will never be able to let it go.”

The truth is that you are trying to let go of something that is impossible to let go of by thinking about it.

This is why it is not what happened to you that you want to let go of, but to let go of what continues to keep the past alive.

The mind.

It is only in the mind that you see the past; after all it is only the mind that creates the past.

The sticky situation is that there is such a fine line to distinguish between the situations that harmed you, which continues to linger, and the ones that harmed you, but taught you the lessons you needed to know.

In other words, we need memory; in fact it is impossible while you have a human mind to get rid of memory.

Memory is one half of what keeps us alive on this planet.

However, what most people don’t realize is that you need less memory than you think.

Memory is needed for survival, yes, but survival is something that as survival creatures, we will never let go of, or need to.

A great deal of memory is not needed; it is because we think that in order to survive we need to hold onto as much of the past as we can.

The ego is consciousness of what you are, that is stuck in and knows nothing but the past.

It is only the ego that thinks we need every bit of memory, because that keeps the ego alive, which is its number one mission.

There are two specific reasons why you cannot let go of the past by thinking about it.

#1. You think that your life situation and circumstance is completely you’re doing

This is a biased outlook because it neglects the infinitely many things going on on the planet that led you to where you are situationally in the moment.

So your situation or circumstance is not completely you’re doing, but a part of the entire world situation.

#2. Everything you look at in terms of your situation is a distorted views of the past.

You think you’re looking at your present moment situation through the eyes of presence, but all interpretation is built based on past experience, which means you’re looking at a neutral reality, or the feeling awareness that I am here, AS a situation.

Because, in this moment, in the true conscious awareness of this moment, there lies no such thing as a situation or a circumstance.

So, thinking that you can think about your past and let it go is why you continue to be stuck there, when in the absolute reality, you are right here.

So, your past had an INFINITE number of factors which played a role in what happened to you, for you to ever truly be able to understand it.

And the mind created past, or the mind is far too complex for just your mind to truly be able to understand.

The amazing thing about this, is that in order to be internally free, you don’t have to.

You just have to understand that there is a certain dysfunction going on inside the mind.

This is not a bad thing, but it has created a great deal of emotional suffering.

So what is this dysfunction?

The past that you are trying to let go of is created by the mind.

The mind, in its very nature, is time bound; this is the dysfunction itself.

Forgiveness means giving up all hope of a better past. – Jack Kornfield

Here is the amazing thing about the past, you don’t even need the past to be better than it was in order to be TRULY free in this moment right now.

There is only one way to be free of the past, and that’s to be free from the mind or thought.

To be fully aware that who you truly are is right here.

This means that your mind has also created the image of who you are from every one of your past experiences.

You think that you have been shaped by the past.

Here are a few misleading quotes.

“Who we are in the present includes who we were in the past.” ― Mister Fred Rodgers

“Your past doesn’t define you. It helps shape you.” – Joseph Lalonde

These sentences seem inspirational from the surface level.

After all, we are constantly bombarded with people telling us that our past sufferings in life have made us stronger.

Then you begin to cherish your past struggles, and YOU WONDER why the past is so hard to let go of.

The first statement is misleading because who you are in the present moment is the absent of ALL PAST.

Because even in the “past” it was still the same present moment that you are in now.

Even in the “past” created mind, you still are.

The second statement is false because who you are is shapeless, formless, ungraspable.

There is one way to sum this all up, why you cannot let go of your past down to root core.

You (consciousness) still thinks that who you are is this self-image in the absolute sense.

This means that who you are in the absolute sense is the inner awareness that I am, or I am here.

The moment you are in now, which is not a situation or circumstance, is the same moment you will be in absolutely, even when you get done reading this.

So what does this mean then?

Does this mean that your mind will not be affected by the traumatic experiences ever again?

Of course not.

You still have a mind. You have to use the mind if you want to continue surviving.

Which means the mind will always be subjected to and affected in some, way, shape, form or fashion.

What else does this mean?

That simply by being in the present moment you will never have to deal with your past again?

This is absolutely correct.

That feels like a contradictory statement, and this is why.

When you are fully in the present moment, fully aware of your inner awareness that I am then the mind does not exist, which means the past no longer exists.

You say….

“But I cannot be in the present moment 24/7.”

This is true, the mind cannot be in present moment 24/7, because it cannot be in the moment ever.

By simply being aware of who you are in the absolute sense, which is now then the past will have significant less damage on the way that it affects you.

Which means, yes, we live in world with a mind, but the more we bring a higher state of consciousness into our world, then the more enjoyable it will be.

Everything in your past, which was now, was always neutral from beyond the mind, you were just interpreting it mentally.

You are labeling the moment as a situation when in reality, it is not.

How could your mind actually see the present moment when an infinite amount of things in this world are going on?

The obvious answer is that it cannot.

We label reality good or bad through a very small lens and if it’s good we experience pleasure and if it’s bad, we experience pain, but both are illusory time based.

Are pleasure and pain bad?

Of course not, they are a natural way we experience this world because of the physical reality of mind.

Can pleasure and pain cause a great deal more of suffering then needed?

Suffering is only needed to the degree which allows a higher consciousness into your life, and then, because it’s no longer needed anymore, it goes away.

So, going forward, don’t try to let go of your past; trying means thinking about it.

You cannot try to let go of anything.

Just allow the impulse of pain from your past to be the portal into the now.

Trillions of different pieces of information are being perceived throughout every day and anyone of them can trigger a bad past experience.

These thoughts of a harsh past happen on their own,; the conscious you does not seek them out.

You would never intentionally cause yourself harm, if conscious.

So, letting go means letting go that the past is who you are, that the mind is who you are.

And when you find out who you are not, then the real you can observe itself.