“Over 7 billion human beings are walking on the face of the earth today, and almost all of us firmly believe in a false identity.” – Mooji

Does it ever feel like situations; circumstances or people are always just a little bit out of place?

Does it feel like things are always a little imperfect, lacking, annoying or irritating?

It like that of a fly, everyone at some point in their life has been annoyed by a fly at least once, and yet, it seems like there is a fly buzzing around you in terms of your situation always being lacking.

It’s like every time something seems to go right, something wrong is always waiting right around the corner for you, so you never really get to fully enjoy the things that are going right, because you’re just waiting on that crash to take place.

And chances are you feel like it’s the lack of money, relationship problems, family, not enough time, physical health issues, political issues and/or all of the above.

In fact, sometimes life seems so bad that not only is it an irritation, there is a whole swarm of flies, bees, gnats everywhere around you biting at you, and life could not get any worse.

Well, I’m here today to offer you an awareness level that is going to be the flycatcher of sorts for this constant level of irritation that you feel roaming around every corner you turn.

Well, to put it bluntly, it is this. You have been fully, firmly gripped by a false belief about “who” you are.

That’s it!

The root of all irritation and suffering is that we are stuck in the false belief about who we are as a person.

A belief is something we feel which is confirmed by our repetitive thought patterns. And if the strength of that thought pattern is so strong that we would never think to question it.

Take from Mooji

“It’s very difficult to dismiss something that we feel to be unquestionably true. Our belief in this apparition is coursing through our veins.”

Most human beings have believed in this false identification of who we are.

“The very air we breathe is thick with this identification.” – Mooji

So what Mooji is saying here about the air we breathe is confirming this irritation that continues to follow us no matter where we go, what do we do, what we achieve doesn’t matter.

I want you to accept this fully, intensely through your body for a second.

Do you want to know what that real irritation, that real suffering stems from?

It is your interpretation of how reality “should be,” NOT the way reality actually is.

But, here is the key, it’s not about completely rewiring your interpretation, it’s about the understanding that  the interpretation in itself is limited.

Here is why.

“No two people see the same tree.” – Prince EA

No two people on this planet interpret or perceive the physical world in the exact same way. Knowing this, whose perception is the real one?

The point is, there is no one perception that is the real one.

There is only one way to transcend this limitation of interpretation and that is first to know that a spell has been cast upon you and this spell is the COMPLETE CERTAINTY about who I am.

In order to break this spell, you must know that who you are in the most absolute sense is the one who observes the interpretation.

And who observes the interpretation is not a who or a what, but the sensory perception that I exist because I can feel the inner body energy in this moment, as this moment.

Losing the false identity does not mean that you are taking up another identity; it means not having an identity whatsoever.

The neutral observing IS YOU.

When you are deep into this feeling sensation through your body, there will not be any mind left to tell you who you are, there will not be any mind left to tell what you are.

Who and what are both objects that are created from the mind.

When you identify with a who or a what then that irritation will be buzzing with you no matter what you are doing.

Some of you have idols (for example, some could be millionaires, some could be worldly powerful, some could be absolutely stunningly physically attractive, some could have huge positive influence, a trillion Instagram followers, actors, actresses, famous pop stars) and YET, if these icons that society has put on a pedestal have falsely identified themselves with the mind, a who or a what, then this irritation will follow them, no less then it follows you or has followed you.

Here is why.

The irritation and the suffering that we face are because we are stuck in time, as in past and future.

This is the natural happening from misidentifying who you are; these complete false identities can only find themselves through past and future.

That famous pop star who’s making a million dollars a month if he or she identifies themselves in the ABSOLUTE SENSE as someone who is a pop star who people look up to, then they too go through this irritation, this sense of lack.

This is not in any way, shape or form tearing anyone down. I think it’s amazing what people accomplish in this life; I know you can experience this world in any way that holds true to your heart without having to worry about suffering.

The suffering doesn’t happen on the level of doing though, it happens on the level of consciousness.

And your state of consciousness is a direct reflection of who in the absolute sense you take yourself to be.

Once you disidentify who you are with the mind, with the who then rather than irritation following you, fulfillment will follow you, joy will follow, bliss, serenity will follow you and it will be a complete substitution from suffering to peace, from pain to joy.

Realizing who you are cannot happen in time, it can only happen in the present moment, and fulfillment or PURE unconditional gratitude can only happen in pure self-realization.

But because these false identities, that we have so believed in rely on time (past/future), can never be found because past and future don’t exist from the standpoint that existence is, the truth is, then you will always look to the past to know yourself, which is imagined.

Imagination is only in the mind as a memory or projection, it is not reality because reality is.

Because past is not the absolute reality, it doesn’t fulfill you; then you will look to the future in the hopes that it is there, in that person, place, thing or object that will give you your THIRST, CRAVING and YEARNING for fulfillment.
Oh, and the future too is also imagined.

So there you have it, this false sense of self, this self-image, self-perception is all in your imagination.

Then because of this imagined self you’re left with the sense of lack, thus the irritation, thus the suffering.

“The greatest healing is to be the Self. Until we become aware of the Self, we are suffering from a kind of mental illness. We are wondering around lost.” – Mooji

How to move forward?

Having a self-image is still a part of the play of consciousness, and because we still live in this world of physicality, we now use this image simply as a communication tool with other humans and life forms.

Moving forward, we will continue to use past and future as guidance tools in order for our survival.

Moving forward we will still be able continue to strive for being a pop star, acquiring $100,000 a month, owning a mansion, owning a Lamborghini, if we so choose, we just do this stuff with the knowing that we don’t NEED it for our fulfillment because our fulfillment can only happen NOW through the self-realization that can only happen NOW.

Not a single person on this planet can tell you “how to live” in terms of your general lifestyle; that will be born naturally, effortlessly and spontaneously out of pure isness self-realization.