Change The World!

If you are an entrepreneur or have been in the space of self-help, personal development and/or marketing, then it’s close to impossible to not have heard the words:

Change The World!

I’ve been on this Personal growth journey for about 4 years now and in the personal growth niche everyone says or wants to change the world in some way or another.

There is an interesting paradox going on with that sentence. It’s that it is impossible to not change the world just by being alive.

The only reason you believe you aren’t making a difference is because you think you’re too small compared to how big the world is, when, in fact ,you’re not separate from the whole, you are a part of it.

Being that you are part of the whole it is impossible for you not to make impact on the world just by being alive.

Now there is a key reason I said impact. And that is because people believe we actually have to do something in order for the world to change. But the fact is the world is never static, stationary or motionless.

Everyone subconsciously thinks change is this thing that happens on a consistent basis, when in reality it’s the only thing that happens in this physical world.

“Life is change. There is only one thing permanent, and that is change. Except change, everything else changes.” – Osho

Yes, that’s a paradox because nothing implies absolutely no-thing and change implies absolutely everything.

Think of the way linear time flows. Linear time never stops, it keeps going.

Time is one constant fluid motion and, because of that, change is one constant fluid motion—meaning time and change are synonymous.

However, when you understand the conscious now, or the now that does not leave you because it is the one timeless reality, time does not exist as in past and future.

But that’s why there are two realities: one of them is reality of form, physical nature and what you can perceive with the 5 physical senses.

Then there is the reality beyond the 5 physical senses, the formless reality, the reality that is here and always here even though you can’t perceive it.

Really, the physical reality that you can perceive exists within the formless reality, so really there is only one.

The reality you can perceive exists within the one you cannot, the formless reality.


Because even when you perceive the physical reality (and that perception is in constant flow of change) the formless reality stays the same and never leaves, will never leave regardless of how your perception of this reality changes.

When I speak of the world changing I’m referring to the physical world. In the formless realm everything is constant, everything just is.

Just as the conscious presence is constant, it’s neutral because the present moment is as it is, ungraspable regardless of the way your mind understands the present moment in this physical world.

The present moment that you see in this physical world is actually not the conscious presence, but it is what you see in the present moment through the lens of the past.


Say you get into a car crash in this very instant. The reason you know that it’s a car is because you learned what a car is from the past.

The reason you know it’s a crash is because you learned what a car crash is from the past. So you’re still seeing the moment through the past, but NOT really the conscious presence, which “is” regardless of your situation.

With that being said, instead of changing the world which is already happening as you read, I would look to make an “impact” on the world.

So, yes, the world is changing and will never stop changing but what direction is it headed in?
This is a far more important question to ask.

Let’s take a look at it on a personal level now. What is the highest possible experience that one can have in a lifetime?

It is nirvana, an ecstasy which, essentially, in the best words I can describe it, is an extreme unshakeable level of peace, joy and bliss.

The mind cannot imagine it, so let’s not go there.

Now what applies on a personal level then applies on a mass scale since we are talking about the world.

The direction that the world is looking for is the collective experience that brings as many people to experience that absolute level of pure bliss, joy and a deep constant level of peace in all situations.

I speak on the behalf of the formless realm, not what the human mind is looking for which leaves too much room for perspective.

In the physical world there is no such thing as perfection and that’s because that’s a completely opinionated matter, so it’s based on interpretation and perception.

And, as I pointed out earlier, anything that is based on interpretation and perception is going to be subject to change.

In order for there to be perfection change could not exist.

With that being said, the direction we are headed in is about growth.

Growth in any way, shape or form is necessary as it implies evolution, metamorphosis as a collective human race.

Now when one thinks of making a large impact on the world, many people think of what Mark Zuckerberg has done with Facebook, what happened when we went to the moon, what Martin Luther King Jr did with his “I have a dream speech.”

Now these occurrences did have major impacts on the world, but just because they reached the mass scale doesn’t mean you still can’t make a large impact on the world simply by growing as an individual.

Remember, you are a part of the human race which means you have to have an impact, it’s impossible for you not to have an impact on this world.

Which means we can all make a better impact on the world simply by growing as individuals as a part of the whole.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Ghandi

Now we take the next step deeper…

What I realized on the personal growth journey and later the spiritual growth journey is that most self-help books are about growing your mind, expanding your perception, your paradigm or your entire level of thinking as a whole.

Then the spiritual realm is about expanding your level awareness both in mind, but, most importantly, beyond mind, which is about expanding your conscious awareness.

Now developing the mind can help you get along better with the relationships in your life, it can help you become more successful, it can help you achieve your dreams and make more money, but ultimately what the world is looking for is underneath the surface of these things that we perceive to free us, internally that is.

Successes, relationships, being healthier, gaining muscle mass, acquiring a mansion or a nice new car are all relative to the physical world.

What this means is that the world of form is limited in what it can do for your fulfillment, which is ultimately the same thing as internal peace.

When you get that new car eventually as time passes it will lose its value, when you get that new home, new car, new boat, they will lose their value.

Any material that you acquire or hope to acquire, any position in any company, any experience in the world of form will pass and as it passes, it will lose its value, meaning that the way you feel about it, in the instant you get it, will diminish as time passes.

This is why in order to reach ultimate fulfillment you have to go deeper than the physical world into higher realms of consciousness.

If everything changes and you try to hold onto an experience, or place your happiness in certain things to happen or not happen, you will ultimately suffer.

Happiness is based on the way you perceive the world which is why peace is more stable, because you find peace through finding the one thing from within that does not change, and that is the formless world, the dimension beyond the world, beyond the mind, beyond the body, beyond what you can grasp or comprehend with the thinking-mind.

The great thing is, that just because your mind cannot actually comprehend the formless dimension, you don’t need it to, for when you realize it as you, you are free.

Picture the things that you have desired in the past and then acquired, and whatever that material was diminished in its value.

What happened next is that, because it no longer gave you what you really craved, you set your sight on the next thing, then the next thing, in the hopes that eventually that craving could be resolved.

Until you have found the formless dimension, the inner constant timeless reality, that craving won’t truly be fulfilled, and you will look to the physical world for it like a hamster running a wheel in the hopes the wheel will eventually stop. 

So what is constant?

What is never changing?

What is the only constant fulfillment?

What is the only absolute freedom?

It’s this.

Your awareness of this present moment, not the present moment in your current life situation that is still perceived through past, but the one you can’t grasp but know is here within you.

Unless you have touched the formless dimension your mind is going to fight this dimension or not fully take it in and let you realize it, because the mind is going to do everything in its power to keep itself alive and keep its eye on the prize, which is whatever you want in this world or in the future.

It will be a major blow to the minds that want to keep themselves alive and to generate more thought at a quicker pace, and anything that says otherwise can kick dust.

And the reason why is because in conscious presence, in your awareness of this conscious presence, the mind has to vanish on its own accord.

The conscious presence doesn’t exist to your mind, so why would it take it seriously?

But how is the conscious now beyond time?

For one it’s too simple for your mind to understand, it’s actually the simplest phenomenon there is.

But it’s because you can’t breathe in the past and you can’t breathe in the future. You can only breath in and be aware of this moment and forever this moment.

So if this moment is forever, then there is no room in existence for before and after EXCEPT in your mind.

The present moment is not a part of time, it’s timeless. There are only two forms of time: past and future. Both exist as thoughts.

But this, this moment right here is the freedom, it is the fulfillment because it is constant and does not rely on anything to happen for it to be.

Conscious presence does not rely on your situation, your circumstance, your perspective, your money, your materials; the present moment is, and it always is regardless of what is happening on the surface.

So how do you cross paths with the formless and the form and make a real significant impact on your life? (Which then will make a large impact on the world)

The first is.

  1. Become friends with the present moment. Make the present moment the very foundation of your life. You can still do everything you want, just know not to lose sight on the present moment. Meaning periodically become aware of this moment through your body through you’re breath.
  2. Don’t Do Anything

Everyone believes we have to do something, or think a certain way in order to see real change happen in our life.

Thinking is going to be an aspect but not the most important aspect.

What you are looking for is expanding awareness/consciousness beyond the surface and simply be being aware of this moment; your thoughts will be enriched on their own accord.

What’s the catch?

You don’t even have do anything, in fact, it’s best you don’t do anything. Simply be allow the mind to be still and observe the reality from underneath what your senses see.

We have been cultured to death by our friends, family, the media and everything around us in this world.

The world has taught us, even if we weren’t aware of it how to think, feel and act about the world.

And most of it you weren’t aware of if you weren’t aware of the conscious presence.
It’s this conditioning that has blocked you off from peace.

Simply see your thoughts and question them. Ask yourself if what you think and feel is based on an ABSOLUTE knowing, or if came from something outside of you.

Just by being aware of the conscious now, your thoughts/feelings will begin to naturally change because the conditioning will no longer be running you completely.

The reason you’re not changing is because you keep putting too much effort in to change, too much effort into the mind that is.

But you’re trying to change, to mold your personality in the world to be accepted. Once you begin to make the conscious now your foundation, the mind will begin to change with the natural harmony of the universe.

You keep trying to change the outer when it is the inner that needs not to be changed but to be realized.

The inner that needs to be realized is the emptiness that will allow you to see present moment for what it is, neutral existence. 

“Awareness is the greatest agent for change.” – Eckhart Tolle

Allow this emptiness to happen and this will bring a peace unimaginable by the mind.