STOP! Right in your tracks, right this moment.

How have you been feeling lately?

Do the people around you know how you have been feeling?

I can tell you that with absolute certainty that in many subtle ways the world can feel your emotional energy charge. And this is regardless if your sad, angry, happy and even joyful.

The world outside of us, is projected from the world inside of us. That world that is going on inside of you, your thoughts, feelings and emotions is always projected outwardly.

Each emotion, each thought that you have is energy. It is often said that emotion is energy in motion and this is true.

This means we have all kinds of different wavelengths of energy moving around within us.

The wavelengths of energy moving around within us, can also show up in the form of the physical body moving.

These energies run throughout our body sendoff vibrations and frequencies to the rest of the world.

You don’t need to do anything for the world to be impacted by this energy, being alive will be enough for the world to feel the frequency of your energy.

Almost as if you were an electric current running throughout the world.

Do you want to see the world advance to higher vibrations, higher frequencies and healthier energy?

Then it is in your best interest to become a master not at feeling a certain way, but to be an expert at consciously paying attention to the way that your feeling inside.

And secondly the more you can sense that way that you are feeling you can bridge the gap between your emotions taking control of you and expanding the awareness of your emotions.

Emotions take over you by completely blocking off your awareness and trying make the world outside of you pay for it with rotten energy.

Expanding the awareness of your emotions, means that even when you are going through pain, you would not wish ill on the rest of the world as a result, this is a higher vibrational energy relative to your emotional energy charge.

If you are really interested in seeing the world expand its energy frequency, then you can take full absolutely unconditional responsibility for the way that you are feeling, in any given moment.

Being aware of your emotional state at any given point in time and taking full responsibility for them is how you begin to make life work for you rather than against you.

This does not mean that you should try to control your emotions, go out of your way to feel a certain way.

Trying to do so means you will end up finding yourself in a lower energy state, when it is precisely increasing the energy state.

People believe that venting their emotions is a necessary way to release them, but it only strengthens the emotional state that they have.

It means that you think something along the lines of I have to tell people about me and my story so that they will have empathy for the way I’m feeling.

Telling a story about your emotions only makes you believe that you are actually feeling that way, even more.

Often times it makes us feel better to point the blame at others or something that has happened outside of us as the reasons why we are going through emotional turmoil.

Here is a brief glance at examples of what this looks like…

Blaming Others:

This is ultimately pointing the blame at what others do, what others say and sometimes generally speaking the blame goes to life as a whole.

All of the power of your emotional frequency lies within you and you alone. When you allow others to make you happy or unhappy you have now just given them all of your power.

In fact, it was Anthony De Mello who said…

“You pissed me off. Wrong! I pissed me off.”

He was saying that nobody outside of you has the power to control the way that you are feeling unless you let them, which is not based on emotional awareness.

This means that other people have turned you into a puppet and the strings they have on you are their actions, what they say and the way they are. The movement of the puppet is your lower vibrational emotions that make you react.

Buddha said

“Somebody can throw a burning torch into the river. It will remain alright till it reaches the river. The moment it falls into the river; all fire is gone­­–the river cools it. I have become river. You throw abuses at me­–they are fire when you throw them, but the moment they reach me, in my coolness their fire is lost. They no longer hurt. You throw thorns falling in my silence, they become flowers. I act of my own intrinsic nature.”

A lot of people are set on fire within and often times they will try to bring you down into that fire and toast you to ashes, be aware and be the river.

Buddha got the point where he was fed up to being a slave to the way he let other people dictate the way that he was feeling.

The inner fire, the insecurity of people has been conditioning and programming the world for far too long, it is now time, time to take responsibility for the way that we feel.

The mind itself is the conditioning, programmed into feeling a certain way is happening 100% through energy. It may seem like the mind learning as it intakes information, but really it interpreting that information through energy, or thoughts.

Which is why it’s precisely why Nikola Tesla said….

“If you want to know the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Expanding your energy means freeing yourself internally. The purest version of emotional responsibility is to allow yourself to realize your internal freedom.

Here are some guidance points to realizing your internal freedom.

Suffering The Over Past

The past seems so real, it seems almost as if there is no other reality than our past because it’s the only reference points that the mind can go too in order to make sense of the world.

The very fact that survival is often based on memory which is past gives the mind a perfect reason to live there. Ask the mind and it will say, you need me to know what you’re doing and how to survive in this world.

There is however a very fine line between using the past for practical reasons and letting the past completely devour you.

You believe that story from the past about you is who you are and without it you would be dead.

This is a great illusion because it is this very false identity that making the past run your life and creating inner turmoil. Any idea of who you are is illusory, false, not real.

Even the “good times” that you fantasize about are keeping you from living right now. The good times were pleasurable, and we believe that by thinking about them, we can relive the pleasure that we once had, and we cannot.

The past is dead, gone forever and no matter how much you think about the past, you will not be able to relive it.  

Past exists as memory which exists as thought, looking to the past means you can only look to the thought about the past and the thought itself cannot free you.

What does not free you, holds you in bondage, if you think that it can.

Emotional responsibility means that you have completely accepted that the past, memory is a basis anything practical but it alone cannot set you free.

The Future Will Save Me

This is greatest illusion and next to past as one of the world’s greatest illusions. Just as the past is a memory and a thought, the future is not different.

The future instead of being memory is anticipation, projection and imagination.

Just as the past does not exist, neither does the future. Even the more logical people could accept that the past is dead and gone, but are the same that will never let go the fact that the future is never here.

Anticipation, projection and imagination just as memory are also thoughts. The thought itself cannot free you.

If you take a look at the nature of the future, it is uncertainty itself, so if the future is uncertainty itself how can you know for certain if it will save you are not?

The key is you don’t need to saved, you just have to realize that you are already free in this moment, in this instant in through the non-movement of mind.

Here is the only thing that can free you, because it is freedom itself and the future will never be right here, it will only be a thought FROM right here.

So if the future does not exist, has never existed and will never exist you are projecting your emotional freedom into something that will never come.

Your responsibility is to know that the first and the last freedom is never in the past and it is never in the future both of which are thoughts, but in right here and right now through the non-movement of mind in the absence of thought.

Life Situations:

There are going to be many times in your life where you are in fun situations and others where you are really unhappy or uncomfortable.

Instead of looking at the situations that the mind creates as satisfactory or unsatisfactory realize they are only ever passing experiences in this life.

If you know that situations, circumstances and how your emotions relate to those are all constantly fleeting then you will not need them to be any particular way for you to be free.

If you resist what already is, then the pain of going against ‘what is’ will then turn into suffering.

Two quotes perfectly illustrate this message, perfectly.

“Let go or be dragged.” – Zen Proverb


“Suffering usually relates to wanting things to be different than they are.” ­ – Allan Lokos

Your responsibility is allowing the mind to be in the current state that is in, which usually means allowing the life situation to be in the state that it is in.

Being conscious of the way you are feeling based on the way that your mind is interpreting reality and allowing this to bring you into this moment of not thinking and from beyond what the mind is perceiving.

Should or Should NOT, be filling this way

As I stated above emotion is energy in motion, meaning our energetic states are constantly changing, going from one state to the next many times throughout each day.

Often times we get caught in a death trap of needing to feel a certain way, being attached to the “positive” revolution that has been taking our world by storm the last century.

This thought of needing to feel a certain way is harming us a lot more than we realize. Earlier today, I realized that we trap ourselves into what emotions even are, or what it is even like to feel happy, sad, angry or in bliss.

These definitions, these labels that we give to emotions keep us from actually being internally free.

“CHOOSE HAPPINESS.” That’s what the positive revolution telling you to do, but you’re going to the mind and instantly labeling what happiness is but whatever you find, or think you find is not genuine because your mind is thinking all day long.

So one moment you may feel pleasure in the mind but then your mind changes the next moment and BOOM just like that you have lost it.

But the great thing is it was never happiness it was a pleasurable experience in the mind but you then equated it to be happiness and now you believe you know what happiness is.

If you believe you know what happiness is, then this is the experience you will try to strive for which will always be at some point in the future.

Notice the energy that you feel throughout your body and allow this energy to take its course. Emotional responsibility is accepting the “what is” of your emotional energy charge.

The next is to let go of what all these emotional labels are by giving it words, and what they are supposed to be like.

Your emotions are your 1000% responsibility, because you are the only one that can directly feel that energy and there is no reason that the world should have to have to see that wrath of that emotional IRResponsibility.

Emotional responsibility is knowing that you are the imageless, stateless present moment, that this awareness is the fulfillment itself and that in finding this space your energy will reflect this into the world and help others find this internal freedom.