Did a social experiment the other day.

About 99.99% of the people I speak too are living in stress or anxiety of some form.

Question for you, I asked the receptionist.

“Out of 10, 10 being the worst, 0 being the best. What would you say your level of stress is most of the time?”

“10/10″ WITHOUT HESITATION” she said.

There are 2 billion people on Facebook monthly. I’m in a random part of earth, at a random location. And 10/10 instantly is what she said.

Her co-worker essentially agreed to be the same.

What this tells me is…

Stress is not part of the Culture, it IS the culture.

Stress is thick in the air.

It’s in your DNA.

It’s in your food.

It’s in the things you watch. (Without stress how entertaining really is it?

It’s in your dreams.

It’s in the things you desire.

Stress is a virus. It’s a pandemic.

If you’re completely honest with yourself. And you have a good hard look at how much stress you’re in…

At what point are you going to start questioning what we society are doing? At what point are you to start questioning what you accept as “Normal” ? Because clearly Normal isn’t it.

Normal is stress.

This isn’t about being anything, not weird, outcast or rebellious. It’s not about resistance, which is stressful. It’s about questioning what it means to truly, genuinely be free. Unbound, uncontrolled by outer influence that says you need X, Y, Z before you can be free.

Free always before, always after, but never now. (Stress)

And usually one of X, Y, Z is money.

Money is the new religion. It’s the new God.

But even deeper than money it’s being chained by seeing, tasting, touching, smelling, hearing.

Free, unchained from your 5 physical senses that have grown addicted to worldly pleasures. Addiction is a virus.

Who would you be without your senses?

And usually one of X, Y, Z is Time.

Either not enough time, or too much time depending on if you’re experiencing pleasure or pain. The stress virus is happening on a biological chemical level, that the mind can’t see.

Who are you without time?

It’s time to start questioning not just what you’re doing but who you are. Give up the idea that you’re any dead experience from the past. That you’re any fleeting experience in the present.

Give up the idea that you’re anyone or anything at all, so that you may rest here, now in freedom itself.