“You weren’t born to just pay bills and die.” – Natalie Edwards

We are in a new day and age, where humans are less satisfied with the way things used to be “back then” is the way the older generation likes to call it.

Go to school for roughly 24 years, get a college degree get a career, retire at 65 and then wait until death.

This is your typical lifestyle, and its normality is decreasing by the moment.

Everyone questions what the purpose is to life, what is my purpose, have to know my purpose…

This means when you finally find out what your purpose is, it usually means or has the undertone to become more significant in the eyes society, because of the inevitable we face.

We think that by somehow becoming more significant in the eyes of society it will prolong or death or somehow loosening the pain of thought of dying physically.

There is a more concrete purpose to your life, its less biased to a person, to a “me” who wants to be the center of attention.

In fact, it’s less biased to the current human race who is which is relative to time.

Life’s purpose is to awaken

As Eckhart Tolle talks about…

(Paraphrasing) You have an outer purpose and an inner purpose. Your outer purpose is to awaken to your inner purpose, your inner purpose is to awaken to that which does not die.

So what is that which does not die?

The world often equates unconsciousness when someone is knocked out, or in a deep sleep that they cannot awake from.

Unconsciousness in a spiritual sense means that you feel a sense of identity (who you are) with your thinking, your body and all physical forms of the world.

All physical forms including your thoughts, your body and anything you perceive mentally is all subject to death.

Awakening is about waking up outside of these thoughts, your body and anything that the mind perceives.

The courage to live dangerously means to live in directly reflection with the deep inward consciousness that pervades every particle in your body and outside of it.

Consciousness transcends the thinking-mind, it is the space between your thoughts, the awareness of the silence, that does not leave you.

In this silence, omnipresence, all knowing, all seeing delivers messages to you and it is ONLY in you that the absolute can deliver these messages.

The messages that the all, the absolute deliver to you are not through words, thoughts, perspectives, opinions or any of that stuff that is subject to death.

It delivers message in the form of silent neutral awareness, from this thoughtless space the absolute will eventually form into a set of thoughts which will be endowed with eternity in which you will know what to do without needing to plan or to start from thought.

The message will be delivered through your body/mind simultaneously, like an AH HA moment!

The message will just hit you, rather than looking for it.

It’s like when you take a walk down the street and you forget your keys, as soon as you realize it, it hits you.

Did you plan to forget your keys?

Did you think about what you were going to do the instant you realized you forgot your keys?

Or did the realization just hit you?

Realization of message that is delivered just hits you because it comes from the thoughtless absolute space.

These instantaneous messages that the absolute delivers are meant for you to bring to the planet for the evolution of the totality of its consciousness.

“Silence is the language of God, all else is poor translation.” – Rumi

The message that the absolute delivers to you, is the full awareness of who you are and your purpose is to bring ‘you’ to the world through every one of your actions.

Even when you take those practical steps to pay the bills, to work, to put food on the table, when do you do these things?

They always happen from within this present moment.

Do you need to try and be in the present moment, or are you already here?

Being here and being aware of here are not two things, but they are different.

Being here is the constant reality, which does not change but being of this is not always the reality on the level of form or which is subject to death.

Instead of be occupied by which does die including what you are doing and what time it is.

You are now stepping out of that which does not die, which is the awareness of being here without thinking about it, and without a second.

Challenges will arise, practical things will need to be done, sometimes fear will come from the scrutiny, the anguish of a world that will not like you to bring the ‘you’ to the world that is not bound by the limits of thoughts, beliefs and conditioning.

Conditioning is the things that your mind picks up from the collective mind, the way it’s shaped, it’s beliefs, it’s values and its lifestyle.

Once you find that thoughtless space in which is never touched by a single thing that is perceived, you can begin to start gliding through the earth.

Rather than trying to live, you can begin floating with a force of the absolutes eternal power beyond any-thing that is perceived physically in this world which will allow you to put a shock of into the planet.

Essentially, without the worlds permission the force of the absolute you, your living consciousness will reshape humanity.

To the mind, it will not seem as if big things are being changed by you, but in the deep vortex of the silent absolute there will be a shift in vibration of the planet.

The Truth of Efficiency

There are no two minds on this earth that are exactly the same. There are no two different parts of the same eternal oneness who have ever walked the earth or will ever walk the earth.

It can be witnessed that in the ascension into oneness, a world less full of individuals who stay and more full of individuals who are living out full oneness awareness.

Living in this conscious presence which is the absolute, the individual will become free and then there would be no need for government, regime and rules.

No individual when they are free will have the need to go out of their way to spread violence, for power over others or for the need to feel secure.

However, until that day comes, and it is in your power to break down the walls of conditioning to realize the absolute you, to allow consciousness to break through your false belief patterns, your restraints and to begin to live and merge with life effortlessly.

Be efficient says the parents, the teacher, the lawyer & the politician. Efficiency will mean that you are following the rules, going right along on the assembly line of what you should be doing and living typical ordinary lifestyle that is safe.

An efficient person is a dead person, who is just moving along in a nice neat single file line is not really fully living.

If you are on autopilot just cruising through life listening to the way, the world wants you to live then why would you ever listen to that thoughtless, empty message waiting to dance with you through spontaneousness?

Living out consciousness means you have to be inefficient. Efficiency means walking on a path that’s already been created.

Will there be error on this path? Nope.




Not a chance

How about living out the calling of silent you relative to the ordinary?

Room for error?





Most definitely.


When you are going against the rules of the life book that has been written by the collective mind, and are only playing by the rules that burst out of silence then you are there will be a whole lot of inefficiency.

Courage to embrace insecurity

In order to live in consciousness one must be inefficient which requires one to give up the need for security.

Security equals comfortability.

Inefficiency, insecurity and uncomfortability all rhythm and rhyme. If you choose to live an uncomfortable life to live out the thoughtless you, it means you don’t need security and it shows in your actions to be inefficient.

All aliveness happens in insecurity, when you don’t know which way is up.

When you go on the comfortable route, the less dangerous route, on cruise control, on auto pilot and your life becomes a walking corpse, then you may be secure, but not internally free.

Your purpose is to live from the silence that is you, whatever is born effortlessly will happen without needing a specific mind created purpose. 

Living a lifestyle that directly mirrors the you, directly mirrors consciousness.

Living out your purpose requires your full participation to be inefficient, uncomfortable and desire less state of security.