It wasn’t very long ago that man started diving deep into the human intellect, the human mind and its capabilities.

In fact, psychology didn’t become super popular until the middle of the 19th hundreds and beyond.

Studies often say that we have barely scratched the surface as a human race on using the mind to its full potential.

The interesting suggestion in that statement, however, is that there is a limit to the capabilities of the mind; it is stating that we aren’t using the mind to its full potential at this point in time.

That statement is putting a measure on where we are at right now relative to where we could be or how we will be able to use the mind in the future.

I feel that the mind itself is limited to the time that we are in. Any growth that is established in mind always needs the future and, in that sense, a different time.

Take for example, new flowers, new trees and even weeds need the passing of time to grow. Anything that requires growth needs time.

The mind itself can be used for things, even in this moment, beyond our wildest imagination; it is what the mind can be used for; it’s our capacity of intellect that will allow this that is relative to and limited to time.

Which is why, if we want to find out what is capable in this world, we might find that which does not grow and that which does not need time.


Consciousness itself is define less and therefore UNLIMITED within this moment. It is unlimited within this moment, because it is this moment.

Growing the mind itself requires time, and when body itself is in a state of relaxation when the mind is not, then the body of the individual is vibrating out of consciousness.

This is in no way, shape or form to suggest that the mind is a bad thing, because it is absolutely necessary to survive, and it can grow in terms of its capacity to create.

The mind however, does create an influx of problems in our life if we allow it to run our life.

The never ending stream of thoughts is precisely what creates a limitation in the mind.

The mind cannot be aware of the thoughts that it’s thinking, thus the person using the mind hits a wall called the conditioning.

“The mind is a wonderful servant, but a terrible master.” ― Robin S. Sharma

This is why, in order to rise above this wall of conditioning, to go around it, you must dis-identify who you are with the thinking-mind.

When you have completely identified who you are as a person, as a human with your mind that is when the mind has become your master.

It can only be a servant in your life with your observation of it as something that you use when you need it, but it is not of who you are deep within your being.

When the mind has become your master, it will create the absolute certainty in…



Past based on memory is only a reality in the mind. All of your experiences, your situations, your circumstances in your life are things that the mind perceived but are now memories.

What happened 15 seconds ago, according to clock time, is of the past and is dead and gone, forever.

As you continue to read this article each and every word you read continues to move into the past. In fact, as you read and interpret each word, your are interpreting it based on what you know from the past.

2. Future

Future is created from imagination, anticipation and projection, also of the mind.

When you think of the future, you are projecting certain situations and circumstances that you either hope to happen or predict to happen.

Although it seems like you project to the future in a brand new way, you can only project to it with the reference point of the past.

The future is, in its most absolute sense, the unknown, and being that it is always and forever unknown, you can only anticipate it through your memories.

Consciousness relative to time

As said up above, if you are not your mind, and if mind creates the past and future, then this ultimately means you could not possibly be your past or your future.

The reason that you think you are your past is because you have been identified with the mind, which is what creates an image of “me” or the self-image. You think you will continue to be this image in the future as well.

But these images that the mind creates to be you are part of the conditioning that has limited the mind.

But how could these images be you, when you cannot (nor have you ever) directly experience the past or the future?

“Have you ever done, thought or felt anything outside of the now? Do you think you ever will? Is it possible for anything to happen or be outside of the now? The answer is obvious, is it not? Nothing ever happened in the past; it happened in the now. Nothing will ever happen in the future; it will happen in the now.” – Eckhart Tolle 

If you were the past, when it goes you would go. If you were the future, which never comes, then you would never come.


When the mind has become your master, and has taken control of your entire existence, then anxiety will be a basic foundation of your life.

Who you are is this moment, because you have to be aware of you right now.

You are trying to either hold onto this image that has been built from the past or terrified that this image will be enhanced in the future.

Thus, you are stuck in time.

It is being stuck in time, in this image of who we think we are that is creating vicious degrees of anxiety, emotional pain and suffering.

The things that we have experienced in the past, that have hurt us or have caused suffering, create fear from within, and then we project that situation or circumstance onto the future, as if there is a really good chance we may have to experience that pain all over again.

Consciousness relative to Anxiety  

Consciousness already knows itself as consciousness, the mind gets in the way of this reality.

“The past has no power over the present moment.” – Eckhart Tolle

In this moment, because there is no past, any suffering that we have had previously cannot be experienced.

The pain and suffering can only be felt from within the mind that is thinking about what happened or what will happen.

The future is only necessary to the mind because it is afraid of what happened in the past; otherwise, if the present moment was the main foundation of your life, the future would be used for practical reasons only.

The future would be used as a general tool to get around in life, but it’s not the basis to which you need to GET in order to finally relax.

The pain that we feel from anticipation is often much worse than the pain that actually comes in the future.

So when we are right here and we think we want to be in the future more than where we are, there is a gap created that cannot be filled and that gap ends up creating anxiety, usually in the form of more thought, in the hopes that the future will come faster if the mind just thinks enough.

Situations and Circumstance

It is only in the mind that there are situations and circumstances.

If there is only this moment, then “what is” is beyond anything happening in “your life.”

Nothing is truly happening from beyond the mind. Everything that is happening in this physical universe is happening as the way you are perceiving everything.

Your situation or circumstance is a result of the mind seeing the past in the present moment, and it takes this situation to be the “real” present moment.

Sometimes you are going to forget that the real present moment cannot be grasped by thought, because the situation you are in calls for planning and execution.

In that case, accept whatever form the mind takes, even when it calls reality a situation; this will help you come back to the moment and execute to a greater degree.

Execution will be a lot harder and more difficult if you tackle a challenge with a mind that is spinning 100 MPH.

Consciousness relative to Situations and Circumstances

Consider the way that a river looks. As the water continues to pass, it’s eroding the very thing that created it.

Boulders break off and create chaos, smashing into the walls and into other forms from within, and what then happens?

The river continues to flow…

There is a very fine line in reality in the space between situations and absolute reality.

On one side, there is going to be low energy and emotional pain at some point, but, underneath this pain, you are going to continue the flowing ride along with less and less attachment to its form identity.

In the case of the river, the river it not attached to the chaos that happens from within, it just observes as it continues to flow.

All situations that we see in life as problems are only caused from the dysfunctional mind.

The present moment is as it is, it is only in the mind that creates the problem.

“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” – William Shakespeare

Trying to find a situation within reality is equal to taking a space ship to the moon looking down to earth and trying to locate a grain of sand.

Situations are not you, they are mind created concepts of reality.

Who you are is.

Consciousness relative to Reality

With the established revelation that your mind is not who you are but a tool that you use, the most effective way to experience this moment, to experience who you are and to experience reality from within consciousness, is the awareness of your breathing.

Any kind of anxiety that has been caused from either too much past or too much future from within is caused from too much mind, too much thinking and not enough conscious observing presence.

“If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.” ― Amit Ray

The awareness of breath brings you back to existence, back to you, back to reality and back to peace.