Another Mass Shooting

SOUND OFF: Another Mass Shooting in Texas. 9 Killed, 7 injured. (Kids involved) Step 1: Mass Shooting. Step 2: Media frenzy. Welcome to todays America. Thoughts/Prayers Step 3: Argue about gun laws Mental health The right to protect the 2nd Amendment Ban AR’s Step 4: Rinse, Wash, Repeat. If you’re looking at it strictly from […]

Reflections On My Fathers Passing

It’s been 3 months since my father passed away on May 20th, 2022. My father was the closest person in my life by a long shot. It feels like looking back we have lived many lifetimes together when you add all the different experiences that we have had dating back to when I was a […]

The Ultimate Surrender

I went and visited my old roommate who upon my leaving accepted someone to take my room who is from Pakistan named Ayanna.   Ayann from Pakistan has no friends, no family and knows nobody besides the guy I used to live with and now myself.  Ayann is allowed to be here in the U.S for […]

Undeniable Formlessness

How do you know ANYTHING AT ALL beyond what you were taught or learned?  How do you know what is real or not beyond what you have been taught or learned? In this article we are going to dissect all of your assumptions and have you begin to question them.  There are many billions of […]

A friend of the family recently past away.

He was 40 years of age, has a wife, 3 daughters and 2 sons.And his family where really close to ours.I have quite a large family, and we have several get togethers through out the year. We go comping a few times a year. And every time he and his family are always apart of […]

The Destructive Process Of Creation

In a world built from thought, we often look at the definition of words and then begin seeing words based on our relation to the definition of that word. The communication of the world through language is still very limited because we use only the mind to communicate and a small percentage of the heart. […]

The Paradox Of Time & Change

I feel that the most interesting question that I have ever heard continuously from many people is… “Where did time go?” After all, time is what completely shapes our experience as human beings. The past, the knowledge you have gained, and the experiences you have gone through have shaped how you view the present.  With […]

Why sustainability is NOT the world’s greatest challenge right today

You don’t have to go very far online today to see something regarding the bent out of shape the earth is in. In fact, Greta Thunberg who I highly admire for her work has been going viral on a massive scale consistently everyday now for a few weeks. She has made it clear that we […]

Toxic People & Energy Vampires

BREAKING NEWS: Sometimes people test us to our limits! Some toxic people will try to steal your high vibrant energy at every moment that they can. Often you will hear things like “Don’t let people bring you down.”  “Don’t let people suck the energy out of you.”  “Don’t come down the level of others.”  And […]

Believing That You Are A Person Is Causing You Suffering

Deep inside of the human unconsciousness is the false idea that you and I are people in the absolute sense. What do I mean by absolute? What I mean by absolute is that no ERA of time, nothing that had happened, nothing that is happening, and nothing that will ever happen in the world will […]