“Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.” ― Anne Lappe

Trillions upon trillions of dollars are being distributed throughout the world on a consistent basis. You know the old saying, money is what makes the world go around?

Well that is not true….

It is the collective vibration in each and every instant that is truly what is making the world go around.

But money can certainly impact the way that the physical manifestation of the world is being run.

If you’re into the conspiracy theories, the zeitgeist of things, you will probably conclude that the banks or the largest corporations run the world.

However, let’s take a closer look and bring a magnifying glass closer to a simpler reality.
Take a good hard look into the mirror and ask yourself “What do I spend my money on?”

Now let’s assume that all of the basic necessities, and I mean food, water, shelter, are taking care of you and any other dependents.

This is not about should or should not, it’s understanding your state of consciousness relative to where you are spending your money.

In fact, it’s not about dwelling on what you have spent your money on, but on how you can be more aware when it comes to what you are spending it on from this moment going forward.

The world is, in our thoughts, feelings and emotions, in a great deal of slavery to money.
The first thing we must absolutely realize is that money is NOT the root of all evil.

If money were the root of all evil, you would not be able to live with a roof over your head, to put food on the table, to buy the things that you enjoy using…etc.

Money is simply something that we utilize in this world, but most importantly, it is energy, and that energy is a reflection of our state of our consciousness.

Take for example those who can’t WAIT for payday so that, they can go spend it the moment that they get it.

Regardless what is spent on this waiting means money is running people, but really, the future is running them more so.

The present moment is existence itself, and only the awareness of this existence can free you from the bondage of mind.

And when money is your only hope at being comfortable, then this present moment exists only as a stepping-stone for the destination of when you’re getting paid.

Having your eyes on the prize in this scenario hurts you far more than getting paid does.

Getting paid releases the tension between where you are, which is here, and where you want to be, which is the future.

Where you are, which is here, and the awareness of this is your freedom, and when you think you would rather be somewhere else, then it blocks this freedom, creating tension.

With that being said, every penny you spend in this world is showing the state of consciousness in which the world currently is.

The reasons that I say you are a result of world consciousness is that your spending is 100% dictated by the current state of the world.

What I say “Every penny you spend in this world,” I don’t mean you in the absolute sense, but you as in the sense of your mind.

You may think that you are choosing what you decide to think, but what you are really doing is choosing the way that you think as a part of the collective mind.

This means that you are thinking and spending your money with the very foundation and base of the collective mind.

What does this mean for someone who is in a poor country?

A lot of people are operating in their life based mainly on using the mind to make their way throughout life.

Those who value money as something that can fulfill them are victims of the way that their current cultural mind, as a part of the world mind perceives reality.

If a country is poor, then it’s a lot more likely that the individual is or will be poor. However, if he/she looks beyond the mind into neutral observing presence, he/she realizes that who he/she is neither rich, poor nor middle class.

And this knowing from beyond the mind means that the collective mind will have a lot less influence on one’s mind.

The way that this looks is that someone may decide that he/she is free regardless of how much or how little of money that he/she has.

This means some will be perfectly OK with what they have, and some will want to go after more just for the experience of it while still knowing that it will not make them more or less of who they already are, in this instant.

Often times, when money is running us and we think what it can buy will fulfill us, we spend it on that shiny object, you know the good ol’ shiny object syndrome.

For a mind that is running itself, everything that it looks at is a shiny object syndrome.

The thought is, I have to get more to fill this void; and more will never fill the void because the future never ends, according to the mind, until physical death.

When are being run by the collective mind, you will spend money on things to give you pleasure and think that pleasure is happiness.

What pleasure is usually giving us is the release of tension of wanting it, but this is simply just putting a band aide on a severed arm.

That arm won’t ever heal with a simple Band-Aid; in order to stop the bleeding in every one of your experiences, you must dis-identify who you are with the mind and, with thinking that things will give you everlasting freedom.

Rather than asking yourself “who am I?” feel who you are in this instant when the mind stops, then who and what you are doesn’t matter.

Operating from this place of silence, this present moment, the collective mind will stop running you and it will stop spending your money in the way that it wants.

It’s not about where you should be spending your money, it’s about not spending it because you are stuck in time and hope that the material will give you freedom, because it only the timeless that is freedom itself.

The freedom itself is the realization of the non-movement of mind in this instant.

So many times we spend money blindly from advertising. You know what you should be spending your money on, but don’t realize the psychological neurosis that this advertising and commercial is doing to you, in the subtlest, most non-noticeable way.

In case you haven’t heard of neuro-linguistic programming, it is a set of patterns based on the human psychology and the way that the brain functions; so a lot of advertising is using this to their advantage in order to get the world to “spend” their way to fulfillment, to freedom.

When you begin to know who you are in this instant and only in this instant, then you can operate from this place of pure awareness and utilize your money spontaneously from this place.

What you decide to spend it on does not matter, what matters is the “hereness” from which you spend it.

People will claim that they know what they are doing when they spend their money.

You may know on one level of the mind where you are spending your money but not from the level of awareness.

Mind itself is the conditioning; mind itself is the hardwiring; and mind itself is part of the collective mind.

Emotional spending means that you are spending money from a place of lack, in the hopes that whatever you spend it on will fulfill you.

Whereas, if you spend it from right here, from a place of fulfillment, then it will be a direct reflection of pure consciousness.

If we started being more aware of presence, then we would begin to shift the paradigm of the collective.

The expansion of your own consciousness means the expansion of consciousness of the whole, And, as a result capitalism, as a whole will shift.