I would be ABSOLUTELY one of the wealthiest people if I had a dollar for every person who I have had a conversation with that said most of the time they are autopilot while they drive.

Kidding of course about being one of the wealthiest people.

The point though is that a majority of people ARE on autopilot while they drive. I’ve been a victim many time myself about driving somewhere and being so stuck in the mind, that when I got there, I barely even knew that I drove!

One of the things that is holds very dear to me regarding Universoul Awakening is to show to how unconsciousness or what would be called ‘being asleep’ affects us and other people in our lives to a significant degree in THE MOST practical ways.

And how being awake, or at least aware of the ‘now’ will be able to help cause you and others less harm & less potential harm.

Well firstly what does it even mean to be on autopilot?

And how does this relate to waking up?

Waking up in a nutshell means that you awaken to this very instant right here and right now.

It’s just that because this moment is far too simple for the mind to understand, it would feel like to the mind, that waking up should be far more glamorous, FAR more exciting and breath taking.

The irony is that what the mind does not see is that the present moment, the one that you’re seeing from IS a far greater timeless experience than the mind could ever possibly imagine!

Waking up is when ‘you’ wake up OUT of the mind, and rather out of thought. It means that you are now able to as a human access the being part of being human.

A great portion of the world because they only know what know what it means to think or that that because they have yet to access the Beingness that they are stuck in thought.

This is what it means when I say on autopilot. It means that the rate with which thoughts come and go is super speed. The mind is running rampant, with an obsessive thought hamster wheel.

It’s important to know that this is not a bad thing, because ‘bad’ which is always in the eye of the beholder is still mind based.

But until you have access that being part right now, and immediately through cessation of thoughts, will you…

A. Not be able to find true internal peace in the here and the now.

B. By not finding peace in the here and the now you will potentially cause yourself and others harm. And in fact people who have not found peace HAVE caused the human race a great deal of suffering through their actions/non actions.

By accessing the now through the silence of the mind, this will ensure that your actions will have with them higher consciousness. You will be more peaceful in your life, go through less periods of pain and to much less painful degrees.

So how does this look for someone who is asleep to the ‘silent now’ look when they get inside of a car?

#1. Being on autopilot or stuck in thought means that you are not very alert of what other cars are doing.

Because driving everyday especially on the same route becomes like second nature, it’s easy to dose off in because the last let’s say previous few years, nothing happened so in the subconscious it’s assumed that nothing will happen there for I can kick back and relax and let traffic do its thing, which is how a LOT of traffic accidents happen because people are not alert to the now, and thus to not what is happening in traffic.

This causes a lot of accidents, potential injuries and deaths.

But when you get into the car just by taking a few deep breaths, paying close attention to these breaths can you take some attention away from mind and into being. Believe it or not, this can help save a potential car crash or two….

#2. Impatients

BREAKING NEWS: You’re impatient NOT because any of the above, it’s because the future has become more important than the ‘now’ because you have not found that deep internal space for allowing the ‘now’ to be just as it is no matter what situation arises.

The mind will say what if I’m late for work?

If you are going to be late, then causing yourself havoc is not going to change the outcome.

The “Road Rage” as you many have called it is not effecting the other drivers although it can if the mind burst out of control. Most of the time though, your RAGE is only effecting you and it’s hurting you badly.

The rage that you have though is not your fault, so it’s not about just instantly turning the rage off or becoming less of a rage full person knowing this.

It still comes back to bringing your attention immediately from mind into the body, feeling the aliveness of this moment, knowing yourself as the aliveness of this moment, and then the degree of intensity of impatience will drop.

Stuck at a train? Perfect time to be deeply here.

Stuck behind someone? Feeling the sense of impatience? Great observe the mind.

Stuck bumper to bumper in traffic? NOWHERE else to be!

More later on why this is not proto typical knowledge that you can use like for a school essay or test.

#3. Needing to be on Mobile

This could be at a stoplight, waiting in traffic, at a train you name it. A train isn’t all that bad if you’re at a complete stop, although part of the autopilot of being stuck in thought is that it becomes and unconscious habit.

The mind/brain especially in today’s day and age get a REAL addiction to the stimulus of technology.

The mind NEEDS and CRAVES the technological stimulus and this is why you cannot wait sometimes even a few minutes before you get to your destination to look at your phone.

This can be everything from checking social media, too texting to swiping right and anything in between.

The moment that you feel the needing and craving to KNOW what’s going on mobile, allow it to bring your attention deep into the now.

What you will find is….

You could have waited a few minutes and even a lot longer to send that text, reply to that email, or someone via Facebook Messenger without potentially getting into a car accident over something that absolutely could have waited.

Seriously consider the fact that there have been car accidents with serious injuries and deaths over people who because they have not been anchored in the “Now” HAD to send to that text to a friend regardless of how important it seemed at the time.

#4. Not needing to ride someone’s rear if they are driving to slow, and also letting people drive in front of you in traffic jams.

When you have not found that true silent peace in the here & now, then you will automatically assume that your freedom lies somewhere in the future.

It will be unconscious, it won’t occur to you that you ‘think’ that your future holds to the key to your freedom, unconsciousness is very subtle because it goes unnoticed, until you have awakened up to the now.

And if you unconsciously think that the future holds your freedom, then your actions will reflect that.

You will not be able to WAIT to get to the future so the odds of you riding someone’s tail for a long time will increase by a lot more.

It will also make you feel like you have to gain EVERY INCH of the road because with each inch gained is the closer you can get to your freedom. Why would you allow someone to get in front of you, and loose inches towards your ultimate destination?

And this destination can be something as simple getting food, going to too the store to purchase something, going to a friend’s house, a party, doesn’t matter how really seemingly like an “every day” occurrence it is, to the mind that’s unconsciousness it might as well be heaven.

What the mind does not realize is that NO MATTER WHAT that experience is, NO MATTER HOW PLEASURABLE it may seem at the time it WILL PASS.

How many times in your life have you NOT been able to wait on a vacation, or something pleasurable that came and went in what seemed like no time?

That same realization of everything that has ever happened in what seemed like no time, is the nature of EVERY Experience.

So to think that any experience could free you ultimately are what creates a lot of turmoil inside, which is what creates more seeking.

The mind thinks that pleasure can free it, but really the pleasure only frees you from the seeking that pleasure. The seeking creates agitation and internal pain inside.

It’s not the seeking is HAS to be harmful though, it’s that without waking up to Beingness right now, it’s the seeking that NEVER ends in the here and the now that creates real agony inside.

The reason it’s important to bring this from proto typical knowledge that the mind obtains and into breath attention or inner body awareness is that the mind is conditioned to be somewhere in the future.

This is not about tricking or manipulating your mind to think about this primarily, which absolutely does not work.

Bringing your attention from your mind into your body is about anchoring your entire nervous system on a deep biological level in the here and the now.

AND THEN as this happens first on a biological level, the mind will follow, but never the other way around.

Being has to happen first, and then it will enrich the mind. The mind itself cannot fulfill you, because of its coming and going nature.

So if you’re sitting in a car next to someone who is stuck in thought and you say to them “You don’t have to hurry, just be in the here and now more.” It will never work.  

Telling someone to be in the here and the now, when they haven’t awakened up to it THROUGH the body, it will only register as another thought.

Which is why these WORDS cannot give you less impatience, higher consciousness, they can only point you in the direction.

So one must not assume that just by reading this article that they will be more in the now and more peaceful in everyday life, it must happen beyond the mind on a deep biological level.

So remember it’s not about tricking the mind, thinking differently or any kind of manipulation.

Its affects are REAL and immediate in the here and the now, when the attention is less time driven, and more time-LESS.

If you need to stop reading and pay timeless attention now. Now to wrap this all up let’s look at a simple exercise.

Simple Exercise you can use immediately:

Pay attention to the movement of mind the moment right now. Pay attention to your breathing.

It doesn’t matter what you’re doing so you can do this if the absolute moment you start to become impatient.

Almost the simplest thing that there is.

Nothing deep at all to contemplate or to analyze. Just the realization that you are here, have always been here, always will be here, in this inner body sensation and knowing is peace.

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  1. If you hurry to arrive at work that will always be late but if you are not hurry and arrive at work on time ! That’s what I realized and drop thought and be calm and no hurry at all then arrive on time perfect time or early. Because hurry from the past and no hurry in the present ! That why the people always be hurry and accident or road rage !