Deep inside of the human unconsciousness is the false idea that you and I are people in the absolute sense.

What do I mean by absolute?

What I mean by absolute is that no ERA of time, nothing that had happened, nothing that is happening, and nothing that will ever happen in the world will have an effect on what is here.

If the world were to disappear, if the universe was to disappear into a black hole of nothingness, it would have no effect on what is absolute.

Who you are is this is absolute unshakable knowing of who you are.

But because you (infinity, eternity, timelessness, void) have identified yourself with a person, then you have boxed in the entirety of the universe. And when the absolute is boxed in, then there is inner turmoil inside.

Words like infinity, eternity & timelessness can seem a bit illogical to our experience here on this earth in our everyday lives.

But how does this look IN our everyday lives?

What does person mean to begin with?

Person is derived from the word persona, which means “mask”. Being a person is essentially the mask that you ware out in public or relate to someone else.

Now it’s not the characteristics of the person that are causing you harm, it’s the unconscious belief that there is a such thing as a person in the absolute sense, and that’s who I am.

Characteristics of a person include things such as…

And the list goes on and on…

Consider it thought for a second…

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

A fireman!

A police officer!

A singer!

An actress!

A dancer!

See that!?

What do you want to BE?

That’s persona right there, the sense of being person.

But what if you were already absolutely perfect in the absolute sense, and didn’t need to go out of your way to be anything to already know this!?

What more could any human being want other than to know that who you are in the absolute sense RIGHT NOW, IMMEDIATELY is perfect without a single doubt?

Thinking that you are person, means automatically you are going to take things personal.

Some personas are not as strong and rigid as others. The stronger that you think you are a person in the absolute sense, is the stronger that you will take things personal.

I’m going to use the term ‘people’ for the sake of English language, but it’s important to look past words, and at the essence of which is trying to be conveyed.

When people attack you with mean nasty words…

When people bully you with horrible energy…

When people talk behind your back…

When they steal from you…

And you feel attacked ‘personally’ that’s because you take yourself to be a person.

When you feel that people’s actions are based entirely because of your ‘self-image’ it’s because you think you are person.

When you people don’t agree with your beliefs, your perspectives, your outlooks on life or in general and you get offended, it’s because you think you are a person.

When you feel the need for people to see where you’re coming from so that you can be OK, it’s because you think you are a person.

This quote from A Course in Miracles perfectly illustrates why this is true….

“Nothing real can be threatened; Nothing unreal exist.”

If you consider this from even a logical standpoint it makes 100% logical sense.

If something is real, then how can it be threatened?

If it is unreal, then from the fact that it doesn’t exist means there is nothing to be threatened.  

So if someone is downgrading you and you feel threatened you are trying to protect something that doesn’t exist.

Now considering the fact that we are human being there is of course a fine line. It doesn’t mean that once you wake up to who you are, you will never again be hurt by the words or actions of someone else.

What it means is that you will stop taking the words of others so seriously in a general level.

Simply by because waking up to who you truly are on an energetic and cellular level, it will ground you in the here and now.

You will begin to see that because you are the now, that the now cannot be threatened.

If the now could be threatened it would not already be here, and that the now could somehow eventually never be here now.

When you immediately wake up now, and your thoughts shut down as a result, you will see that whatever is witnessing the now cannot be threatened.

You will also begin to see that when your thoughts shut down, then the person goes away, and that there is nobody to be threatened.

Again this is not about never being hurt again by people actions, it’s about loosening the grip that the persona has to automatically take things personal and as a result suffer inside.

This is about rising beyond your suffering, based upon the actions of someone else.

And really what’s happening is that a lot of times when people lash out at you for no apparent reason, it’s because they themselves take their self to be a person, which holds and stores all trauma.

So when they lash out at you for no reason, it’s their trauma that’s lashing out at them.

And sometimes, they lash out you, because of the things you unconsciously did as a result of taking yourself to be a person.

So think about how freeing it would be to know that you don’t have to react to everything everyone does to you, because you now know that their actions/words are being born out of their trauma!

Now it’s important to know that your immediate impulse reactions are not a problem.

They will hurt you, but what’s important is to look immediately at these, and ask yourself who is it that’s reacting?

And of course often times you will see that it’s the person who’s reacting.

And sometimes you will see that their trauma went overboard, which is also fine.

It’s important to question if it’s the person that is reacting so that you this idea of being a person stops causing you pain inside.

Now even more so let’s talk about the roles you’re playing.

Role Playing

How many times have you heard of people wanting to be famous?


It’s at the top of millions and millions of ‘peoples’ list of desires. Social Media is so popular in today’s day and age because of how easy it is to become someone famous.

You no longer have to do what you had to do previously before Social Media to become famous. Put out a video that goes viral, boom you’re famous.

Fame is in absolute no way an instant cause of pain.

Fame is a beautiful part of the ebb and flow of the world.

The only way that it causes pain, is if you identify with it.

Essentially it’s as if the fame and the person merge into one.

Fame is paradoxical in that, if you get it and it creates a false sense of self, then the fame that you wanted is potentially the biggest destroyer of peace in your life.

Remember, anything that boxes in infinite, eternity and timelessness will cause you pain inside.

When I say you’re in the statements below I’m speaking to the person from a logical sense of communication.

So if you’re famous actor or actress…

If you’re a famous sports player…

If you’re a famous musician…

If you’re a famous Youtube, Instagram, Facebook Vlogger sensation…

If you’re a famous writer, poet, movie director, creative in any sense of the word, and you identity with it, then you are dealing with a lot of pain inside.

Imagine for example infinity just as it is identifying with being a professional basketball player.

Being in the NBA is high profile (personhood) business in the eyes of billions of people.

And yet, if NBA Player X, identifies who they are in the absolute sense, then they are going through a whole lot of pain.

One may seem to think, that NBA players don’t go through pain. They have all the fame & fortune anyone could ever dream of.

What could be the problems of NBA player who never has to worry about financial problems. No worries of problems of being loved… by so many fans. Problems of having power, and getting what they want.

If this was the case, then NBA commissioner would have not recently said

“When I meet with them, what surprises me is that they’re truly unhappy,’’

The article continued to go on and say…

“For NBA commissioner Adam Silver, supporting players and their mental health is an ongoing initiative.

Silver told The Ringer’s Bill Simmons during an hour-long panel discussion at the 13th annual MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference on Friday afternoon. “A lot of these young men are generally unhappy.’’

This is by no means to single out the NBA. What it goes to show though is that no matter how famous someone is, in anything, it does not automatically mean that they do not suffer just as the typical ‘person’ does on a day to day basis for false identification.

And what’s potentially even more unfortunate for famous people is that they potentially here from thousands of fans, friends, and family members about how great of a…. insert any particular role that they are maybe more skilled at then the 99.999999% of the population.

You’re such a wonderful actor/actress…

You’re such a great sports player…

You’re such a creative artist…

You’re such a great musician.

And you hear this hundreds, and if not thousands of times from fans, the odds of believing it’s YOU are LOT higher, and boom false role merges with the person thus pain.

So the pain/suffering from someone as result of wanting to be in the role of someone who is famous because they don’t feel good enough, might be the exact degree of pain that the famous person is going through as a result of false identification with being a person.

In fact, I feel that as the world begins to awaken, not only will there still be these famous sports players, actors/actresses, musicians….ect

They will perform EVEN better, more harmoniously once they realize they never needed it to be the perfection that they already are.


We as humans are unconsciously terrified that because our experiences are passing, that our pleasurable experiences won’t satisfy us enough to release us from our trauma.

Thus we hold onto to the things that we have gone through in our life, our pleasurable experiences.

No matter how pleasurable an experience was, you can never experience that again. And even your memory of it is not going to free you.

Your memory of it, is really the memory of the person, the false self.

Those pictures on your fridge, if you see them and it takes you back and you think that you can somehow relive that experience because of your memory, then…. you guessed it pain.

The truth is the mind cannot fulfill you, because the thinking-mind is only a collection of thoughts which come and go.

So by thinking that somehow a past experience can give you something is thinking that the mind can fulfill you. But the mind is what projects the personhood into a false existence.


I’m an entrepreneur and I’m an ambitious one at that. So I would be hypocrite if I were to say that ambition equals pain. It can, and it is has created pain in me, when you get anxious for something to happen in the future that can release you of your trauma.

I’m willing to bet that if a traumatic psychologist was study the psychology behind ambition for almost every human being, what we would find hidden deep behind the dream board with the cars, the mansions, the traveling the world, the ‘helping people’, the happiness, the giving back, and yes, I’m talking to even those ‘positive’ people who ‘Don’t want success for themselves’ and I’m not quoting anyone in particular just that broad population who truly believes that their success can be for anyone other than themselves. (This is not selfish by the way, it’s selfless)

What I’m willing to bet is that you would find that hidden deep is the truest ambition to release & be free of trauma. To be free from trauma, to be free from the hard, exhausting search that plagues the human mind.

It’s really the personhood though that is exhausting. It’s not the ambition itself, it’s the person who is created from psychological time that is exhausting.

When you know that experience cannot give you anything that lasts because you know who you are right now, then you can be ambitious for the sake of having fun, experimenting, ENJOYING experiences in this limited time on earth.

In fact, entrepreneurship, ambition, creating something from nothing has been ABSOLUTELY more enjoyable now that I know it cannot give me anything that I am not already.

With this being said still continue on with your day to day activities.

Still continue to do the things that a person would, just know who you are right now, forever…and you will see that it will an enhance your life experience and you will see that the peace you are does not have anything do with being a person.