It’s beautiful to be alone. To be alone does not mean to be lonely. It means the mind is not influenced and contaminated by society. – Jiddu Krishnamurti

Ironically it took me a whole lot of hours of being alone to realize the true depth and importance of being alone.

The greatest part of being alone is that you have time to watch your thoughts come and go without being distracted by societies programming & conditioning.

There is nothing wrong with around others, it’s a great and beautiful thing but if you don’t learn how to be by yourself then you won’t be able to get in touch with The Self, and thus not be healed from Trauma.

Chances are when you’re with other people that’s a whole lot of thinking and potentially too much thinking.

That thinking that’s bouncing back and forth between you and other people is the conditioning that I speak of.

That conditioning is only building on top of itself keeping you from being with your true self.

Part of that conditioning is that we think we have to find love to be complete.

That we need to have friends to feel like we belong and that we are enough.

This conditioning of feeling like we need to find love, to have kids, to have friends, etcetera has latched onto us without our seeing it because we have not been alone.

The more significant reason is of course false identification with thought, but when you’re alone this gives you a chance to actually see who you are more thoroughly.

And what you will blossom when you learn to be alone and be comfortable with that will be magnificent.

You will see that you don’t need to have love to be perfect and complete already.

You will learn to see that you will see that you don’t need to have friends in order to feel accepted.

You will see that you don’t need to be surrounded by other people in order to be free within, as in at peace right now.

Finding a companion, having friends is such a beautiful thing ESPECIALLY when you don’t need them for your completion.

You will find that your relationships are then a lot healthier.

As long as you need your relationships to be a certain way, it will make those relationships unhealthy.

But when you have found peace in yourself in your aloneness, you will see that you don’t need your relationships to be any type of way to be a perfect relationship.

Being alone will help you come up with creative ideas that you wouldn’t have had you been surrounded by other people with their own ideas.

Some of the greatest inventors of all time like Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla and others have spent a tremendous amount of alone time.

It will help you come up with creative solutions to problems in your life instead of relying on others who may not give you the best answer that’s in alignment with your intuition.

Speaking of intuition, being alone will maximize your intuition or the answers that come up in silence.

If you have people telling you about their day, their problems, their drama all the time without a break from it all then your intuition will be blocked, and you will suffer as a result.

Again, this isn’t about having friends and relationships, it’s just learning to be comfortable being alone.

Being alone will show you things like, what you actually want to do with your life. What kind of career you would like, NOT what others want for you.

Remember there is no universal rule book on how you should be living.

And it’s awfully easy to forget this when you are 100% of the time surrounded by other people.

You will start to pick up on others beliefs, ways of thinking, paradigms and chances are it may not always be in aligned with your natural instincts.

Being alone helps you to flow through life, instead of being rigid because too many thoughts, opinions, perspectives have rubbed off you and become yours.

Being alone has helped me write this EBook, and to see the rules of the external so I can break them automatically by being spontaneous.

Being alone is a rebellious act, because in that one act alone you’re already breaking the rules which means you should be with somebody.


So as you begin to ground yourself in the now during alone time, whoever may fall on your lap as a result of knowing you are complete that someone will only enhance your vibration in this world.

Then that someone who be it a soulmate, friend will already be completion and you will merge into one with them.

One being, one consciousness, one flame.

A perfect yin & yang completion.

But that will ONLY happen as you begin to know who you are, and to be comfortable alone with who you are.

Being alone is like an extracting process. The more alone you are, the more being yourself becomes as easy as breathing.

You won’t find the need to rebel against society, because you will be at peace with society and thus being yourself will be like the flow of river.

As you begin to be alone the less you will feel the need to live up to the standards society has super-imposed onto you since birth in the physical.

The best way to get the most nutrients out of a vegetable is to throw it into a juicer that will extract the nutrients out of the vegetable.

And the best way to get the most natural, most unique, most authentic you in this world with zero effort on your part is being alone and loving that.