The single most important message that humanity needs to hear, and to deeply accept is this…

You are NOT your mind.

The mind is a collection of your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

When you take a look at the stage that the world is in, there is a lot of peace throughout, but there are still wars in which millions and millions of people are killing each other whether it’s over religion, beliefs, materials or resources.

The root of these common dysfunctions and insane world within humanity is the identification with the mind.

This means that we derive our sense of who/what we are with our thoughts, feelings and emotions.

This means that, although who we are is not the thought, feeling and emotion, the mind has become us because there is a source of unconsciousness that resides for the time being that the mind has blocked from our true timeless nature.

Then what/who am I?

Rather than telling you who/what you are, I’d like you to go deeply into your breath, go into the breath and stay deeply into your breath for at least a few minutes or as long as possible.

It is here—deep in the breath—where you will feel your true essence.

When you go deep into the breath for extended periods of time, you will quiet the mind and a level of stillness will arise from within you.

Stillness, simply the source from which the inner body rises into awareness, is silence and also known as the observing presence.

So if you are not a who, then are you a what?

NO, because a what implies that you are an object.

But for the sake of language, we have to use who or what, so in this case what you are is the “feeling” I am beyond all words, objects and identities.

Language can either be a barrier to understanding what is or it can be taken with a grain of salt and a pointer to an imageless feeling that is here in your awareness.

What your conscious presence or stillness allows you to do is to take a step away from the mind and its obsessive thinking, rather than only knowing thought without questioning it.

“Mind: A beautiful servant, a dangerous master.” – Osho

If you continue to be identified with the mind, then the mind will continue to master your life, to drag you through life and keep you trapped in deep states of unconsciousness.

With that being said, the mind and time are inseparable, meaning if you are not your mind then you also cannot be the past nor future.

You cannot be the story that your mind holds from your past experiences, and you cannot also be your anticipation of what the future holds.

If what you are is the feeling I am through this breath, and the past is only a memory in the mind, and the future is only an anticipation in the mind you cannot breathe directly in either component of time which is past/future.

Again, if you are not your past, then you are not your self-image (which is built through the lens of your past), and then both are dissolved into the full body awareness of this neutral presence.

This too goes for your anticipation of the future; if you are searching for a better self-image in the future then you can only look to your mind for salvation, which will always end in turmoil.

Your projected self-image also dissolves into the feeling presence.

How does this apply to everyday life?

There are several ways really.

#1. You will be more in tune with where all existence lies which is here in this moment.

So often you’re focused on going, going, going and if you continue being identified with the mind you will never stop going because the illusion that your mind is creating is that salvation is in the future.

#2. You will be free from the world running your life.

The mind itself is the conditioning and it is the conditioning that we use to survive in this physical world.

After all, It is “they” who said we need money to buy food, water, shelter and they, of course, are right for our physical survival. It is “they” who said we need to wear clothes, and they were right, unless you want to get arrested (chuckle).

It is “they” who said, we need an education and, of course, we need basic world skills. It is “they” who said we need to learn language so we can communicate with one another.

These forms of conditioning are necessary for our place in this world and for survival, but it doesn’t take away from that fact that they too are conditioning.

Conditioning is practical and we need it, but we need very little of it and a LOT LESS than we think we need.

The mind is storage simply for conditioning for survival, and if you are your mind then all the information that gets smashed into your mind will then become you or it will become your unconscious.

The disidentification from the mind allows you to take a step back from the mind, reside in the stillness, and start to go through your life using your intuition and your heart rather than what you “think” is absolutely necessary.

#3. No longer can anyone threaten you.

It’s one thing to say that I’m this conscious present moment, not the self-image, not the identity but what happens if someone talks down to you, makes fun of you or tries bully you with their ego?

Is your mind going to react from the past and handle that with the mind that seeks to find itself in an identity, who will get offended because the little mind made “me” has now been offended?

It’s one thing to know that you are not your mind and an entirely different wave of consciousness to actually feel life with that inner knowing.

Of course, nobody can threaten the real you, they can only threaten the mind that you identify with, thus the phantom identity and the one that gets “hurt.”

“Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.” – ACIM

With that being said, the average human has been so conditioned to identity with his/her mind, and deeply conditioned for centuries, that disidentifying with the mind will be extremely challenging.

Before you begin to believe that something as small as your internal freedom cannot make a large impact on the rest of the world, you must stop thinking and go beyond it.

It is there where you will begin to feel your inner connectedness with all that is and will then better feel why your inner state has a huge impact on the collective consciousness because it IS one with the collective.

Now is the time for humanity to rise beyond its mind and into higher levels of consciousness so that we can stop destroying each other.

The last thing you want to do though is to worry about the collective scale of consciousness.

I can never give you the freedom from your mind, I can never give you the conscious present moment, I can only be a guide for, you but there is this pathless conscious moment that you must feel through your inner body energy without the mind comprehending it.

And because of this no matter how highly conscious of an individual you become through higher awareness, you will never be able to also give someone presence.

The best thing an individual can do is expand their own awareness, and it will have a direct impact on the rest of humanity because we share the same humanity, the same world, and we are the same one consciousness.

The first thing you must do is become extremely vulnerable to the disidentification with the mind, with your self-image, with your identity and let it really sink into your being, into your blood, bones and the cells of your body.

By doing this and living a life with the FOUNDATION of the awareness and feeling of the present moment, you’re taking a step out of the slavery of time and expanding your awareness which could mean, in the grand scheme of things, saving a few thousand or even a few million lives.

YES, you have that power.

Don’t ask your mind to believe this, ask your heart if this is true or not through the feeling of no thought.

By expanding your consciousness you’re increasing the vibration, the frequency you send off into the world, sending an infinite number of domino effects going so far off into the universe that your mind won’t be able to comprehend, but there will be a level of peace that will confirm this.

Shhh…. Feel this.