What if Artificial Intelligence gets so smart that it destroys the human race?

Ever heard this question before when it comes to technology?

In fact, there have been several movies on this topic, most notably “I, Robot.”

A movie based on robots whose sole mission is to keep humans safe, which goes wrong, showcasing the possibility of robots taking over.

Well, I’m here to prove to you that Artificial Intelligence has already taken over the human race, but it’s not in the way that you think.

Firstly, let’s start with what A.I. is…

Keyword Takeaways:

— Visual perception

— Speech recognition

— Decision-making

— Translation between languages.

But let’s not stop here. Let’s take a look at a few other branches of A.I, machine learning, and deep brain learning.

Keyword Takeaways:

— Statistical techniques

— Learn

— Data

— Programmed…

Keyword takeaways: 

— Machine learning

— Data

— Task-specific 

— Algorithms

— Supervised

There is a different type of machine that has already taken over.

This is NOT….

— The machine that you use to cook dinner with (stove)

— The machine that you use to warm up your ramen noodles (microwave)

— Not the machine you use to keep your food cold (fridge)

— The machine you use to drive (car)

— The machine you use to watch Netflix and chill (TV)

— The machine you use for FB, Insta, Snapchat, or text (Phone)

— The machine you use to type up that college paper (Laptop)

— The machine you use to fly to cities, states, and countries (Airplane)

— The machine you use to play Fortnite (Video game)

— And certainly, not whatever machine you are using to read this…

No, the machine I’m referring to in this particular case is the machine that you use…


The machine that I’m referring to in this case is the…


Rather than saying the mind, and leaving it open for ideas, I simply state the tool where thoughts arise in and out of. 

A machine-like technology used above is not normally used as an analogy in comparison to the mind.

So, why here? 

The reason is that just as the technology above can take over your life, when you become overly reliant on or addicted to it…

…without knowing or realizing you can become addicted to your mind as well & addicted to thinking. 

Or perhaps, a better way to look at it is that rather than using the mind, you can end up becoming used by it

And if all that you know is thought, the experience with which these thoughts interpret life, then YOU ARE BEING USED BY THE MIND.

It’s as if the mind is a computer, a machine, and who you really are, has thought itself to be this machine.

A greater portion of the world does not know who they truly are, which is beyond thought, meaning that they are overtaken by the thinking-mind machine.

Consider again, the keyword takeaways from the Artificial Intelligence definition.

— Visual perception

— Speech recognition

— Decision-making

— Translation between languages 

All of these words are all used to describe artificial intelligence.

If someone was to ask you what the key components the mind is used for, you could almost use the exact same words as the words that are used to describe artificial intelligence. 

Then, consider the keyword takeaways of machine learning: 

— Statistical techniques 

— Data

— Program 

The mind thinks in terms of pattern recognition or statistical techniques. 

The mind takes in data from the world, in the form of information, beliefs, opinions, and perspectives, which is the programming itself. 

The data is a part of the programming.

The keyword takeaways from deep brain learning: 

— Data

— Task-specific

— Algorithms

— Supervised

Keyword takeaways for Algorithm 

— Rules

— Calculations

— Problem-solving.

The mind is its own algorithm; the rules are the data that it takes in from the rest of the world in the form of others’ thoughts, perspectives, and opinions.

The mind uses this data to create task-specific objectives, to calculate, and to problem-solve.

And those who “care” about you are there to supervise and to make sure the machine is working properly. 

Are you following the rules? 

Are you taking care of business? 

Are you “growing up”? 

Are you acting normal? 

Are you doing the right thing? 

Are you making sure you succeed in life? 

And making sure that you become someone worthwhile?

When it is said that the world has been taken over by artificial intelligence, it means that as a result of taking yourself to be the artificial intelligence, known as the thinking-mind. 

A greater portion of the world has been overtaken, hence, the reason it has been taken over by this kind of artificial intelligence. 

Rather than artificial, though, it’s more of a surface level intelligence, meaning that all the thoughts, beliefs, perspectives, and opinions are limited to this ERA of time that we are in. 

The reason that the mind is also surface level is that who you are in the absolute sense is not the mind or the thoughts that it thinks.

You are infinite, eternal, and not subject to time. 

Anything that the mind thinks is limited, and if you take yourself to be anything limited, you will live a life feeling unfulfilled and in deep pain. 

Being infinite is not about what you achieve in this world, nor based on what you think about yourself, but that you will no longer be limited, constrained, and barricaded inside the walls of finite thoughts, perspectives, and opinions. 

The thinking-mind is a beautiful, amazing, and astonishing type of technology that can experience this body/mind living in a lot of thrilling ways. 

The thinking-mind is infinite in that it can be used in infinitely many ways, but it is limited in that it cannot grasp consciousness.

The mind cannot be used in its boundlessness via external,  UNTIL you have transcended beyond it, as WHO YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY. 

The mind will be severely limited by this ERA of time we are in, by the rules, regulations, instructions established by the current society, or collective average thought process. (Data)

If you don’t believe these words, take it from Morpheus in the Matrix…

“The Matrix is a system NEO, that system is our enemy, but when you’re inside, what do you see?

Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters the very minds of the people that we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are a part of that system, and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand that these people are not ready to be unplugged. And so many of them are so dependent on the system that many of them will fight to protect it.

Being unplugged from the machine means finding out who you truly are….

The truth is…

People seem to think that The Matrix was a “deep” movie for entertainment purposes. 

And yet, it was a documentary showing that the human race has been overtaken by the Artificial Intelligence of the machine that perceives the Matrix.

So, what really was the Matrix?

It means that you take everything within this dream to be real. You take your thoughts, your life experience, to be reality. Not just to be reality, but that this reality is somehow completely stable. 

Not you, but your mind takes everything it interprets, grasps, and comprehends to be existence. 

When really the thoughts, experience, physical reality exists within existence. 

Those minds that think they found the answer when they call this world a dream don’t realize that the minds they take themselves to be are themselves the dream. 

The body-mind who has taken itself to be the mind is projecting the dream from its thoughts. 

The question is… 

Are you ready to be unplugged from your mind?

Unplugged from this machine, this superficial intelligence that takes itself extremely seriously…

Before moving on, rather than trying to understand the words moving forward using the intellect, use the body to understand, to feel, rather than to try to figure out with the thoughts… 

Remember, we are being unplugged from precisely that, the mind/intellect. 

If I were to give more things for you to think about, more information as a mental bone to chew on, then I would be encouraging you, to stay stuck in the Matrix, being used by the machine-thinking-mind rather than transcending it….

Awakening to who you are is being unplugged. 

The more important question is not the who and not the what…


The neutral Inner body awareness that KNOWS, without question, that where you are is right here, without thinking about it.

This knowing is being unplugged from the Matrix, from the machine, no build-up, nothing special, nothing complex, nothing to think about, nothing to ponder, nothing to contemplate, nothing to try for, nothing to put the effort in, just nothing.

Allow this neutral inner body awareness that knows you are here, to stay aware that you are here…

The end…

No thought of starting…

No thought of ending…

No thought of staying….

No thought of leaving…

No thought of before…

No thought of after…

No thoughts….

No emotions…

No awareness of the past…

No awareness of the future…

No awareness of mind…

No awareness of “me”…

No thought of awareness…

The ending of a beginning….