Where can you go that misery is not?

Let’s look into the cause of our suffering.

First and foremost, who you are is peace itself, the perfection of peace and complete in peace.
Who you are is neither happy nor unhappy; so to say that someone is happy in their misery is not based on reality from the start.

No conscious human being goes after suffering and pain. Who they are which is consciousness, is identified with the thinking-mind, and it is this mind, that creator of all pain and suffering, that wants more of what it created from the start.

It is not that the mind creates this pain on purpose, it’s that the mind cannot understand consciousness, so, therefore, consciousness (you), who identifies with the mind, is what creates the pain.

It’s simply the lack of awareness of what truly is absolute reality, existence and knowing that gives absolute internal freedom.

So, if you take yourself to be the mind, then you believe the self-image exists completely, you believe that the idea you take yourself exists absolutely.

This means that you can never let go of your past because thinking about it gives you too much pleasure, and you cannot let go of the future, because you believe that the thoughts imagining the future will enhance this idea of who you are, based on the past, and also will enhance your pleasure.

So because you believe yourself to be the mind, you believe yourself to be created from the past and built on top of from the future.

The stronger this mind created identity is, the more seemingly threatened the mind will be by who you are truly are, which is found in this very moment, when the mind dissolves.

The mind, however, has been told its whole life that you need to be something and because in this present moment, the mind dissolves, then you realize the nothingness that you are.

This is very horrifying to the mind created “me” that needs to hold onto the past to be something, and dwells in the future with the hopes to be something more. 

This idea that you need to be some thing or image, which is a concept, believes that being nothingness is equated with having no value, no self-esteem, no confidence, no self-love, no security, and, in fact, the opposite is quite true. 

This nothingness that you are, this emptiness that you are, is what is aware of this present moment, which is not just full, it is all that is.

How could you be more than all that is?

How could be more loving than love itself?

The truth is you don’t need to think of yourself as someone who is of value, who has esteem, confidence, security in order to be fulfilled and free in this moment and as this moment.

This is far from thinking deeply about your fulfillment; it’s about letting the non-movement of mind be the fulfillment itself.

Back to the false “me.”

When you see the illusory self after being identified with it, it hurts too much and to drop the ego or false “I” is to become annihilated.

From this very instant, either you are going to take a step into the unknown, which is the forever unknown according to human mind, or you are going take a step back into known, which is the unconscious belief that your entire self is built from thought.

The think-mind has been deeply embedded to be who I think I am, to make you feel like you’re happy just the way you are. 

However, when you really think you are your thoughts, then the stream of thoughts is never ending and, thus, no conscious presence is revealed, leaving it impossible for you to be set free.

Some false identifications are stronger than others, and the stronger the identification with the mind, the less thoughts will be questioned and the less that conscious presence will arise.

However, being that you have a physical body, you also have a mind so it is not necessary to try and be aware of this present moment all day.

It will take an instant in this moment of surrendering to what is being pointed to, all you need is a tiny glimpse into what is real, for awareness to do the rest.

“Every time you create a gap in the stream of mind, the light of consciousness grows stronger.” – Eckhart Tolle

The mind in the most natural state is a labeler, and identifier of situations and circumstances.
It requires one to know what’s going to happen in the future, it requires certain results to happen in life, expectations.

When you believe that life should turn out a certain way, you have built yourself a path to future pain when it doesn’t turn out correct.

“The moment that the illusion is recognized for illusion it becomes disillusionment.” – Eckhart Tolle

So what is all emotional suffering caused from?

The kind of suffering that is being referred to is not the kind from starving to death, or being physically hurt.

It’s psychological suffering as a result of the lack of awareness. The expansion of conscious awareness however, is just what the doctor ordered.

The mind thinks and only thinks in terms of the past, present and future. However, the present moment that it thinks of is not the conscious one.

The mind still perceives the present moment through thought, which means that’s still based through the eyes of the past.

So the mind is constantly stuck between what happened, what is happening and what will happen.

The mind is still fixated what the situation that is happening in this moment as the present moment.

The mind, though, can only know what is happening in this present moment because of what is learned. Learned, though, is past tense.

The present moment, however, does not leave you, does not exist in the mind, does not exist in time because it is space itself. You are space and space does not leave you.

Conscious presence is the space between thoughts, the space between each perceived object, the space that allows objects to be.

This same space is what allows the thoughts to be.

This space is consciousness, internal fulfillment, freedom and perfect peace.

The mind is so used to thinking about what happened and what will happen that it causes tension within itself.

When the mind believes the past as absolute and the future as absolute as a result of false identification, it’s a self-combustion of sorts.

And this self-combustion shows up in the forms of stress, anxiety and lack.

So the mind is so used to being stuck in the past and stuck in what’s going to be in the future that the mind is causing the misery.

Not you.

When awaken outside of mind identification, and are aware of the peace that you will never choose through awareness to go back to thinking that who you are is the mind.

You can forget still, and you will forget sometimes, but forgetting is not your choice, it is simply the lack of awareness that happens.

Identification with the mind happens, the never-ending stream of thoughts happens, presence remembering presence happens, awareness and lack of awareness happen.

The paradox is that the mind is not in control and neither is awareness because regardless if you are stuck in the mind, the awareness of who you are is still right here and right now in this instant.

Awareness of this moment is all that is and will not leave you, even if it may not seem like it when you are going through pain and anxiety.

Misery is chosen by the mind, so that eventually the mind can burn, feel the burn all the way through to its completion, so that the mind can burn out to know who you truly are.