SOUND OFF: Another Mass Shooting in Texas. 9 Killed, 7 injured. (Kids involved)

Step 1: Mass Shooting.

Step 2: Media frenzy.

Welcome to todays America.


Step 3: Argue about gun laws

Mental health

The right to protect the 2nd Amendment

Ban AR’s

Step 4: Rinse, Wash, Repeat.

If you’re looking at it strictly from the mind / mind identification

You’re going to look to laws to fix it. You’re naturally going to look outward to try to fix the problem..

That’s both trying to ban ARs and while also saying people should carry guns in public. BOTH are looking outward.

And when I speak to people about this. The mind tries in EVERY WAY possible to stay looking outward, as if the Ego suddenly was drowning trying to grasp for air (Look outward) in every way possible!

Just like the mind tries to do to fix it’s life problems, situations and challenges…


According to Bloomberg there are 120 guns per 100 residents. And there are 330 million people in the U.S. Which means roughly close to 500 million firearms?

Politicians can make it harder for people with mental health issues to get access to guns. But what about the other hundreds of millions already on the streets?

(In fact, just a few minutes ago, someone just drove over and killed 7 people in Texas)

Mental Health is such a vague topic. There are many different types of mental health issues. But nobody wants to look at the root, because they don’t see the root.

You can’t see the damaged roots of the tree, so how can know there is a problem if YOU’RE ONLY LOOKING OUTWARD?

As long the human population stays trying to fix the root on the branches of the tree (outside), it will ALWAYS continue in infinite complexity. When you’re talking about how many people there are….

…Too many opinions. Too many perspectives. And besides the mind doesn’t really really know what you want anyways…

We have to start at the very very deepest root. Infinite simplicity. Ground up. In fact groundless, bottomless, beginning less.

Such as for example: Breath Attention.

I don’t want to hear why we have a mental health issue until we start questioning why the human civilization has not made Breath Attention the first and foremost fundamental part of being a human “Being”

Breath Attention should be a STAPLE, at the FOREFRONT of the EDUCATION SYSTEM, THE WORKPLACE, and CULTURE.

No belief systems, propaganda or indoctrination is needed to know that this feels intuitively right from human being too human being. Breath attention leads to immediate infinite simplicity.

It is the reason you know you’re alive. It is the ground upon with which you can experience anything at all. It is what allows you to find safety amidst you’re emotional turmoil, calms the nervous system and brain down. And the beginning of having any semblance of mental clarity and stability.

Living in stress, anxiety and fear is “Normal” for society and directly connected to these shootings. The connection is unconscious to the breath is part of the collective paradigm and is thick in the air.

What does it look like in a society where breath is not a foundation? Alcohol addiction, drug abuse, Sugar Addiction, Wars, Mass Shootings & … A Violent culture.

Then we can start to talk about other fundamentals which overlap and lead to the same peace, ease, and clarity.

#1.) Inner Body Attention. Noticing the direct inner energy field of the body and of being alive.

#2.) Who You Are (Identity is only a human made up concept. Finding out who you are beyond all identities, including and especially your thoughts)

#3.) Where You Are. (Location is also a human made up concept. Finding out where you are, beyond all locations and no matter what.)

#4.) As much as Enlightenment and Self-Realization may sound abstract to every day understanding. It is because the collective paradigm is TRAPPED IN ABSTRACTION, that earth and human population is facing destruction to begin with. We have TO FIND what is stable, permanent, undeniable and irrefutable (who and where you are) if we want to end these.