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We help AWAKEN the Inner You...

Have you ever been deeply inside a dream that you were certain was real? 

That is UNTIL you had awakened.

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We offer guided meditations to help you deal with anxiety, stress or depression, giving you the chance to heal. 

Grab your headphones

Listen in a quiet place. Our Guided Meditation is designed to convey positive energy to your inner self.

Relax and listen

You will be surprised by the relief you are going to feel even at the end of the first session.  

Replenish. Be happy.


I created Universoul Awakening because I realized that there exists an inner peace and tranquility within all of us. 

We just need a way to harness & make it part of our day to day lives & Universoul Awakening is that gateway. 

What we do

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Start valuing and accept yourself for who you are and develop a sense of gratitude with our Guided audio meditations. 

Heal your inner spirit or get help with any anxiety or trauma you may be experiencing by reading one of our e books.  

Make friends, unwind and get inspired daily by joining our Free Facebook Group with over 114,000 members.  

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