It’s 2018, the 21st century of humanity.

So what does that even mean?

I mean, let’s just say, that eternity means that humans are going to continue living on forever.
So, with time being relative, where does this current version of humanity fit within the timelessness of eternity amongst the rest of humanity?

I’ll tell you how, by this generation putting a dent into the universe for the rest of eternity, and we can only do that by expanding our awareness on an individual basis.

And by expanding your awareness, you will be growing into a new kind of a human. I call it transforming, in this very instant, into a new kind of human, and becoming a new kind of human means, that you need the future to come in order to grow.

What I’m saying is, like what most of the self-help, personal development industry means, that when you are growing, you’re expanding the mind, which does takes time. Growing the mind, expanding the mind, means that you need the future to pass.

With awareness, however, you do not.

In fact, it is not the real you that is growing, the real essence of you does not need to grow, nor does it need the mind-made concept to grow.


Because the real you already is perfect.

To grow means that something must be wrong or not already complete to begin with.

Awareness is when the real you is being realized, and this will directly reflect as growth related to the perception of things.

Everyone wonders what happens in life after death. But I’m here to tell you that it does not matter one inkling, and here is why.

Worrying about the future, or some future destination, means that beyond the way that your mind perceives reality, things are not already perfect as they are, which is the lack of awareness, or clouded by perception.

When you worry about what happens in the “afterlife,” you are still focusing your energy on some future moment.

And the human mind is built to anticipate the future, but what happens when the physical body dies?

The human mind goes with it.

So the very concept that the mind creates about the future will also go with it. This means that your mind will never know the future, so it does not really matter how much you speculate about it.

So why does transforming into a new kind of human happen in this instant?

It is because you are not focusing mainly on expanding the mind.

You are realizing who you are, which can only happen in this instant, because the real essence of you is the instantaneous feeling that you are right here without the mind knowing it.

As you are aware of this, your awareness instantly expands, and thus evolution of your consciousness.

The evolution of your consciousness will have a direct impact on the growth of your mind, meaning that it will enrich the mind.

Here is also why you don’t need to worry about what happens after the mind and body dissipates from this earth.

The present moment is eternal.

The reason why?

You cannot directly experience the past and future; you can only directly experience now.

Meaning that your mind can never think outside of this moment, you can never, nor have you ever, breathed outside of this moment, and the body has never stepped foot outside of this moment. (Pun intended)

In your memories of the past, it was the situation you were in, what was going on, but that was a memory of what was going on in this present moment.

In your anticipation and your projection of your situation into the future is still what is going to happen in this present moment.

“I have realized that the past and future are real illusions, that they don’t exist in the present, which is what there is and all there is.” ― Alan W. Watts

The words are only pointers to what is trying to be said, but although you have not done anything outside of this moment, very rarely have you been truly aware of this moment.

By being aware of this moment, you are now the conscious moment. That happens NOT on the level of thought but on the inner body awareness that you are right here.

When you are aware of this moment, or the conscious of Now, the eternity as you is looking directly through you; this will bring instant joy, and the lengthier periods of time that you lose time, the deeper the joy penetrates.

Unlike pleasure though, which is something that you rely on outside of you to be happening, joy is more in realizing the perfection of simply being without the need to think for once.

From a relative standpoint, yes, you do grow, because in this physical world we still use time and measure results based on time.

How am I now versus how I was in the past versus how I will be in the future?

The mind is expanding in one fluid motion as the time passes; so from that aspect, you cannot not grow.

Patterns will be recognized, and more frequently, the more you simply exist on this planet earth.

The present moment is as it is because it cannot grow. What does grow, expand, lengthen and deepen is your awareness of this timeless awareness.

It’s the paradox of the time and timeless. Who you truly are is timeless but you occupy a mind for a little while which is of time, so while you are here on earth the longer periods of TIME, you, are aware of the timeless.

Why do you not need time to expand this awareness of the timeless?

Because in this instant, the thoughtless awareness of this moment will automatically expand your awareness on its own.

It means that, without the mind needing to try, the present moment will hit you more often, and it will lengthen on its own accord. While trying is in the mind; awareness is effortlessness itself.

So what would the old human being look like?

The one that is stuck in the past.

But believe it or not it is also the one who is stuck in the future.

The old human paradigm is to be stuck to a large degree in time, to be stuck in the mind as the mind.

For centuries time has enslaved us by thinking we need to hang onto everything in our past and to get to the future as fast as possible. It has taken control of our every move.

What this common mind dysfunction has caused is pain and suffering.

Being aware of the present moment, means the mind has to surrender to its death, not forever, in this physical world, just for this very instant which brings peace, without the NEED to do something or to get somewhere.

Consider success for instance. If you are ambitious and you are constantly striving, constantly trying to succeed, when does that ever end?

What’s the point of trying to gain everything in the world, if you can never just relax in the moment and be comfortable without needing to do anything?

We have been overly conditioned to believe that if we do nothing that we are a bum. This is precisely why we find it hard to simply relax into this moment and let this moment be perfect, as perfection itself.

In fact, many people go their entire lives without having present moment awareness, and because of that, they could never be absolutely fulfilled.

They may think that they are, after gaining that new house, that new car, or that new someone, until time passes and they look to the next thing.

But there is only one thing that can absolutely fulfill you, and that is that which does not need the passing of time.

So many times I have been told that if I suffer it’s because of the way that I am thinking.

And although this is true to a certain extent, it’s still only a small portion of the real reason we are suffering. You are suffering, unsatisfied, feeling lack because you don’t stop thinking.

You are not aware of that silent space, silent thoughtless awareness that does not leave you; you have been turned into a thinking machine.

A lot of the time the reason that you are thinking negatively to begin with, and this negativity takes you over, is because the never-ending stream of thought takes you over.

The interesting thing about the mind is that we generally believe time linearly. We conceptualize time as past, then present, then future, and that’s how we look at time.

And yet, because we think about what is happening in this present moment doesn’t mean the true awareness of presence is available.

Conscious presence is not about what is happening; it  is about the space inside you that does not leave you, the non-movement of mind that does not leave you.

Mind is built from two components, the past and the future. What is happening according to your mind in this present moment is still being perceived by the past, NOT the conscious moment.

Thoughts are entirely made up of past and future, but in your observing conscious presence, there is no mind.

Expanding your awareness and transitioning into a new kind of a human isn’t about gaining new information.

Expanding your awareness is about letting go of all past information for this moment, including what your reading, because ultimately these words that you read are just information.

These words can only point you in the direction of expanding your awareness, but not the awareness itself.

The conscious presence cannot be defined, limited to words, thoughts or knowledge. The present moment by nature is incomprehensible and, therefore, must be realized through being.

So the only thing you have to do to help humanity take the next step is nothing, because you cannot “do” anything to expand awareness.

If there is no mind in conscious awareness, there is no thing, so there is no doing. Focus your attention on space, which is no-thing.

Transitioning into a new kind of human, or the evolution of humanity, is not that we gain more knowledge, more information; it’s not that we become a greater success, built more character, expanded science; it’s none of this which is all a part of time.

The next evolution of mankind is to evolve in this moment by being aware of it through neutral, nothingness awareness.

The reason that this is a spiritual awakening is because spirituality is about the inward reality, and one must realize the emptiness of mind as the inner, that is not a direction, or location but the timeless dimension of infinite space.