Have you ever felt pushed to become somebody than who you are right now?

Did it make you feel bad for not being at a certain point in life?

“You have to want to succeed more than you want to breathe” – Eric Thomas

What Eric Thomas is saying is that you have to want to be more successful which is future oriented more than you want to be in present moment.

And you have to want success more than you want to breathe.

This is the “hardworking” paradigm that thousands upon thousands throughout the history of mankind have become successful with.

You say success is how you define it?

From the point of view of logical success, it’s about visualizing a destiny and putting in the hard work to manifest that imagination into physical reality.

It’s the desires that are defined differently.

If you look at the most successful people of all time from Arnold Swarzeneggar, Oprah Winfrey, Andrew Carnegie, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney to Richard Branson, and the list goes on, they would tell you something similar to that of Eric Thomas.

If you want to manifest a differently lifestyle, then it’s going to take continuous work, repeated in and out over a long period of time.

With this being said, it’s time go from the hardworking dominant mindset to a higher conscious awareness.

For me, I started my entrepreneurship journey and what made me so passionate and motivated was the fear of death, the fear of eternity.

I got so motivated that it hurt if I was not putting in some kind of action, no matter how small it was.

What I had learned over the course of my spiritual journey was that regardless of what goals and ambitions you have in life, it does not matter for the sake of your internal freedom, unless you enter into higher dimensions of consciousness.

Don’t take it from me though, take it from Jim Carrey

“I’ve often said that I wish people could realize all their dreams and wealth and fame, so that they could see that it’s not where they’re gonna find their sense of completion.”

What Jim Carrey means is, and what I had grown up in a world learning “The only thing you need is a good intellect and a hard working mentality.”

And what I did not realize is that your sense of completion can only happen in one place, and one time and that is in this moment.

Not the moment that you can think of, but the present moment that you can feel from within, the I AM HERE  existing now because I can feel it present moment.

Anything you project into the future, and dwell on, is taking you completely away from your true home, your true fulfillment, and that is right here and right now.

Let’s face it though, as an entrepreneur and even as a human being, you need the future.

The point is, is that you need it for practical reasons, but the moment that the future becomes WAY more important than where you are right now, then there will be a sense of internal emotional pain.

And what happens is that when you get into the paradigm or the average way of thinking that my dreams, ambitions and goals are much more important than where I am, then this thinking gets entrenched into your subconscious and autosuggestion.

What will end up happening with this mentality?

If you build your mind so strongly to believe that my future ambitions are much more important than where I am right now, then the desired destiny will essentially be guaranteed.

Almost all self-help authors or speakers would tell you that as long as you have right mental mindset, a hard work ethic, and you never quit, your success will be guaranteed.

Here is the challenge with that statement in terms of internal freedom.

Let’s say you desire a house, on a beach in California ocean side, built to perfection the way you imagine it, and it takes you 10 years to get, and your dreams finally come true.

The amount of failing it took, the buildup, the lack of resources, the constant grinding on the journey and you finally did it, you finally achieved what you so desperately wanted.

An internal feeling of pride, of joy, of bliss has overwhelmed you the instant you bought the house.

The first few months you are in constant awe that it finally came true.

The next few months you are still happy as can be.

The following few months, going on half a year, it’s nice.

A year in…. cool.

2 years in, it’s a nice house but it could be better, bigger, longer, a better view, nicer neighbors…etc.

3 years in, Ehh, this house just isn’t what it used to be.

Why is that?

Because the initial excitement, as with all material success, will be at it’s very peak the moment you acquire it and will then begin to diminish in value from that point going forward.

But even the moment you acquire what you wanted, if you haven’t found that dimension of consciousness from within, then you will feel good, but there will be an underlying feeling of unease inside.

Here is why.

The paradigm you build over the length of 10 years, of constantly having to get to the future, has been deeply entrenched into the subconscious, so that even when you acquire desire material success, without higher consciousness, that paradigm will stay the same.

Let’s say for 10 years you want to acquire a Lamborghini, a mansion and a boat.

Your desire becomes so strong that you have to race to the future to get it.

As soon you acquire the Lambo, the mansion and the boat, your average way of thinking is still going to be in the having to race to the future paradigm.

Because what you know deep down is that the Lambo, the mansion and the boat, did not fulfill your completion, so onto the next thing in the hopes that it will.

Your constant average of way thinking is that I have to put in MASSIVE amounts of action, and even when you acquire the nice things, massive amounts of action will be your average way of thinking.

And as Eckhart Tolle says

“It does not matter how much we ‘do’ if we neglect ‘being’”

Deep in your being, what you know is your completion is this very moment, because it is your being, it is you.

The new way this looks is, all right I will put in lots of action, but it will never be more important than my state of consciousness, which is the state that I am aware that I am.

So is it bad to desire?

Is it bad to want more in life?

Of course not.

In fact, having a Lamborghini, a mansion, a boat are amazing things that we can utilize to experience this world, if that’s how we choose to experience it.

The point is not to use the present moment as a simple stepping-stone for the future, by bypassing the one thing that is the constant freedom.

When you make the present moment the foundation of your life then everything that you ‘do’ becomes enriched, full of energy and joy.

So why is it that so many people of the world are so caught up in the future?

It’s because the world has had a very subtle, but yet dominating, way of saying that you NEED to be somebody, that you need to walk on trails that have already been paved, because they are successful, rather than creating your own path of completion, and making that path this moment.

Jim Carrey’s message at the Golden Globes perfectly illustrates this.

“And when I dream, I don’t just dream any old dream, no sir. I dream about being three-time golden globe winning actor Jim Carrey. Because then I would be enough.”

What Jim is saying is that the world established this sense that once I’m extremely successful in the eyes of the world, then and only then would I be enough.

Translation, if I’m not there yet, in the future yet, then I’m not enough.

Realizing higher conscious is that not only am I enough in this moment, I’m already complete, perfect in this moment as this moment.

Nothing you do, or achieve, will make your more whole than you are in this very moment, right now.

He continues to say….

“Then it would finally be true. Then I could stop this terrible search. That ultimately won’t fulfill me.”

He knows that this search that we have been on for this material success to fulfill us is terrible because it’s causing us a lot of harm internally.

By searching for material labels, such as now that you have that material you are glorious in my eyes, for fulfillment is causing emotional agony.

Ultimately our search to find some kind of self-identification and self-satisfaction will eventually be destroyed by time.

All fulfillment lies right where you are in this moment.

Does the search for material success have to end for peace?

Absolutely NOT.

Does search for material success to fulfill you have to end for the sake of internal freedom?
Absolutely it does.

You can still go after your dreams and experience an amazingly high abundant life of material success, so long as you find joy first in this very moment.

True joy is the realization that this moment is enough as it is, and so am I.

When the present moment, as the inner body sensation that I am here becomes the fulfillment and foundation of your life, then regardless of what you’re doing a very subtle level of peace will be underneath the doing.

Once you realize higher consciousness, then achieving whatever you want will only enrich the joy and fulfillment that you have already found.