He was 40 years of age, has a wife, 3 daughters and 2 sons.And his family where really close to ours.I have quite a large family, and we have several get togethers through out the year.

We go comping a few times a year. And every time he and his family are always apart of most of the things that we do.He had a heart attack a few days ago at work and was on life support and past away yesterday morning.It was gut wrenching.

It’s been tough and I can’t imagine what his family is going through. I was literally just with him like a little over a month ago at one of our cookouts.It feels like just yesterday he was helping me with a flat tire.

OrWhen we were sitting at a table and I was showing him and his wife what true unbelievable relaxation was.I remember vividly the look on his face was shocked that the greatest peak relaxation is here already and looking through our eyes.

Or times we would sit around the campfire during camping, and have conversations how about how he raised himself at the age of 12.

This goes to show you that at any time, any place and in any moment you or someone you know could move on forever.In one singular instant you can be have a direct/immediate conversation with someone for the last time.

And it’s cliche that none of us escape death of this body/mind.

But it’s a lot more obvious when you will no longer be able to hug someone or shake their hand ever again.His death doesn’t feel real. Like what is imprinted in my memory of him is that he exists, he’s alive and well.And won’t be long before he’s giving me shit around the campfire about the little I know about anything. LOL ??

Which begs the question what is real?

Morpheus — “What is real? How do you define real? If you’re talking about what you can feel; what you can smell and taste and see, then real is, simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain.”

According to eternity or timelessness all of these situations/circumstances barely even if exist, IF they do exist at all.Seriously, how could you compare anything fleeting to what is immeasurable?

Such as…Eternity or Infinity.Because according to those immeasurables nothing truly does exist. Even the greatest and deepest philosophy of all time.

Matter is constantly changing form. No specific concrete point in time exists in a permanent sense.The only way you can determine what is real from unreal, is to know that which in you is infinite, eternal and timeless.

Have a look. But don’t look with the mind or thought. And even more important, look without looking.

By Matthew Scott Donnelly