Ah fear, one of the great mysteries of life and it comes in all different forms.

The key pointer to truth here is from the word form.

It’s because ALL fear stems from what can be grasped, comprehended and interpreted with the mind. 

The mind is a form that is the interpreter of all the forms that exist in the galaxy, the world and everything inside of the world.

However, who you are in the absolute sense does not know fear because who you are is already complete. Who you are is deathless because it is birth-less, so the first thing that must be understood is that all fear exists in the human mind.

Fear is the projection or anticipation that something might happen that you desire to know or that something may not happen that you desire to happen.

The real you cannot not be grasped, interpreted or comprehended by thought forms and constructs.

This means that the real you is formless, but you do know the real you without the mind being here.

Just because the mind can’t grasp you does not mean that you are not directly aware of you, in this instant.

This means that there is absolutely no fear in the real ‘”you” and because the real “you” is formless then fear is nothing but form.

So  from where does this fear take form?

What kind of forms does it take?


When you think of having a mental disease you may think of things along the lines of schizophrenia, autism, bipolar or dementia.

However, there is a bit of disease at the core of every human mind. This of course does not make who you are in the absolute sense any less, because, as said before, who you are is already complete.

The disease that lies in the core of every human mind is neurosis or an obsessive-compulsive thought stream that never ends.

Thought itself has one mission and that is to stay alive and to replicate itself, over and over again.

Neurosis is a direct sign that thinking has taken control of your body completely; it means now you are now possessed by the mind and that is neurosis.

According to Google,

Neurosis is a relatively mild mental illness involving symptoms of stress, depression, anxiety, obsessive behavior and hypochondria

A lot of people say don’t overthink life and you cannot overthink; you can only one thought at a time until the next thought comes in.

You can, however, never stop thinking, meaning that thoughts after thoughts come in without a break from thought.

This is the ROOT core of all stress, depression, anxiety and obsessiveness over life.

Most people would conclude that they don’t have a disease and that they are fine. As that definition said, Neurosis is “relatively mild,” so it not really considered a disease.

The never-ending stream of thoughts is very subtle in that a good portion of the world does not realize that they are thinking, thus having neurosis.

Thinking your way through life is the normal mindset.

And until you are aware of your thoughts, the damage of the neurosis will continue and grow and feed off itself like a parasite.

This means that because your mind has made the body it’s master, it is going to continue deepening to the slavery of its thoughts.

All fear just so happens to begin first in the mind and it comes in the form neurosis.

Mindfulness is the very first step to making the mind your servant and not being mastered by it.

Mindfulness is the ability to be aware that you are thinking. This will allow you to begin questioning your thoughts and not taking the mind as seriously.

Known & Unknown

“One is never afraid of the unknown; one is afraid of the known coming to an end.” ― Jiddu Krishnamurti

The known is generally referred to as what the mind has gathered from its past, in the form of experiences and information

However, when you find out who you really are in this moment, then you will begin to realize that what your mind knows from the past is distorted by that things the world has already changed.

When you know who you are in this moment, you will realize that you are just fine, you are complete in this moment.

This doesn’t mean you may not experience physical pain in this moment, but while that pain is going on underneath the mind you are complete.

In the direct awareness of this moment, where you exist, you are fine and the absolute knowing is just fine.

“What is wrong with the present moment, when I don’t think about it?” – Sailor Bob

The pain occurs, fear is pain because of the thought. The thought is a fear projection into the unknown, the mind projecting to a potential threat to your perfection of this moment.

The truth is you already know this moment is perfect, even when there are thoughts, you know this even if the mind does not realize it.

So when the mind projects to the future, it’s because the mind cannot realize that who you are is already free in this present moment.

You can never and will never experience the future, so you will also never be able to experience the unknown either.

You can only directly experience what you can know right now.

The unknown is a complete illusion all together, you are never not in a state of knowing; it’s just that the mind, which is stuck in the past and the future, does not realize this yet.

Your mind may not have all the information, all the knowledge in the world, but since even knowledge is relative, then there is no need to have all the information in the world.

Your mind will never have all the information and all the knowledge in the world and it does not need to know for you to be all knowing in this direct moment.

Information is a relative; knowledge is perceived information that can enhance the experience of your mind.

Knowledge, if you think it will save you, will keep you trapped in the obsessive steam of thoughts.

Everything “you” need for your peace and love happens in full realization in this moment, without thinking about it.

This moment is eternal.

This is not deep; this is not philosophical because the moment that you are always in is never in the past and never in the future.

It is only the thinking-mind that chops the moment up into the past and future, so that the mind cannot digest this world of form.

Obsessive thinking comes in the form of always trying to understand, trying to interpret, trying to comprehend because you subconsciously think you need to in order to be fulfilled, to be free.


Uncertainty is also caused from the thinking-mind needing to know how the future is going to play out.

The mind needs, it wants, it craves how things will eventually look because the mind is afraid of what it does not know.

But because the mind can never know, until awareness has swept through the body you will understand that the mind can never know.

Ask yourself…

All day long your mind continues to go When?



And so on and so forth.

Uncertainty is a dysfunction of the human conditioning, because of the fear based society that has made its way through our minds, that trickles back from centuries ago.


When do the questions ever end?

I mean sure it’s great to learn but sometimes we must take a break from questions and ‘be’ here than to try and learn as much information that we possibly can.

It’s not that learning is a bad thing but stuffing our minds with more and more information will just continue to keep our minds running, and obsessing. And a mind that never stops will always be extremely unpeaceful.

Life, Death & Nothingness

Do you know that there is a whole lot more to death than the physical?

It’s true, but what else could possibly die other than the physical body?

Your mind made “self,” “personality,” conditioning (and everything in between) is what can also die.

In the reality of the absolute “self” there is no-thing, because there is no mind to interpret anything.

The reason why is that the mind must be filled with thought, is that it must do, it must have, it must want, the mind wants to go forever.

This is what creates fear, the fear of not getting what it desires.

What is the point of the absolute ‘self’ being no-thing?

It is in this no-thingness, in this pure hollowness from within in which your being has been realized as pure awareness, pure aware neutral presence.

And in this state of experiencing presence there is no-mind which means you are not just existing but eternal existence is being revealed as you.

So you see, at the very peak of dying (dying to the mind made “self”) the mind created “time,” and ultimately the mind made existence is where the totality of ALL life exists.

Even when this “self” fails at something, gets criticized, gets yelled at, talked down to it always knows that the anger or grief that arises is because the ego is trying to protect it’s “mind” made “self.”

The death of this mind made ‘self’ is when there is no “self” for any of that to be afraid of.

Fear happens as a result of thinking that who you are is thought, that with enough thought you will become fulfilled and that is out there at some future time.

Fear evaporates in the very moment of self-realization.