I was watching a video from one of the guys who I follow on Youtube, Benjamin Smythe.

What this guy said is super important to understand, and I’m going to break up his video in segments and expand on what he had to say.

I’m going to refer to Benjamin: every time I quote him.


“Everything that we know about, besides the sort of physical objects, places in the world the geography of the planet. But the names, labels, the ideas, the yoga, the meditation, the tai chi, the sports, the political systems, the economy, the transportation, how things are designed ALL of that. All of that was made up.

Think about how everything you look at, every-THING you have ever thought about is made up. This isn’t an opinion, it’s a fact.


“It was made up by something that looks like this (referring to his body)”

What I find by this statement is that everything in this world, no matter how seemingly unbearable it is to seem like you could ever create something as magnificent is made up, remember the reason it’s called “man-made” is that another human being, no different than you or me, put his idea to the test.


“And when we find ourselves inside of these cultural systems, some of them have functional aspects. A lot of them don’t. What’s amazing is that it’s just made up! The republican, the democrats, dollars, euros, the stock exchange, or…kung Fu, basketball or how cars are supposed to look. It’s all made up!”

Benjamin is continuing to elaborate on the fact that everything you can think of that is not natural to the earth or the solar system, etc., is made up.


“Nobody owns the planet. So all this creativity, which is what it was originally, it’s creativity can become something that feels very REAL. And it’s so easy to forget that everything that the human being believes, is made up….by other people.”

It’s like many mystical sages have said…

Your thoughts are borrowed from other people.

The easiest way to know this is to allow a new born baby to think without guidance as it passes through its infant stages.

It’s obvious that a new born baby would not be able to survive without borrowing other people’s thoughts.

How to talk, walk, read, write and the many basic things that it MUST borrow the worlds thoughts in order to survive.


“If you go out under the stars and you take a look at the stars. You know the names of the constellations, the Greeks, you know that’s Orion, NO they don’t, their dead. The guys who made that up are dead. I’m going take back the stars. That’s M31, NO, no sorry that’s still the same game. The people who make up the stars scientifically are STILL MAKING SOMETHING UP. I’m going to take back the stars. Connect the dot, one big F*cking billboard. Amazing! Belongs to all of us. And nobody owns it exclusively.

The human mind is complex, INFINITE in our labels of what is by nature mysterious and we take these labels, these boxes of the mysterious and believe them to be true in the absolute sense.


“And the reason I share this is because sometimes, you can get a sniff of that. You go wait a minute, (sniff) (sniff), I know we’re taking this PHD thing serious, and the way that we’re “supposed” to dance thing seriously, the way music is supposed to sound seriously but…………. Isn’t it MADE UP? It’s totally made up.”We get so conditioned, so cultured, so programmed by the borrowed beliefs of others that we take to be true, that we end up thinking that life situations, circumstances are supposed to look a certain way. But all these beliefs are made up!


“The School system? Made up. The way your car, your house, and your bike is supposed to look? Made up. It’s all made up. And then it’s forgotten. It’s forgotten that we’re just a creative being. And then we go (Shotgun pumping sound) THAT’s HOW YOUR HOUSE IS SUPPOSED TO LOOK. Don’t you cross that line (Shotgun pumping sound) That we enforce our make believe.”

Think about all the rules, regulations, guidelines, instructions that we take to be absolute and then if someone doesn’t agree with us, we MUST MAKE THEM BELIEVE or ELSE!

People seem to think that the government is some other society, when it is our personal

JUDGMENTS on other people are no less than the same government “out there” that is part of the overall make believe.


“Its’ all a part of the fun.”

This means that regardless of how many infinite amounts of judgments there are, it’s all a part of the cosmic joke of this entire play of make believe. In other words, it’s not entirely a challenge regarding internal suffering.


“And wait a minute! Somebody DEAD, made this shit up! Whoever made up religion is dead. Whoever made up the different political systems, their dead. Whoever made up the school system? Dead. So the dead, it’s like we live on a planet where we worship the dead. The dead’s ideas still get to run this incredibly fresh creative potential that we are. It’s OK, change is hard we get that. But how nice we get to know it’s made up, everything is made up. Everything is made up out of the human creativity and imagination, except for the material”

I have only watched this video once, and while I write, I’m laughing my butt off in Panera Bread, realizing how hysterical it is that millions and millions of dead people’s ideas still run this planet.


“You get a Jew, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, a child, an atheist, scientist, Muslim, a native American, stick them all on the shore of the Pacific Ocean and they all might be able to describe differently and a tidal wave comes (Pop) it doesn’t matter what they believe.”

It’s so funny how much make believe that we create that makes us forget that we are all humans, so naked, so bare naked in our humanness and no beliefs, no matter how strongly believed in, can change that.


“The planet is so honest, and then we are playing make believe and forgetting (shotgun pump) and then enforcing our make believe. Maybe I don’t have any hope that, that stops but maybe little by little, some of us can remember that this shit is ALL MADE UP. How else can we play? Do I have to take this seriously? This thing you believe that a dead person wrote about?” (Laughs!)

Will the make believe ever stop?

Probably not, the world wouldn’t know what to do without the joke.


“Are you going to fight me over make believe? You might. I’m still going to call it make believe. Whatever it is. All of it, the entire thing has been made up. All culture is made up. The clothes, it’s all made up. It helps to remember because it helps not to take it so seriously. And yes people go to war over it, but not all of us have too. It’s just momentums of dead people’s ideas and we are not dead and no one owns the planet…. Fresh.”

While we are deconstructing the rules that we have believed in, let’s continue to burn through all of the things that we make up and believe in.


How you are supposed to act, behave in public, how you are supposed to approach people.

Have you ever heard of that whole statement that there is a time and place for everything?

That’s made up as well. There is nobody to be, no way to act, no time that you have to do anything.

Yes, there are laws which are made up by society that you must follow or you will be in jail/prison for  sure, but there is a very fine line, between following the laws and being turned into a robot, based on ways to be which are made up by how people think you should act.


If you want to talk with someone but are not sure how to approach or what to say to them, GREAT, do it anyways, even if you tremble.

Because remember, no matter how you think you should approach someone, or what to say it is all made up anyway.

Since there is no specific way to approach someone or something specific to say to anyone, make it up along the way.

It’s only because you think that there is a certain way to approach or a certain thing to say that is keeping you from opening up to someone.


Make it up along the way. Everyone else has made up their own lifestyle, even if it is intensely influenced by dead people, which almost everything is.

There is no universal rulebook of how you should be living your life. There is no one right way to live, or a specific rulebook to follow based on other people’s perceptions.

Make it up along the way.

The takeaway from all this is that no matter how you think, feel and act that seems to be rebellious and according to someone rules, no matter if it’s your friends, family, or co-workers, when you make up how you choose to live, it is no different than their own make believe.

It’s just this time around, you won’t be so heavily influenced and take someone’s lifestyle to be the true way of living.


Know that for certain any and every belief is made up by others. People say that they are free thinkers and there is no such thing as being a “free thinker.”

There is using your borrowed thoughts from other people in more creative ways, but at the end of the day those are borrowed thoughts.

Every single word that you know has been made up as a part of whatever language that you have learned.

When I say borrowed, I mean you learn it and you use it. If you borrow a belief from someone and you take that belief to mean the absolute truth, that is when you are being used by that thought/belief and that is when suffering begins.

Whenever you begin to suffer, ask yourself what it is that you are taking so seriously?

Are you taking the made up beliefs to mean the truth?

The suffering is fine, let it be the awareness of the suffering that sets you free.

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