1. “Enlightenment is a destructive process. It has nothing to do with becoming better or being happier. Enlightenment is the crumbling away of untruth. It’s seeing through the facade of pretense. It’s the complete eradication of everything we imagined to be true.” ― Adyashanti
  2. “What would happen if you were to realize there’s nothing to forgive anyone for?” – Adyashanti
  3. “As soon as you believe that a label you’ve put on yourself is true, you’ve limited something that is literally limitless, you’ve limited who you are into nothing but a thought.” – Adyashanti
  4. “The truth is that you already are what you are seeking.” ― Adyashanti
  5. “What if there was no such thing as true thought?” – Adyashanti
  6. “Thoughts are just moving through consciousness. They have no power. Nothing has reality until you reach it, grab it, and somehow impregnate it with the power of belief.” – Adyashanti
  7. “All that is necessary to awaken to yourself as the radiant emptiness of spirit is to stop seeking something more or better or different, and to turn your attention inward to the awake silence that you are.” ― Adyashanti
  8. “Our potential lies beyond the known, beyond the structures of the past, beyond anything that humanity has established.” – Adyashanti
  9. “Really listen inside for the way things are inclined to go. Where does your internal intuitive compass tell you to go?” – Adyashanti
  10. “Stop being who you think you are, and be who you are.” – Adyashanti
  11. “The Truth is the only thing you’ll ever run into that has no agenda.” ― Adyashanti
  12. “The deepest feeling of a compassion that does not seek to alter anything, paradoxically, alters everything.” – Adyashanti
  13. “If you want to escape the confines of your inner world, you have to open to the unknown.” – Adyashanti
  14. “Fall into the space of abiding in the hundreds of small moments during the day.” – Adyashanti
  15. “Meditation is a dress rehearsal for death.” – Adyashanti
  16. “The mind cannot tell you what is real.” – Adyashanti
  17. “What the universe will manifest when you are in alignment with it is a lot more interesting than what you try to manifest.” – Adyashanti
  18. “We realize–often quite suddenly–that our sense of self, which has been formed and constructed out of our ideas, beliefs and images, is not really who we are. It doesn’t define us; it has no center.” ― Adyashanti
  19. “Everybody has their difficulty. Nobody gets out unscathed.” – Adyashanti
  20. “What feels unworthy in you is young and small. Don’t try to correct it. Meet this feeling in its own domain.” – Adyashanti
  21. “Eternity knows no history. Eternity is the eternal presence.” – Adyashanti
  22. “If we would only see that all limitations are self-imposed and chosen out of fear we would leap at once.” – Adyashanti
  23. “Love was never meant to be contained.” – Adyashanti
  24. “Let go of all ideas and images in your mind, they come and go and aren’t even generated by you. So why pay so much attention to your imagination when reality is for the realizing right now?” ― Adyashanti
  25. “So let us understand that reality transcends all of our notions about reality. Reality is neither Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Advaita Vedanta, nor Buddhist. It is neither dualistic nor nondualistic, neither spiritual nor nonspiritual. We should come to know that there is more reality and sacredness in a blade of grass than in all of our thoughts and ideas about reality.” – Adyashanti
  26. “Life seems to operate best when we see that everything is perfectly okay and nothing matters, and simultaneously, see that everything matters.” – Adyashanti
  27. “Don’t think you need to lead a big life. Sometimes a small life is a big life.” – Adyashanti
  28. “True love is a non-personal miracle. It is the nature of reality itself. It is the natural and spontaneous expression of the undivided divine self.” – Adyashanti
  29. “When someone tells you, ‘I Love you,’ and then you feel, ‘Oh, I must be worthy after all,’ that’s an illusion. That’s not true. Or someone says, ‘I hate you,’ and you think, ‘Oh, God, I knew it’ I’m not very worthy,’ that’s not true either. Neither one of these thoughts hold any intrinsic reality. They are an overlay. When someone says, ‘I love you,’ he is telling you about himself, not you. When someone says, ‘I hate you,’ she is telling you about herself, not you. World views are self-views-literally.” – Adyashanti
  30. “Within you, as you, is an infinity of pure potential, now appearing as a body, and all bodies in the universe and beyond.” – Adyashanti
  31. “When you’ve accepted yourself as a human being you’ve accepted the whole universe.” – Adyashanti
  32. “Love is a flame that burns everything other than itself. It is the destruction of all that is false and the fulfillment of all that is true.” ― Adyashanti
  33. “There is a profound paradox: You are not in the world of form, and yet you are.” – Adyashanti
  34. “We human beings can only call on our deepest capacities when we have some connection with the interconnectedness of all of life. Things become possible for us that could not be possible before.” – Adyashanti
  35. “Anything you push away keeps occurring over and over, year after year.” – Adyashanti
  36. “What do you really care about? What pulls you into here and now, this minute?” – Adyashanti
  37. “An ordinary man seeks freedom through enlightenment. An enlightened man expresses freedom through being ordinary.” – Adyashanti
  38. “What’s happening right here and right now? Is it possible to let go of trying to make anything happen?” – Adyashanti
  39. “Silence is good food for the spirit.” – Adyashanti
  40. “The particulars of each life are unique, but the underlying currents are universal.” – Adyashanti
  41. “The truth is you can’t try to let go. Trying is the opposite of letting go. To let go is to relinquish trying. To let go, is much more like to let be.” – Adyashanti
  42. “In the end it’s all very simple. Either we give ourselves to Silence or we don’t.” ― Adyashanti
  43. “Just sit back and enjoy it. What it is. The real you is quite entertained by whatever is happening.” – Adyashanti
  44. “Just for a moment, let yourself just be here. Let yourself stop becoming more, or better, or different.” – Adyashanti
  45. “May all beings realize the nature of the ground upon which they stand, and who it is that stands upon it.” – Adyashanti
  46. “How do I integrate spirituality into my everyday life? Throw out the concepts of “spiritual life” and “everyday life.” There is only life undivided and whole.” – Adyashanti
  47. “When you go inside, you are going into your aloneness. Nobody can go there with you.” – Adyashanti
  48. “In true meditation, we start from the foundation of letting everything be as it is.” – Adyashanti
  49. “You must get all of your attention and awareness into now. Then the recognition starts to flower. IT starts to come alive.” – Adyashanti
  50. “Enlightenment is nothing more than the complete absence of resistance to what is. End of story.” ― Adyashanti
  51. “All existence is sacred. The only thing that that makes something not seem sacred is your idea about it.” – Adyashanti
  52. “Before awakening, there’s theory. After awakening you know.” – Adyashanti
  53. “The silence inside of you is the sound of your knowledge collapsing. Remember, it is you who said I want to be free.” – Adyashanti
  54. “The irony is, the more you try to control life and others, the more out of control you feel.” – Adyashanti
  55. “As I often tell my students, the person you’ll have the hardest time opening to and truly loving without reserve is yourself. Once you can do that, you can love the whole universe unconditionally.” ― Adyashanti
  56. “Everything that’s in suffering wants to be free and is drawn towards the light for its own freedom.” – Adyashanti
  57. “Do you need a story? Does it really explain anything beyond the mind’s need for satisfaction?” – Adyashanti
  58. “There’s a great space in which this moment takes place. There’s a great silence that’s listening to the thoughts.” – Adyashanti
  59. “The mind cannot tell you what is real.” – Adyashanti
  60. “Meditation shows you that the only viable option is to let go.” – Adyashanti
  61. “What is it that’s looking out through your eyes right now?” – Adyashanti
  62. “The ego is not a thing; the ego is a circular pattern of thinking.” – Adyashanti
  63. “All delusions begin in the mind. All delusions are based on various ways we’re talking to ourselves and then believing what we are saying.” ― Adyashanti
  64. “What would it be like to shine the light of truth into every aspect of your life?” – Adyashanti
  65. “There is a deeper world of what is, and an intuitive capacity to sense into the underlying beauty of existence.” – Adyashanti
  66. “When you stop resisting, you see that what seems frightening is actually the absolute beauty of reality.” – Adyashanti
  67. “What would it be like to step out of resistance?” – Adyashanti
  68. “A total acceptance of yourself brings about a total transcendence of yourself.” – Adyashanti
  69. “The answer is not that important. It’s where the question brings you that matters. – Adyashanti
  70. “We’re always held in the divine presence always.” – Adyashanti
  71. “The door to liberation is seeing there isn’t some entity that’s aware — awareness itself is aware.” – Adyashanti
  72. “What would it be like to no longer be bound by emotions.” – Adyashanti
  73. “The substance of everything is the divine. This is not something you believe, it’s something you realize.” – Adyashanti
  74. “We are but imperfect manifestations of an absolute perfection. In an absolute sense, no manifestation can manifest the entirety of the perfection. Yet each being has an infinite capacity to embody what they realize in their humanity. If our awakening is genuine, we realize that what we are is what everything is.” – Adyashanti
  75. “Orient toward the vividness of Awareness. It’s like popping yourself out of a small trance. Get the feel of that vividness, that spontaneous luminosity. When mind gets dreamy in meditation, you’re actually resting in mind. Come back to the vividness of awareness.” – Adyashanti
  76. “Enlightenment is not an altered state of consciousness. -It’s coming out of an altered state of consciousness.” – Adyashanti
  77. “As soon as you believe that a label you’ve put on yourself is true, you’ve limited something that is literally limitless, you’ve limited who you are into nothing but a thought.” – Adyashanti
  78. “True spiritual insight is a blossoming into inner silence. You start to connect with a deeper dimension of being. It’s a different intelligence, a different dimension of love.” – Adyashanti
  79. “We are no doubt at a very critical point in time. Our world hangs in the balance, and a precarious balance it is. Awakening to reality is no longer a possibility; it is an imperative. We have sailed the ship of delusion about as far as she can carry us.” – Adyashanti
  80. “In the heart of a human being, emptiness becomes love. When we touch that source, instantly the love is present. Literally, the divine becomes human and the human becomes divine.” – Adyashanti
  81. “What do you know for certain? How much do you know with absolute unequivocal certainty?” – Adyashanti
  82. “How do we respond to this deep yearning of the human spirit for peace, freedom, happiness, the end of suffering?” – Adyashanti
  83. “When you shift from thinking to direct experience-it makes all the difference in the world.” – Adyashanti
  84. “It’s from the depth of your being that the true answers spring spontaneously forth.” – Adyashanti
  85. “Part of being that spark of spirit for each of us is that we’re also a link or a portal through which that light shines.” – Adyashanti
  86. “When we believe what we think, when we take our thinking to be reality, we will suffer.”― Adyashanti
  87. “Where is peace and well-being right now, in this moment?” – Adyashanti
  88. “You are the son or daughter of God born as his being and his nature.” – Adyashanti
  89. “We are not separate from the world around us. WE are not separate from this existence. With this realization, life stops being such a frightening event.” – Adyashanti
  90. “What is it like to know know-and not try to know?” – Adyashanti
  91. “Meditation is the act of being in constant renewal.” – Adyashanti
  92. “No illusion can withstand unconditional love.” – Adyashanti
  93. “Is there a deeper reality than the one I perceive?” – Adyashanti
  94. “At the very heart and core of our being, there exists and overwhelming yes to existence. This yes is discovered by those who have the courage to open their hearts to the totality of life.” – Adyashanti
  95. “Sit from your heart, not from your head. That’s the secret of a beautiful meditation.” – Adyashanti
  96. “Don’t expect some line in the ground that says ‘Finish’. If you ever think you’ve discovered it all then you just deluded yourself again.” – Adyashanti
  97. “Although they can seem numberless and at times overwhelming, dysfunctional emotional patterns are in the end illusions that we have been taught. And whatever we can learn, we can unlearn.” – Adyashanti
  98. “The path to truth is seeing what is untrue in every moment.” – Adyashanti
  99. “And so we come full circle, like breathing in and breathing out-no separation between our absolute nature and the human life.” – Adyashanti
  100. “What is responsibility’s relationship with freedom?” – Adyashanti
  101. “With all of your sense wide open, just listen. You’re not controlling anything. You can feel that there is a stopping in it. You’ve shifted your attention into a very open state of listening.” – Adyashanti
  102. “This is a time when we who seek to be more conscious, loving, and wise get to see exactly how deep our wisdom and love really are.” – Adyashanti
  103. “The point is for all of us to come back to that primordial state of being, innocence, intelligence, and love. WE can know it by being it, but we can’t know it by thinking about it.” – Adyashanti
  104. “Peace and love underlie all of our emotional responses, even if we’re angry. You wouldn’t feel angry about something if you didn’t care about it. Peace, love, and clarity is our natural condition.” – Adyashanti
  105. “Any moment of transcendence is a mortal blow to the ego. It begins the ego’s demise.” – Adyashanti
  106. “All is always well even when it seems unbelievably unwell.” – Adyashanti
  107. “Just for a moment, take your hands off the steering wheel.” – Adyashanti
  108. “When our identity is no longer housed within that which is manifest-within a thought, or a sight or a feeling or self-image of an idea, this is the beginning of real freedom.” – Adyashanti
  109. “True peace isn’t the absence of a certain kind of experience; peace is there in the middle of it.” – Adyashanti
  110. “A deep and profound curiosity lies at the heart of the spiritual impulse.” – Adyashanti
  111. “We end up putting so much attention onto our image that we remain in a continuous state of protecting or improving our image in order to control how others see us.” ― Adyashanti
  112. “What would it be like to not resist the present moment?” – Adyashanti
  113. “True meditation is sitting open to whatever is happening-pleasant or unpleasant.” – Adyashanti
  114. “Silence and stillness are not dependent on the mind being silent. There’s a deeper silence and stillness in you.” – Adyashanti
  115. “Let yourself be quiet and intuition will incline in one direction or another.” – Adyashanti
  116. “The absolute letting go is letting go of the one who is letting go.” – Adyashanti
  117. “It takes great faith in the unknown to investigate the dark places in our own being.” – Adyashanti
  118. “In any moment, are you experiencing and acting from division, or are you experiencing, and acting from oneness?” – Adyashanti
  119. “There is a presence that is unnamable which thought cannot touch. It is not your possession; it is what you are.” – Adyashanti
  120. “Anything you avoid in life will come back, over and over again, until you’re willing to face it – to look deeply into its true nature.” – Adyashanti
  121. “Thought is an amazing creative force, and double-edged sword. If you’re not careful, it starts to use you rather than you using it.” – Adyashanti
  122. “Live with your deepest question and value that more than the answer.” – Adyashanti
  123. “When the mind ceases all imagination there arises a crystalline truth so real and concrete that all the world seems dreamlike in comparison.” – Adyashanti
  124. “Many sages have said, “Your world is a dream. You’re living in an illusion.” They’re referring to this world of the mind and the way we believe our thoughts about reality. When we see the world through our thoughts, we stop experiencing life as it really is and others as they really are.” – Adyashanti
  125. “Wisdom without love is like having lungs but no air to breathe. Do not seek wisdom in order to acquire knowledge but in order to live and love more fully.” – Adyashanti
  126. “How do I get to now?” – Adyashanti
  127. “When you realize you don’t know who’s living your life, breathing your breath or thinking your thoughts, it’s a shocking moment.” – Adyashanti
  128. “As long as you mistakenly look to the mind for truth, it will continue to haunt you to no end. The best course of action is to look and see for yourself that nothing in the mind is ultimately true, real or existing.” – Adyashanti
  129. “Am I awake to the truth right now-not only in my mind, but in the entirety of my being?” – Adyashanti
  130. “When we start to suffer, it tells us something very valuable. it means that we are not seeing the truth, and we are not relating from the truth. It’s a beautiful pointer. It never fails.” – Adyashanti
  131. “A single thought about it obscures its essence. The perfume of true life is right in your nose. This is nothing you can do to perceive it and yet you must do something. ” -Adyashanti
  132. “Our potential lies beyond the known, beyond the structures of the past, beyond anything that humanity has established.” – Adyashanti
  133. “Our capacity for insight depends on the quality of our listening.” – Adyashanti
  134. “Whenever you have a choice to see things through the eyes of fear, or love, choose love.” – Adyashanti
  135. “Just imagine a world where everyone is plugged into their vitality and acting on it with great sincerity.” – Adyashanti
  136. “You will let go when you let go-usually when nothing else works.” – Adyashanti
  137. “It’s useful and important to have a sense inside yourself of moving through chaos with absolute truthfulness, integrity, and honesty. These are the energies that keep you from losing balance.” – Adyashanti
  138. “We must want the actual truth more than we want the truth that we imagine.” – Adyashanti
  139. “Embrace the full measure of your life at any cost. Bare your heart to the unknown and never look back.” – Adyashanti
  140. “Spirituality involved finding the resource of inner stability-the resource that is beyond the emotional or psychological content of the moment.” – Adyashanti
  141. “Just stop all dreaming. Stop all doing. Stop all excuses. Just stop and be still. Effortlessly be still. Grace will do the rest.” – Adyashanti
  142. “There’s only one thing that’s better than getting what you want: it’s to know that you can be happy whether you get it or not.” – Adyashanti
  143. “Because of an innocent misunderstanding you think that you are a human being in the relative world seeking the experience of oneness, but actually you are the One expressing itself as the experience of being a human being.” ― Adyashanti
  144. “When the will of the whole or the will of God starts to come alive in you, wisdom and love begin to move in very subtle, very ordinary ways.” – Adyashanti
  145. “Reality is unconstrainable. It’s uncontainable. It laughs at all of our mind’s attempts to pull it into a manageable framework.” – Adyashanti
  146. “What you are is never born, never lives and never dies. Birth, life, and death happen within what you are.” – Adyashanti
  147. “The still and quiet voice of truth presents itself without argument.” – Adyashanti
  148. “Life beyond ego becomes something that’s very simple. It matures into a kind of ordinariness because it’s simply the way things are.” – Adyashanti
  149. “What’s continuously present? Let that intuitive regard grow in you and grow in you and grow in you. All of the sudden that intuitive regard lights up through your entire being.” – Adyashanti
  150. Real awakening comes with an inherent sense of integrity. Something innate in us knows if we’re on or off the mark. – Adyashanti
  151. “Can we see without judgement, without blame, without guilt?” – Adyashanti
  152. “You are here to redeem all that is separate.” – Adyashanti
  153. “Allow yourself to feel the spaciousness and openness of awareness.” – Adyashanti
  154. “What is awake right now as you read this?” – Adyashanti
  155. “The tiny seed knew that in order to grow, it needed to be dropped in dirt, covered in darkness, and struggle to reach the light.” – Adyashanti
  156. “Trust that a thread of love operates in everything and listen deeply for this love.” – Adyashanti
  157. “Beyond the known, as opposed to prior to it, lies a realm of being that pulls suffering out by its very roots and opens the door to a whole new way of experiencing life.” – Adyashanti
  158. “Awareness isn’t something we own; awareness isn’t something we possess. Awareness is actually what we are.” ― Adyashanti
  159. “What would it be to rest deeply in your being, more deeply than you’ve ever rested?” – Adyashanti
  160. “Reality, life, the infinite, God, has a way of leading us in just the perfect way, if we will only just listen to it.” – Adyashanti
  161. “What does it feel like to be outside of thought?” – Adyashanti
  162. “This light that I am is no ordinary light. It does not light up anything or illuminate darkness. It is a pure and formless knowingness.” – Adyashanti
  163. “Can you be totally sincere with yourself?” – Adyashanti
  164. “Beingness, nothingness, and form is just one long continuum, now appearing as body, mind, and the world.” – Adyashanti
  165. “All of your thinking doesn’t add one iota to the reality of anything.” – Adyashanti
  166. “Truth comes to an innocent mind as a blessing and a sacrament. Truth is a holy thing because it liberates thought from itself and illumines the human heart from the inside out.” – Adyashanti
  167. “the natural radiance of spirit is always looking through your eyes.” – Adyashanti
  168. “Inquiry is meant to bring you to the frontier between the known and the unknown.” – Adyashanti
  169. “The natural radiance of spirit is always looking through your eyes.” – Adyashanti
  170. “When you realize what you are now, the issue of death will solve itself.” – Adyashanti
  171. “What’s animating you?” – Adyashanti
  172. “What’s it like when you let yourself experience that state called “not knowing.”? – Adyashanti
  173. “Look at the moment of wanting with wonderment, and it falls in upon itself.” – Adyashanti
  174. “When you let go of the egoic self what you’re getting in exchange is the whole universe.” – Adyashanti
  175. “In this moment, there is always freedom and there is always peace. This moment in which you experience stillness is every moment. Don’t let the mind seduce you into the past or future. Stay in the moment, and dare to consider that you can be free now.” – Adyashanti
  176. “Grace is always available. it is just our availability to it that changes.” – Adyashanti
  177. “Anything you avoid in life will come back, over and over again, until you’re willing to face it—to look deeply into its true nature.” ― Adyashanti
  178. “What would it be like to come from unconditional love right here, right now?” – Adyashanti
  179. “Go to the pure I AM. Not I am this or I am that, but simply I AM. Then throw out the I, so that there is only AM. This is the stateless state, the ultimate principle, the absolute self. Everything, in essence, is this absolute principle called the self.” – Adyashanti
  180. “It takes great faith in the unknown to investigate the dark places in our own being.” – Adyashanti
  181. “When you die before you die, it’s extraordinarily free and liberating. From that point on, there’s no more fear of death or anything at all. You see that birth and death are actually happening every instant.” – Adyashanti
  182. “Is this what you are, or is this an experience that you’re having.” – Adyashanti
  183. “When you’ve discovered the truth in a single drop of rain, you’ve touched upon the same fundamental reality as in an entire ocean.” – Adyashanti
  184. “The true heart of all human beings is the lover of what is.” – Adyashanti
  185. “What’s important is the capacity to listen, to be quiet, to be patient so we can intuit the way that God or life wants to reveal itself to us.” – Adyashanti
  186. “The more honest and authentic we are, the more deeply we go into the mystery of our own being.” – Adyashanti
  187. “Nothing about you has to change.” – Adyashanti
  188. “Everything is simultaneously creating itself right now.” – Adyashanti
  189. “If we do not live and manifest in our lives what we realize in our deepest moments of revelation, then we are living a split life.” ― Adyashanti
  190. “There’s something of you that life can’t break. The most difficult moment in your life cannot destroy it.” – Adyashanti
  191. “What would your life be like if you actually were to love it?” – Adyashanti
  192. “You can’t create inner stillness; you just notice it.” – Adyashanti
  193. “Just sit back and enjoy it. Whatever it is. The real you are quite entertained by whatever is happening.” – Adyashanti
  194. “If you are going to do battle with your illusions, the well-formed question is your best sword.” – Adyashanti
  195. “The true beginning of the healing of mind is to turn the attention to what’s looking at mind.” – Adyashanti
  196. “As long as you are trying to become, trying to get somewhere, trying to attain something, you are quite literally moving away from the Truth itself.” ― Adyashanti
  197. “Enlightenment is just seeing things the way they really are.” – Adyashanti
  198. “Life, the essence, totally transcends any of its forms. And yet, in the absolute transcendence of its forms, life also totally embraces all of its forms? That’s the beauty of transcendence. The embrace is so full and rich.” – Adyashanti
  199. “No matter how far astray or deluded you become, you can never get a single step away from the infinite’s embrace.” – Adyashanti
  200. “When you come upon a true prayer, you come upon something with great power, and you know it.” – Adyashanti
  201. “The most profound experiences of openheartedness happen when our minds are overwhelmed by beauty or intimacy, and there’s an extraordinarily heartful availability.” – Adyashanti
  202. “What’s your sense of being? Not being this or being that, but being itself?” – Adyashanti
  203. “When I’m not thinking about me, what am I?” – Adyashanti
  204. “The more honest and authentic we are, the more deeply we go into the mystery of our own being.” – Adyashanti
  205. “The only way you can engage in any inquiry is first to admit that you don’t know.” – Adyashanti
  206. “Religion’s primary function is to awaken within us the experience of the sublime and to connect us with the mystery of existence.” ― Adyashanti
  207. “Do you love enough to really let go of the objects of your love?” – Adyashanti
  208. “As long as you are trying to become, trying to get somewhere, trying to attain something, you are quite literally moving away from truth itself.” – Adyashanti
  209. “What in your experience is not measurable or describable?” – Adyashanti
  210. “What’s it like when the truth of your being is just here, meeting itself?” – Adyashanti
  211. “The radiance is everywhere. We can’t get away from it.” – Adyashanti
  212. “Can you imagine if you really let it in that you are not a problem to be solved in any way? Imagine you knew that anything that would tell you otherwise is just a movement of thought in the mind that says, ‘Whatever is, isn’t the way it is supposed to be.’ So the biggest act of compassion starts within. And when the self is no longer seen as a problem, this is called, the peace that passes all understanding.” – Adyashanti
  213. “The changeless is what knows the change, the changeless is unconditioned” ― Adyashanti
  214. “Can you go to that place that is beyond blame, beyond judgement, beyond should and shouldn’t.” – Adyashanti
  215. “Even though it’s beyond your body and feelings and emotions, the more you recognize awareness and bring more awareness to awareness, the more you’ll feel it in your body as a sense of presence, peacefulness, calmness, and silence.” – Adyashanti
  216. “The wind, the sun and the water are not elements within the world around us; they are really like our blood and bones.” – Adyashanti
  217. “The energetic investment of your inquiry can create a ripple through your quietude that sparks your quietude into revelation.” – Adyashanti
  218. “The Spiritual journey is over and over and over finding out that we were wrong.” – Adyashanti
  219. “You must choose between your attachments and happiness.” – Adyashanti
  220. “The deep satisfaction you’ve sought through everything you ever desired, you already have, you already are.” – Adyashanti
  221. “When you rest in quietness and your image of yourself fades, and your image of the world fades, and your ideas of others fade, what’s left?  A brightness, a radiant emptiness that is simply what you are” ― Adyashanti
  222. “In the end, our intention is more important than anything we do.” – Adyashanti
  223. “There is a simple secret to being happy. Just let go of your demand on this moment.” – Adyashanti
  224. “The great, shining light of divinity is not a light you can see; it’s a light that sees.” – Adyashanti
  225. “The Buddha’s teachings can be boiled down to this: No Self-no problem.” – Adyashanti
  226. “True intelligence does not derive from thought. True intelligence uses thought.” – Adyashanti
  227. “True freedom comes when every speck of the known collapses into the unknown, not just for a moment but continually.” – Adyashanti
  228. “What would it be like to meet this moment with unconditional acceptance?” – Adyashanti
  229. “Begin by acknowledging the presence of awareness. It’s functioning whether you understand it or not.” – Adyashanti
  230. “The door to God is the insecurity of not knowing anything. Bear the grace of that insecurity, and all wisdom will be yours.” ― Adyashanti
  231. “Am I ready to let go of what’s not real?” – Adyashanti
  232. “In an absolute sense, everything happens quite spontaneously. You don’t need to think about it. When you’re in a deep state of realization, the reason life seems to flow for you is because you’re not resisting it.” – Adyashanti
  233. “Enlightenment means there is nothing to hold on to. Not even enlightenment.” – Adyashanti
  234. “What if there was no waiting.” – Adyashanti
  235. “The great, shining light of divinity is not a light you can see; it’s a light that sees.” – Adyashanti
  236. “You are an incredible mystery that you will never figure out. To be this mystery consciously is the greatest joy.” ― Adyashanti
  237. “Allow the great unknown dimensions of life to find you.” – Adyashanti
  238. “Within each of our forms lies the existential mystery of being.” – Adyashanti
  239. “The most intimate question we can ask, and the one that has the most spiritual power is this: What or who am I?” – Adyashanti
  240. “Are you engaging in your experience from fear or from love?” – Adyashanti
  241. “Every moment of your life belongs to the infinite.” – Adyashanti
  242. “Our attempt to control life is the only cause of bondage. – Adyashanti
  243. “How does it feel to be the space in which your thought happens?” – Adyashanti
  244. “Whatever the image of yourself, it’s a mask and it’s hiding emptiness.” ― Adyashanti
  245. “It is one thing to realize the self; it is something else altogether to embody that realization to the extent that there is no gap between inner revelation and its outer expression.” – Adyashanti
  246. “The universe’s desire to awaken to itself is what you feel as your personal desire to awaken.” – Adyashanti
  247. “Every moment of your life belongs to the infinite.” – Adyashanti
  248. “To be intimate is to feel the silence, the space that everything is happening in.” ― Adyashanti
  249. “Absolute completeness surrounds you wherever you go.” – Adyashanti
  250. “It is not the pursuit of greater and greater states of happiness and bliss that leads to enlightenment, but the yearning for reality and the rabid dissatisfaction with living anything less than a fully authentic life.” – Adyashanti
  251. “All life begins and ends in silence.” – Adyashanti
  252. “Only something as insane as human being would ever ask themselves if I’m good. You don’t find oak trees having existential crisis. ‘I feel so rotten about myself. I don’t produce as much acorns as the one next to me.” – Adyashanti
  253. “Again, the only way to know that we’ve seen into the true nature of something is that the story we’re telling ourselves releases.”― Adyashanti
  254. “That which you are is totally in love with seeing itself everywhere.”- Adyashanti
  255. “It is love that leads us beyond all fear and into the solitude of our being.” – Adyashanti
  256. “What if you let go of every bit of control and every urge that you have, right down to the most infinitesimal urge to control anything, anywhere, including anything that may be happening with you at this moment? If you were able to give up control absolutely, totally, and completely, then you would be a spiritually free being.” – Adyashanti
  257. “You can’t go back and change your past; what you can do, however, is to change the way that your mind is creating your experience in the present moment.” – Adyashanti
  258. “The most sublime part of every experience is the awareness happening in the light of being.” – Adyashanti
  259. “If life is asking anything of us, it’s asking us to live life authentically.” – Adyashanti
  260. “There is no outside of you. It’s all an inside game.” – Adyashanti
  261. “In this moment, are you experiencing and acting from division, or are you experiencing and acting from oneness?” – Adyashanti
  262. “Beingness, nothingness, and form is just one long continuum, now appearing as body, mind and world.” – Adyashanti
  263. “To bear witness to the presence of being is to bring light to this world.” – Adyashanti
  264. “Real freedom is the freedom from the demand to feel good all the time.” – Adyashanti
  265. “Listen to the universe inside of you.” – Adyashanti
  266. “The Egoic mind can look through a teaching and it can be very cunning in the way it can twist things to its own advantage, and especially the teachings about freedom.” – Adyashanti
  267. “What is this whole world without your story about it?” – Adyashanti
  268. “True meditation has not direction or goal. It is pure wordless surrender, pure silent prayer.” – Adyashanti
  269. “When you touch into the One within you, you’ve touched into the One within all things. It’s the same infinity.” – Adyashanti
  270. “All barriers are conceptual — made of ideas, beliefs, and opinions. Outside of concepts and beliefs, there is no barrier. Belief is what the mind does to fill up emptiness, to give it something to look at, to play with, to hide behind.” – Adyashanti
  271. “The spiritual heart is what fills the emptiness with radiance and allows us to see this life as it really is, truly no other than God.” – Adyashanti
  272. “Sincerity and trust are not given to you on a platter. They are won through the crucible of experience, and a willingness to throw yourself into your own experience.” – Adyashanti
  273. “Is my life an expression of the deepest thing I know to be true?” – Adyashanti
  274. “Where is the one who is attached to this identity?” – Adyashanti
  275. “Whatever you resist you become.

If you resist anger, you are always angry.

If you resist sadness, you are always sad.

If you resist suffering, you are always suffering.

If you resist confusion, you are always confused.

We think that we resist certain states because they are there, but actually they are there because we resist them.” – Adyashanti