It’s 2018 now and the amount of things that have your mind stimulated are more than we could ever possibly imagine.

The conditioning and programming in you is so strong, that the stimulus has become just as addicting as most drugs in this world.

In fact, it might be worse because this drug is widely accepted and used in this world.

Everyone claims they want to be doing something happy in their lives, but nobody really knows what that is because they don’t know where or how to look to find what makes their soul spark.

Well, it’s quite simple really. In fact it’s the most simplistic reality because what are you looking for is born out of what’s most natural.

The most natural essence of you is you, though not from the you who you think you are. 

And the answers you get from the natural you is your intuition.

The reason most of us don’t know who we are—in the most natural sense—and we don’t know what do is because we are overloaded by conditioning and programming.

Both terms as used here mean the same thing.

Let’s start with how they are defined and go deeper into each.

Let’s start with….

“Having a significant influence on or determine the outcome of something.”

“Provide (a computer or other machine) with coded instructions for the automatic performance of a particular task.”

Fresh out the womb, you get pushed out into a world full of an infinite number of different labels.

The programming goes: your parents continuously and consistently feed you with the thoughts (the input), the mind (the machine) processes that information and then physical action of those thoughts are manifested (The output).

You begin to learn how to talk, then walk, run, read, write, do math, and the never-ending list continues…

As you begin to carry out these tasks that you are learning, the conditioning that is pouring into you is proving effective because the desired outcome is happening, exactly the way that the programmer themselves have been programmed.

Having a human mind, it is impossible not to be conditioned and programmed in some way.

Even the most highly regarded aware humans in the world now and those who have ever lived, were affected and shaped by their environment, cultures, Era’s, race, technology, media, religions…etc. in some way, shape, form or fashion.

Conditioning and programming are both necessary and harmful at the same time.

They are healthy because they are a part of life, and it is 100% necessary to learn (soak in conditioning) for the basis of human survival.

Let’s take a look at the word condition again. Let’s look at the synonyms.

Control & Govern

How many of you have spoken with people about how the government wants to control us?

Interesting how govern and control are two words that mean the same thing. And yet, have your family, friends and those that “care” about you not somewhat tried to control you?

Has the media not tried to control you through manipulation of some sort?

Have your friends not tried to control you, trying to get you to do something for the sake of being cool and accepted?

Which brings us to next synonym.


People claim that you can’t make others do anything. Yes, maybe not physically, but you can manipulate them through conditioning so thoroughly that they do it without realizing that they have been manipulated or hypnotized.

We have all been a victim of this in some form or another.

What the word “decide’ implies is that the conditioning is so strong that it has decided for us.

The conditioning has blocked us from awareness and kept us from the ability to choose consciously.

Here is the point.

Everywhere you look, people are clamoring for your attention so that they can input information in you, in order to get a desired outcome.

Don’t be confused, though; it’s not always about what you see or hear, it’s about the energy that surrounds you.

People don’t have to say a word, but you can feel the burning energy coming from them, which can easily affect your own mood.

Eckhart Tolle calls it the “pain body” or the pain that has built up over the years that people identify who they are with.

This pain body or pain identification wants more pain, and it’s going to do what it can do to get more pain by going out its way to see that other experience this pain.

So the way this looks is if those around you have pain inside of them and they want to start a fight to amplify that pain, they will try to do what they can to trigger you (condition) so they can get the desired action.

Many kids grow up with this energetic conditioning and develop the pain bodies of their parents, those who surrounded them.

A perfect example of this conditioned pain body has happened when it comes to money.

Growing up, just about everyone I’ve come in contact with who has had pain or knows many others who have had pain when it comes to money.

There are an infinite number of ways that we have been conditioned, but the one that has the strongest impact is energy, because energy comes in all different forms, shapes and sizes.

Being that the natural you, the intuitive you is what will make you the most peaceful, the most alive, this conditioning will cloud you from seeing your intuition clearly.

The deeper entrenched this conditioning gets, the harder and harder it will be to see this natural source you.

So how do you get past all of this conditioning?

Well, the conditioning is the world.

The conditioning is every single thing you interpret in this world, which is why you must go beyond the world and beyond what creates interpretation.

And what creates interpretation and is the mind.

What does it mean to go beyond the mind?

It means that you still continue to have a mind in this world, but for this moment, the interpretation of having a mind goes away.

In other words, being, or being here now is the only way to loosen the grip that the conditioning has had on you.

When you are fully aware of the present moment or the inner body energy that can feel your existence in this moment the interpretation of having a mind goes away because all interpretation itself goes away.

The interpretation itself is the conditioning because everything that has gone through your senses through experience is shaping your mind.


You are not a computer and you are not a machine either.

The conditioning has become so strong in people that they it has them on “automatic performance of a particular task.”

And they have in a way become robotic like.

When you (presence) are aware of itself, you step out of this program—or what many people would call the Matrix.

You are a human being, with a heart.

And until you learn who you are, beyond the world the silent aware presence, the conditioning will not only control you, it will deepen.

The deeper the conditioning gets, the more challenging it will be to come back to the true source of who you are.

The now.

When you realize the now, through higher consciousness as you, then intuition will direct what you’re doing.

“Intuition will tell the thinking mind where to look next.” – Jonas Salk

The reason that intuition will direct the thinking-mind is because by being in the pure silent source of who you are, you will be in the highest joy, and it is this joy that will direct your doing.

The thinking-mind itself is the conditioning, and it will follow itself on autopilot, until presence has come to know itself, and then—and only then—can it direct the thinking-mind.

Sometimes intuition will push you out of your comfort zone; sometimes it will keep you there, sometimes it will have you do what you don’t want, sometimes it will have, you do what you do want, you never know how intuition is going to work until you are fully aware of the moment relative to a choice that needs to be made.

In conclusion, the conditioning is not bad, but if it’s the only thing you know then you will continue to live an unfulfilled life.

Once you have found the true source of who you are, the conditioning will still have a huge effect on you, but the more and more you make the feeling aware presence the foundation of your life and not what you are “doing” then the more and more joyful you will be.

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