#1. “What do you do when life chooses you? You can choose not to do it. You can choose to do something safer. Your vocation chooses you.”

There is something at the core essence of your very being, rumbling, roaring, and waiting to burst out into the world. It is like a volcano that is dormant waiting to erupt with creativity. 

Do you know what that is?

It is your being, which is life waiting to be directly manifested into the open world.

Do you know that gut feeling that has kept calling you time and time again from within, to try to stay consistent with, to nurture, and to eventually put your entire being into?

That’s your vocation.

It’s almost without question one of the most terrifying things you can do because it will defy the odds, it will not look normal, it will go against the conditioning, and it will be considered ‘insane’ by most.

The question is, do you choose the safe, “unfulfilled” route?

Or do you take a chance on your being and intuition and give it a go, knowing that eternity is incomprehensible?

#2. “I will find the ultimate color and not be able to reproduce it.”

Consider how many color mixtures there have been that, because they happened sporadically, will never be recreated again. 

Oftentimes we end up in a situation where internally we feel like we are on top of the world, no worry, no stress & no desire. We feel like nothing could harm us.

And yet, because

“This will never come again.” – Steve Hagen

No matter how good, bad or indifferent each moment feels, it will never happen again from a situational experience.

#3. “You can tell what I love by the color of the paintings. You can tell my inner life by the darkness in some of them and you can tell what I want from some of the brightness in some of them.”

All goals, desires, ambitions, actions, and creations are a direct reflection of what is going on inside us. 

And these actions always reflect one of two vibrations, either light or darkness. Both of which are beautiful halves of our whole being. 

#4. “It’s kind of cool what happens with these things because you really don’t know what a sculpture or a painting totally means. You think you do. Most of the time I start out with a plan and then like a year later I’ll realize that the painting was telling me what I needed to know about myself a year before.”

This is the perfect mystery of life. The answer you are searching for in any given moment will NEVER come to you right here in the physical form. Not in money, not in experience, not in person, nor in place. 

The answer you are looking for will only come in the formless of pure silence, of pure aware presence.

It is not until, further down the line, that something happens in the physical world that will make that past moment of confusion make complete sense. Remember what the great Steve Jobs says…

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.”

#5. “An artist is not someone who is acting out of pure boredom, because they don’t know what else to do. An artist is someone who is inspired.”

Instantaneous action is born out of an artist. This does not mean all artists or creators act out of a state of bliss or joy, it can mean they are in a state of depression, such as Jim himself, who began to do his art out of the state of a broken heart.

This is energy transmutation at its finest. In fact, this is where I do a lot of my writing, which is out of peak emotional states, whether joyful or sorrowful.

The point is when I’m in the state of inspiration, I’m not the one doing the writing anymore, the universe is using me as a keyboard. 

The article writes itself.

#6. “I Like the independence of it, love the freedom of it, no one else tells you what you can or can’t do.”

Where is it that you can be the most creative version of yourself?

Where you flow without thinking things like….

Who is going to like this?

Did I break the rules?

Does this follow the guidelines?

Will people accept this?

Where you’re completely free to create for the very creation itself.

#7. “Art has to be service, it’s like you servicing your subconscious and at the same time you’re doing something that someone’s going to relate to hopefully.”

A physical creation of your being is of perfect service to the rest of the world. It shows people that you were willing to take the deep dive into the silent you and allow an action to be born out of that. 

Your physical creation, which is born out of being, is going to relate, inspire, and show people what they are capable of in this infinite world of possibilities. 

#8. “When I was a kid, I spent half my time in the living room performing for people, I spent the other half of my time in my room by myself writing poetry and sketching. I was not the type of kid who you could say as a punishment to go to your room because my room was heaven to me. My isolation was welcome.”

Most of us spend our whole lives surrounded by people. Infused with the thoughts of others, the media, the TV, the radio, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and everything else, we wonder why we are afraid to follow our very own being. 

A trillion voices push us in so many directions that it’s hard to contemplate one thing from the next, let alone our own silence from within. 

In an over-stimulated world filled with an uproar of noise, isolation and solitude it is must for us to get to know our own silent being, not just periodically but on a consistent deeply grounded basis. 

Only then will we ever be able to “Know Thyself.”

#9. “People that are different have a shot at being original. They got motivation.”

Furthermore, regarding isolation, if you are constantly bombarded with noise from the media, friends, and family, then you won’t have a chance to be your most unique self. 

Everyone is different in the way we interpret and make sense of the world. What Jim is trying to say is that that very uniqueness in you can be conditioned so intensely that it will block the most beautiful part of your unique being.

And what happens naturally as a result of this blockage is stress, anxiety, depression, despair, and a whole lot of unfulfillment. 

I mean, how could you ever make the leap into your being if it is surrounded by noise? 

How could you actually let the right action, the right physical life, be born out of a silent being that is constantly being blasted by conditioning? 

Consider how important it is for you to live out your most unique effortless self in this short life span relative to forever. 

#10. “When your heart is in love. You’re floating weightless. When you lose that love you have to reenter the atmosphere and it can get pretty rough. And you’re just bouncing off one molecule onto the next, ripping through them at such a pace that they just ignite and explode until you find another heart that’s doing the same thing that’s landed and cooled and then you start to float again.”

When your action is born out of your being naturally and effortlessly, then nothing else matters, not Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, that car you want, that guy or girl you want.

Wanting to be liked and to be accepted pales in comparison to flowing weightless through life. 

And flowing weightless is when your heart is in love, and your heart beats the loudest in silence.

#11. “I don’t know what painting teaches me. I just pay no attention to what your heart naturally wants, and dissolve into it. Your heart does not want to learn, it already knows.”

What your heart knows is that it is naturally free from the past and from the future, the absolute greatest freedom in the world.

#12. “Something inside you is always telling a story. I believe that every single thing that you see and hear is talking to you.”

Every single moment that has brought you to where you are now has been your greatest teacher. Begin to listen to this moment in its most pure silent, empty natural state, and use it as your guide through life. 

#13. “The bottom line with all of this whether it’s performance, or it’s art or sculpture is love.”

Eventually, the illusion that we can give love will disappear. What will appear once that illusion is seen is that we are the pure state of love.

This means that when action arises out of the pure state of love, it will reflect love without going out of your way for it. Thought, because it is born out of time, will never understand or grasp the pure holy love that you are, the best that it can do is be right next to your being an amazing companion.

It can nourish and nurture you into being. And Being and Love are synonymous, mirror images, and they are the source of all that is.

#14. “I love being alive and the art is the evidence of that.”

The pure state of feeling aware presence is what makes us alive, vibrantly alive in fact.

Art just so happens to be the channel from which the present moment acts through Jim Carrey.

#15. “The energy that surrounds Jesus is electric. I don’t know if Jesus is real. I don’t know if he lived. I don’t know what he means, but the paintings of Jesus are really my desire to convey Christ consciousness. I wanted you to have the feeling that when you looked into his eyes that he was accepting of who you are. I wanted him to be able to stare at you and heal you from the painting. You can find every race in the face of Jesus. And I think that’s how every race imagines Jesus. They imagine him as their own.”

Infinite numbers of myths have surrounded Jesus. And yet, Jim does not mind because he can feel the source of Jesus in his being, which does not require belief or speculation.

When Jim feels the energy, frequency, and vibration of his own inner Christ consciousness, it brings through him the absolute. 

The absolute feeling aware presence is Christ consciousness. 

Love is not conditional. There is no such thing as conditional love, it simply does not and has never existed.

This is what Jesus knew in his being with unshakeable certainty, and it has reflected through his disciples and throughout the centuries. 

Through my being, my intuition feels that the aura, the energy that surrounded Jesus healed people without him saying or doing anything. This love is the electricity that Jim speaks of. 

Regardless of what skin color you can imagine Jesus to be, what you have heard, read, or have seen, it doesn’t matter, the ‘knowledge’ about Jesus does not matter, because Jesus knew that it didn’t matter he was in and of himself one race & one being—the human race & the human-being. 

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  1. Thank you for writing love and encouragement out to the ones like me starting to follow and hold His hand yet again❤️❤️ sending love back to you that you so humbly send out to others! Empathy is the universal language and emotions are what we are told to surpress the most by others … Especially men … If you set someone on fire they scream in anguish no matter what language they speak a fellow man knows he’s in pain! When we laugh it’s not spoken in words but with smiles and everyone no matter the nationality can understand that as well.