“Buy this and your life will INSTANTLY be better! Get on auto pilot and you will be guaranteed these results or your money back.”

Have you ever heard these words on advertisements or commercials?

This is because those advertisements are built around the human psychology of wanting to be accepted by society.

Call it slimy sales, but at the end of the day, business is doing just that, business.

With this being said, these commercials and advertisements instantly make us unhappy, because we have falsely equated the material for our happiness.

The good news is you can still enjoy a material lifestyle and be genuinely internally free.

Gratitude is showing thanks for what’s in your life as you read this, in this moment.

It’s knowing that right now you’re fulfilled in this moment and that you do not need any external things to bring you fulfillment.

It is perfectly natural to want more in life to experience this world in as many ways to the highest degree possible.

Inner harm will come, though, if you attach your well-being to said material, because that material will lose its value overtime, which means your well-being will go with it.

It is important to understand that your desires are not completely yours, they are the conditioning, or the world noise.

Why does someone want money?

Because the world values money.

Why does someone want fame?

Because the world values fame.

Why does someone want to have a large impact on the world?

Because the world values making a large impact on the world.

To call these bad, though, would be doing the world a disservice, and this again will cause internal harm.

“Desire is not a version of suffering; it is the attachment to the desire that is the suffering.” – Prince EA

Desire is a natural phenomenon of life whether it’s for food, water, shelter, comfortability and self-actualization, also, of course, it is part of the survival instinct of humans  as well as conditioning.

What Prince is saying here is there may be some points in your life where the things that you desire in that particular moment may not be there, but you can release your attachment to desire at least for the moment.

This is, obvious, of course, that you are not about to die from the lack of food, water and shelter.

Assuming for the greater part of humanity, these things are taken care of; our unhappiness is more about needing more in this moment than what is absolutely necessary.

Having gratitude also applies to the relationships in your life. Have you ever said to yourself “I wish this person would be like this?”

“I wish this person would act this way?”

“Why did he/she have to break up with me?

It is not the way that reality actually looks, but our interpretation based on conditioning that causes internal harm.

Anytime you think things like “I wish” or “Why did this happen” or “This shouldn’t be,” you are going through internal harm knowing that the present moment is the key to pure internal freedom.

You are saying or thinking that the present moment should not be the way that it is, and 1000/1000 you are going through harm.

What is needed for a more efficient, more consistent, life of internal freedom is a rewiring of your subconscious paradigm, your overall way of thinking and, most importantly, your state of consciousness.

There are going to be times when the conditioning is so strong that your internal dialogue instantly feels lack from the present moment.

The harm caused from this is never a bad thing; it comes to wake you up.

And the longer you stay asleep to the “way things should be.” the longer it will cause emotional pain—until you awaken to accept that “I accept that this is the way things are.”

And I’m grateful for the pain this caused me because it allows an inner acceptance to be born, when in an instant impulsive resistance arose.

This of course goes…

From “I need more” to “I have everything that I ABSOLUTELY need in this moment.” And If I don’t, I use this present moment to take the necessary actions.

From “I want them to be like this,” to “I accept them for what they are now.” But I can have a healthy discussion with such and such person about moving forward.

From “I feel hopeless,” to “I don’t need hope because right now I’m allowing the present moment to be my friend and not my enemy.”

Sometimes the conditioning happens to us so strongly however, that for that moment we can only see a distorted view of reality.

20/20 hindsight can only happen further down line once the mind has settled down.

This is why awareness is the most important factor in your life, for not taking your inner pain to a seriously, knowing that it is based on conditioning.

Awareness of what?

Awareness of your conscious presence.

Gratitude is not something that you do; it is about awareness.

And here is why….

“What is wrong with the present moment if I don’t think about it?” – Sailor Bob

And if there is nothing wrong, then there is nothing BUT gratitude.

The mind, being that it’s so conditioned, is extremely unstable.

This is why gratitude is less about what you have and who is in your life and more about the one constant, which is conscious aware presence.

When conscious aware presence, or breath awareness, become the most absolute thing to be grateful for, then everything from the material to the people who are in your life in this moment will be a byproduct.

What does this mean?

Without this very breath, you would not even be able to appreciate the materials you have, or the people in your life, because you would be dead.

The breath is what allows you to experience everything in this world. It is here in this breath that you can feel your absolute aliveness.

Breathing allows you to be aware that you can walk, talk, smell, taste, touch and see.

When you make the simplest thing in the world the foundation for your gratitude, then you can begin to see the subtle aliveness of things from the trees, to laughs with friends/family, to ups, even the downs, and everything in between and beyond.

There are things that you see in this world that other people have that you don’t, such as more followers, more money, more fame, more fortune, more this and more that.

There are people who look at you in this exact same frame of mind.

However, don’t measure people’s wealth based on what they have, measure based on who they are in this moment.

The truth of what real wealth means is to what degree you have made friends with the present moment.

This is the most selfless thing you can do, because by bringing your state of consciousness inward, you are bringing in contentment, thus bringing joy, which will expand outward, into your relationships.

Your own consciousness is the most significant thing that you can offer this world.

Will you forget sometimes that the present moment is the most significant thing?

Of course.

Is this bad?

Will the pain continue to teach you to make this moment the most important?

Of course it will.

So is it bad?

Of course not.

Is the internal suffering necessary?

Only until it teaches you what you need to know to grow your state of consciousness, which is the reflection of your relationship with this moment.