1. “When we kill hope, we kill the fighting with it, we kill the mind with it and we kill our ego with it.”
  2. “Hope and fear are two side of the same coin. If you want to get rid of fear, you have to get rid of hope.”
  3. “The path to happiness is not of creation, but of destruction.”
  4. “Your mind needs hope, motivation and meaning. Without it, it would just simply stop and disappear.”
  5. “Being hopeless and fearless kills the mind because it does not have to think about the future.”
  6. “Be perfectly sure you are going to die, and live like there is no tomorrow.”
  7. “When all of your hopes disappear in the face of death, the fear of death will also disappear with it. Hope and fear are intrinsically connected.”
  8. “In the face of death, you cannot help but be yourself. There is no more time for playing around, no more time for trying to be somebody you are not. You simply accept yourself as you are, whether you consider yourself good or bad.”
  9. “In the face of death you will truly experience the here and now.
  10. “In the face of death, you automatically feel love and compassion for every living being. When you can totally accept your death, you will totally accept yourself. Total acceptance means unconditional love. If you can totally accept yourself as you are, without any conditions, you will automatically feel the same for everybody else, too.”
  11. “In your last moment, you realize only love gives meaning to life.”
  12. “Death awareness helps you to be immensely grateful. In fact, you cannot really appreciate life without death.”
  13. “If you are too much afraid of death, you will be afraid to live, too. And when you are afraid to live totally, you will be even more afraid to die because you haven’t really lived yet. It is a vicious cycle that you can break only by facing death.”
  14. “Value is created when there is a shortage of something desirable.”
  15. “In the face of death, you will become detached from your body and mind, and the whole external world.”
  16. “Facing death helps you awaken from the dream and realize yourself.”
  17. “The road to death eventually leads to enlightenment. The path of darkness leads to light.”
  18. “Experiencing love and death at the same time is the key to deep inner transformation.”
  19. “You are not really afraid of physical death; you are afraid of death of the self. If your mind, your self could be uploaded to a computer, losing your body would not be such a huge thing anymore.”
  20. “Your personality is afraid of death and not you.”
  21. “Any emotion you repress becomes stronger. The repressed fear of death starts to control your life without even noticing it.”
  22. “By avoiding death, you are avoiding life too.”
  23. “Face death to live fully.”
  24. “By getting to know life, you won’t be afraid of death anymore.”
  25. “You are afraid to die only because you are living as the ego, and only the ego is afraid of death.”
  26. “Only the quantity of madness separates normal from crazy people.”
  27. “You defend yourself, but the walls of your defense become the walls of your prison.”
  28. “As a human you have an intellect, the intelligence of the human mind. Finally, the God inside of you has intuition, which is the intelligence coming from beyond.”
  29. “Real creativity does not have a goal; the goal is just to enjoy the beauty of creation.”
  30. “You only have an idea about truth, and you mix up the idea with the truth itself.”
  31. “Throw away all of your belief systems about the afterlife because it is the greatest barrier to facing death.”
  32. “Heaven and hell are psychological states.”
  33. “Start living as if you were already in Heaven, and you will create Heaven on Earth!
  34. “What attracts you, what interests you, is only waiting for you to be able to accept it and enjoy it.”
  35. “You suffer exactly because you think that you have to suffer for something.”
  36. “Every moment is the goal itself, and every moment you are already at the finish line.”
  37. “You don’t have to reach anything, you don’t have to change, you don’t have to become anyone, you don’t have to suffer. You only have to enjoy the reward, you already reached your destination. You only have to accept that you don’t need to do anything for happiness.”
  38. “Personal soul are illusions.”
  39. “Every experience of life of every person of every generation is a different expression of consciousness.”
  40. “The idea of God separates you from God. The only way to reach him is to kill him first in your own mind.”
  41. “Believing in God means to step back in the evolution of your consciousness, while knowing God is a step forward.”
  42. “Being childlike means looking at the world with fresh and innocent eyes, and admiring the beauty of creation.”
  43. “With full responsibility comes full freedom.”
  44. “Everything that is unnatural, everything that is against life, everything that comes from the mind works against spirituality.”
  45. “Mind cannot accept death because it does not know real immortality.”
  46. “I have visited many cemeteries all around the world and have never seen a gravestone older than 100 years. Even death is forgotten.”
  47. “Death is the most natural thing in the world. It should not be treated anymore as something negative, it shouldn’t be avoided, and shouldn’t be seen as a disaster.”
  48. “Life and death are not opposite, but complementary to each other.”
  49. “Watch every moment as it becomes a part of the dead past moment by moment.”
  50. “The world is not created; the world is creativity itself.”
  51. “Just imagine for a second what living forever would really mean in your present state of mind. You would probably die of boredom. What you really want instead is to have a meaningful life, and to feel really alive. Both are possible if you accept death.”
  52. “Every moment, every moment dies.”
  53. “On the surface, everything is always changing but inside there is eternal stillness.”
  54. “Your heart somehow knows the perfect path for you. Your only job is to give up control, listen to your heart and start following it.”
  55. “What you think of the object is only your perception of the object.”
  56. “Your senses are extremely limited. They perceive only 1% of the electromagnetic spectrum.”
  57. “The universe is a movement of consciousness.”
  58. “It is a totally futile effort to try to avoid change. It just creates frustration and nothing else.”
  59. “Every current event depends on an innumerable amount of past events, not just one or two.”
  60. “The whole ocean is needed to create just one tiny wave.”
  61. “Everything is constantly changing. Everything is constantly uncertain at the same time. Paradoxically only change is certain.”
  62. “Your personality is changing from moment to moment.”
  63. “It seeks power, attention and control because it deems these necessary for survival.”
  64. “Survival is the meaning and the goal of the whole existence of mind.”
  65. “This is the greatest miracle that can happen to you. You suddenly realize that you are not the mind.”
  66. “Without losing your mind, you cannot be sane. Your sanity comes from your inside which cannot be seen with your mind. With your mind you can only look outside, but with no-mind you can only look inside. You should strive to reach this stage because only this will give you peace. There is no such thing as peace of mind. When there is mind, there is strife. When there is no-mind there is peace.
  67. “The mind does not want to commit suicide, and one way or another it will try to stop your effort.”
  68. “Make no action, make no choice, just act upon your inner voice.”
  69. “You know that you will lose the outer points of reference. If you lose everything that defines you, who will you be then? Will you also die? Your personality is built from the outside. When you drop it your self-identity will come from the inside. It will not depend on anything it will be absolute.”
  70. “If you truly understand that only change is constant, non attachment will come easily.”
  71. “The ego keeps itself alive by attaching itself to objects, people, situations, experiences, memories, projections and ideas. The ego creates borders around life, around you.”
  72. “The ego is afraid of non-attachment because it ultimately means death.”
  73. “How could you keep something in your life forever when the nature of everything is change?”
  74. “Losing yourself is the only way to finding yourself.”
  75. “The essential problem is not loss, it’s attachment.”
  76. “Accept that anything that is currently in your life will ultimately disappear. Exactly because of this value them even more.
  77. “Real love is not selective, whoever and whatever is in your life, receives this from love.”
  78. “Whatever comes into your life accept it, and whatever leaves your life accept that too.”
  79. “If you learn acceptance, you learn letting go at the same time. The greatest achievement in your life is to let go of your ego and accept death.”
  80. “Non-attachment brings you closer to life, closer to yourself and makes you feel your emotions more intensively.”
  81. “Non-attachment says: Life is meaningful and valuable exactly because it ends.”
  82. “I found my home in myself, the home that never changes.”
  83. “Sometimes only hopelessness can lead to hope again, but sometimes hopelessness can lead to enlightenment.”
  84. “To reach enlightenment you have to give up not only hope, but hopelessness as well. When hope and hopelessness both disappear you accept your situation.”
  85. “Throw away not only the bad memories, but the good ones, as well. But you are afraid to throw away your past. Instead you guard it like a treasure. However, what you believe to be a treasure is really only garbage. This garbage covers the real treasure from your eyes.”
  86. “The ego always wants more, but it can never be whole.”
  87. “The treasure shouldn’t be reached for outside because it is inside under the pile of garbage. To uncover it you have to clean yourself and throw away everything that is not truly yours, that comes from the outside.”
  88. “The voice of the personality is fear while the voice of the individuality is courage and curiosity. If your curiosity is stronger than your fear, then you will have the courage to take the first steps towards yourself.”
  89. “A real challenge, a real adventure always hides danger in itself, yet you still decide to pursue it, because curiosity propels you towards the unknown.”
  90. “The biggest challenge in life is to meet yourself. Your personality likes the known and avoids the unknown. But your individuality wishes for the unknown, it would like to discover the dark forest alone in the night and it is not afraid of insecurity and danger.”
  91. “Always choose the unknown, the insecure, the fearful.”
  92. “Only emptiness is fulfilling.”
  93. “When the ego dies, you become nobody and inside you will be infinite nothingness.”
  94. “The goal is to reach the stage of permanent enlightenment when the ego dies totally and disappears forever.”
  95. “Experiencing death is the only way to escape from a dead life, from the fear of death and from the prison of your personality.”
  96. “Consciousness is like an all-encompassing ocean: Formless, timeless, infinite, unchanging, universal and one.”
  97. “The ego contains many things, including the idea of the body, your emotional life, your belief systems and all of the ideas about yourself. Your mind has been conditioned all of your life, and now you have to decondition yourself.”
  98. “Intuition will automatically guide you to even higher levels of consciousness.”
  99. “Living naturally according to your intuition and based on your individuality is beautiful. The nature of your intuition is to lift you up even higher and move your consciousness above the level of individuality.”
  100. “Consciousness shifts into nothingness. Awareness becomes aware of awareness.”
  101. “Physical space is so infinite, so unimaginably vast, that I am just a tiny particle of dust in it.”
  102. “The path does not end by becoming enlightened, the new state of consciousness has to be integrated into everyday life, and shared with others.”
  103. “Don’t only meet death, but become death itself.”
  104. “We all inherit negative emotional patterns from our parents that define our lives and prevent us from enlightenment.”
  105. “The question that differentiates the needs from the wants is this: Would I buy this product if I could not show it to anybody?”
  106. “The ego cannot stand on its own, so it needs to attach itself to different things.”
  107. “Don’t let your ego derive its value from your possessions. Detach yourself from the objects that you own, disidentify yourself with them.
  108. “If you let your possessions become part of your identity, it will be very hard to let go of them.”
  109. “To make things easier in the first place, I urge you to live in a minimalistic life, buying only what you really need.”
  110. “Don’t suppress desire, understand it.”
  111. “Be rich not only financially, but in every aspect of your life.”
  112. “Without the desire to show off your possessions, most of them lose their meaning.”
  113. “Know your inner richness which can never be taken away from you.”
  114. “Thinking about the inevitable death of other people brings real love, forgiveness and appreciation in your life. Contemplation on life brings compassion.”
  115. “In the face of death there is no place for waiting or for lies.”
  116. “The process of dying is always there, silently in the background.”
  117. “The door to authentic compassion is always death.”
  118. “Even if you don’t notice it everything changes every second.”
  119. “Live without repression, regret, hatred, postponement and fear. If this was the last day of your life, how would you spend it? Think about every morning after opening your eyes, put ideas into action with fresh energy.”
  120. “Every breath is a death and rebirth.”
  121. “Death gives depth to life. Death gives value to life. Death gives meaning to life.”
  122. “Burn your desires through action, instead of burying them in repression. That is the only way to truly be free from desires.”
  123. “What is the most important message that you want to share?”
  124. “Lead such an intensive life, such a complete life, a life so full of experiences that nothing is left out.”
  125. “If you stop thinking about the past and the future, time disappears.”
  126. “The more time you spend in the eternal now, the more you can connect to your infinite being.”
  127. “Make sure that when your life flashes before your eyes, it’s worth watching.”
  128. “The moments spent in the eternal now will bring you closer to your own infinity.”
  129. “If you can face and conquer the fear of darkness, you will be ready to face death too.”
  130. “It is easiest to connect with your nature in nature. In the forest, all the trees are in constant meditation.”
  131. “Empty space is the ultimate reality of your being after facing the fear of death.”
  132. “By breathing you are really slowly burning.”