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Life may cause us to forget how unique we are and enlightenment can be found within ourselves. Let us help you take the first step in your journey. 

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I created Universoul Awakening because I realized that there exists an inner peace and tranquility within all of us. 

We just need a way to harness & make it part of our day to day lives & Universoul Awakening is that gateway. 



Believing That You Are a Person is Causing You Suffering

Deep Inside of the human consciousness is the false idea that you and I are people in the absolute sense. What do I mean by absolute? 

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Anthony James ended up overcoming his intense social anxiety & learned to love interacting with people. 

“During my Senior year in high school, I was bullied, which led to a series of issues throughout my life. After facing insecurity issues, low self esteem and major anxiety, I found it at times very difficult to engage with people in the world, including my own family. I would say I was quite introverted and hated to socialize. Over time Matthew thought me how to love myself as well as know my purpose. I’ve had deep conversations about the point of being in the Universe and the point of life. I highly recommend his Guided Meditations to anyone who is going through anxiety, stress, mourning or abuse of some sort.” 

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