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What Does Jim Carrey Really Means When He Tweets Ariana Grande On Depression?

Famous Pop Star Ariana Grande has publicly and openly expressed her challenges with depression. Ariana Grande has been open about her challenges with depression via her massive followings on Social Media.

One of her good friends, and long comedy actor Jim Carrey reached out to her via Twitter and shared a photo of his friend and spiritual teacher Jeff Foster.

Ariana Grande took this a loving gesture and retweeted back to Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey is also showing consistency in his message here in this video.

Ariana Grande also posted this picture to her Instagram story.

What Jim Carrey and Jeff Foster are trying to say in so many words is….


The Elephant in the room, must be called out. What they are saying is, if you are depressed it almost CERTAIN that you unconscious.

It means that what you want is to AWAKEN SPIRITUALLY.

For those extremists out there, yes there are absolute horrendous things that happen in the world, deaths, starvation and other unbearable situations that does not automatically mean you are unconscious.

However, in almost all of the basic situations the common man finds is because he is unconscious spiritually speaking.

In the “Real World” unconscious means that you have been put into a coma, you have no sense of anything, essentially you are absolutely blacked out.

What it means to be unconscious spiritually speaking as was so eloquently put by Jeff in his quote.

““We can choose to view depression not as a mental illness but as a state of Deep Rest, a spiritual exhaustion that we enter into when we are de-pressed (pressed down) by the weight of the false self, the mask, the mind-made story of ‘me'”

Look at the 4 common dominators here….

1 – False Self

2 – The Mask

3 – The Mind-made Story

4 – Me

One of the greatest Spiritual sages of all time, Ramana Maharshi spoke about the false-self.

The question that was centered around his teachings was…

“Who am I?”

The basis of this question is that once you find the answer you WAKE UP from the false-self, the mask, the mind-made story of who I think I am, and the ME, who I take myself to be.

Now by waking up from this false sense of self, you are ALSO WAKING UP from the Depression.

Ramana Maharshi’s teachings didn’t quite work for a world that so unconsciously took ourself to be the false self.

Which is why a more practical understanding was needed.

The Power of Now

The master piece that Eckhart Tolle came out was able to take the teachings of Ramana and put them in a more practical understanding for the human mind.

If I unconsciously KNOW that I am the mind, then what good is the question Who am I?

Kind of a contradictory eh?

How can you unconsciously KNOW something?

You don’t know in the first place, BECAUSE you are unconscious.

What this means, is that if you thought you knew something with unshakable certainty, then there would be no attempt to find out something otherwise.

You already ‘think’ you know it, so why question it?

Where The Power of Now comes in, is reverse engineering the process and point blank tells you.


FIRST you must know who you are NOT, before you can know who you are, which happen simultaneously.

And the SINGLE greatest reason for ALL depression, stress, anxiety, tension, overwhelm is unconsciously taking yourself to be the thinking-mind.

Well why?

I cannot just call the elephant out in the room….again and not break it down.

Here is why.

Until you have found out who you are/not THEN the true essence of the Present moment will not be available consciously.


First and foremost, you already here. You are reading this article in the now, in the present, this is a fact, not an opinion. You cannot nor have not ever been outside of this present moment.

The thinking-mind gathers experiences, calls those experiences memory and then uses those experiences to project to the future.

The thinking-mind can only memorize, anticipate and fantasize.

But what the thinking-mind cannot grasp, interpret, comprehend, understand IS the present moment that cannot leave you.

Once you realized all the sudden, right now, instantly that you are not the thinking-mind THEN a deeper awareness of the now can come into your conscious awareness.

What I am saying is that beyond the thinking-mind, the thoughts stop completely.

The only way that conscious-presence can come to conscious awareness is when the thoughts stop, and the present moment can be KNOWN on a cellular level through the body, not because it’s believed.

Depression, stress, anxiety, tension of all forms generally come from unconsciously thinking that the thinking-mind itself can free you, can give you the deep rest that Jim Carrey and Jeff Foster eluded too.

By knowing on a cellular level without mind-comprehension, without a single thought that I am not the mind, I have instantly awaken up BOTH to the now and to who I am.

Beyond terms they are the exact same nothingness. Beyond words, they are the exact same freedom.

The truth is, because you have never been outside of the now, you have no choice but to awaken to who you are, RIGHT NOW.

And also you have no choice you but to awaken to the Now….. RIGHT NOW.

You don’t have a choice, you cannot wait, you cannot try or comprehend why, but awakening is.

Ramana Maharshi and the non-dualist community would ask the question…

Who is awakening?

If it is not your mind, because it cannot be your mind which cannot be you, then who is it that is awakening?

The one consciousness is awakening from it’s play of physical form to itself.

The one consciousness both has forever, timelessly been awake, and also asleep to itself in this physical world.

It’s a cosmic play, a cosmic dance between the form and the formless (non-understandable knowing)

Let’s go the next step deeper into YOU.

This is again where the original question “Who am I” was potentially a dead end for the one consciousness that took itself to be the mind. (The me or self-image, in other words)

If the question “Who am I” is being ASKED as a thought, and answered from a thought, then the thought-identity continued be unconscious, and thus depression continues.

If however, this question is asked right now, without needing an answer from the mind, without NEEDING a single thought to come, then in the END of mind, the END of thought, you will realize that there need be no answer to this question.

When there is no mind, not a single thought, not a SINGLE answer, THEN you will know who you are.

And you will know who you are, right now.


Thus what Jim Carrey means when he says “I don’t exist”

He’s saying that Jim Carrey is only an appearance that barely exists but for a short period of time as we call it.

If you TRULY want to wake up from your depression, then don’t take your mind so seriously. Don’t expect that the mind itself will free you from depression.

It is said that you have an average of 70,000 thoughts per day.

Even if you are 25 years of age, you would have had a conservative 600 million thoughts by now.

And you know how many thoughts stayed right here and right now?



600 million thoughts pending how old you are, that came and passed at almost the exact moment that they appeared.

So for the minds which think that this is too abstract, in reality, your thoughts/experiences are THE MOST abstract and most illusory.

And when you know who you are right now, then you realize that the NOW is the MOST practical and MOST concrete, because it is always here regardless of whichever thoughts/experience appear and disappear out of the now.

So to think that the mind can free you for good, would assume that one single thought that does not stay; itself could free you. So the mind itself cannot free you, only that which is constant can….Thoughtless constant presence.

The mind will want to continue blaming situations/circumstances for why I’m depressed, which only deepen the pain inside.

But do you want to be free the depression and get the DEEP REST that you’re looking for?

Then do yourself the most important favor of your life, and let go of your false self right now, forever right now, and remain here.

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